You can spend a night in a Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece in Bartlesville, Oklahoma

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  • The Price Tower in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, is 19 stories high and includes many of engineer Frank Lloyd Wrights signature pattern touches. Photo: By Michelle Newman / For The Express-News



For $135 we can spend a night with Frank Lloyd Wright. Where? At a Inn during Price Tower in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, usually 15 miles south of a Kansas state line. This 19-story, 210-foot-high building is a usually Wright-designed skyscraper ever built.

A National Historic Landmark, Price Tower offers an memorable camp experience. Guests are surrounded by architectural story and oddities; Wright’s signature Cherokee red accents, triangular light fixtures, pointy peculiar angles, embossed copper and cantilevered overhangs that seem magically suspended.

Many of a singular sum of this geometric masterpiece were tradition made, including a musty triangular-shaped atmosphere conditioning vents.

Architects, engineers and students come from all over a universe to debate and investigate this engineering marvel in a core of a prairie. The tower’s interior décor and guest rooms, redesigned by New York engineer Wendy Evans Joseph, have a serene, Zen-like ambiance. Joseph combined a contemporary chronicle of Wright’s vision. She says that she is “flirting with Wright.”

The building’s interior is as fanciful as a exterior. Shades of celadon and packet immature with accents of low coral and red are a categorical colors via a guestrooms’ decor.

Complementary colored carpets and pillows were tradition done to accent a timber and copper seat Joseph designed. Following in Wright’s footsteps, she stayed loyal to his cultured firmness and welfare for timber and healthy materials.

Originally built in 1956 as a multi-use space housing retail, bureau and residential, Price Tower was approach forward of a time. Wright grown this judgment of an income-producing civic formidable in a 1920s. Now, some-more than 60 years after it was built, a rest of a universe is finally throwing adult to his vision.

Inspired by nature, and famous for regulating internal healthy materials, Wright was spooky with geometry and designed even a many notation sum of a building. Everything from extraneous copper tiles to textiles and seat to dishes bear Wright’s signature look. Speaking of signature, Price Tower is a “signed” building. The engineer forged his initials into a 4-by-4-inch red tile board on a front of a building — an early chronicle of today’s engineer logos.

Wright initial designed a chronicle of a Price Tower in a 1920s for St. Mark’s in a Bowery in New York City. The project, a cluster of 4 unit buildings, was suspended when a Great Depression hit. Years later, oil tube lord H.C. Price motionless to build corporate domicile in Bartlesville, a vital core for a oil industry. Price’s sons, pattern enthusiasts, speedy their father to sinecure Wright as a engineer for this staggering project. Wright blending his St. Mark’s judgment for a Price Tower.

More Information

If we go

Price, 877-424-2424

Room rates run $135-$245

Bartlesville, 800-364-8708

Tour Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.; Friday, 11 a.m. and 1 and 2 p.m.; Saturday, 11 am. and 1, 2 and 4 p.m.; Sunday, 2 p.m.

Historic Tower Tour Admission:Adult $15, comparison (65+) $12, children (18 and younger) $10

Bartlesville Must Sees: Phillips Petroleum Co. Museum, Woolaroc, Frank Phillips Home

What’s nearby: Only a 10-minute expostulate away, a fun and musty minuscule city of Dewey is a reversion in time. Visit Linger Longer Antiques Old Fashioned Soda Fountain, a kitschy Tom Mix Museum, Prairie Song Pioneer Village and a ancestral Dewey Hotel Museum.

Pawhuska — Tallgrass Prairie Preserve

Getting there: Fly Southwest to Tulsa and Bartlesville is about a 30-minute expostulate away.

Wright nicknamed his initial and usually skyscraper “The Tree that Escaped a Crowded Forest.” The barbarous engineer suspicion it was best to build “up” rather than “out” so that one could live and work in a skyscraper and have all indispensable in a same building. Rather than carrying businesses, stores and offices along one street, Wright is pronounced to have adored a “vertical street” where they are built into a high building.

The straight reinforced petrify structure has 4 elevators as a tree trunk, with all of a weight centered in a core of a building. The tree’s branches are a 19 floors of a building that extend from a core.

The Copper Bar Restaurant, an insinuate space on a 15th floor, facilities a full lunch and cooking menu and unconditional views of a level landscape. Terraces accented with copper louvers keep a feverishness out and yield a friendly environment for outside dining.

Day trippers and architectural aficionados will be tender with a one-hour debate given by familiar docents (including former architects). The extensive debate includes visiting a museum space, 17th, 18th and 19th floors housing a concur apartment, discussion room and Harold Price Sr.’s office.

Another reward while staying during a motel is a superb Price Tower Arts Center, a two-story muster and museum space. The considerable permanent collection facilities Wright’s strange aluminum bureau chairs, desks, textiles, runner and copper-wrapped outside furniture. Wright’s classical pieces are so undying they could simply be featured in contemporary design magazines. This seat is so overwhelming in a understated simplicity, that Wright’s designs from 1956 could be blending to today’s hipster market. They are classical with a contemporary twist.

If we bound a moody to Tulsa and conduct over to Bartlesville to spend a night with Frank soon, we can applaud Price Tower’s 60th anniversary. Add this singular end to your summer transport plans, and you’ll be “Wright-on.”

Michelle Newman is a freelance writer, engineer and visit traveler vital in San Antonio. Follow her on Facebook or Twitter: @travelyenta.

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