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January 10, 2016 - accent chair

Jessica and Tyler Dawson live in a “Dream Home” in Scott Depot’s Cobblestone development. They are a immature integrate who have been married usually over a year and a half and are clients of cave during Yeager Design Interiors.

After purchasing a “Dream Home,” they began stuffing it with a seat and accessories they had amassed over a years. Occasionally, Jessica would stop into a salon looking for art and other items, and over time we began to get to know this positively stunningly pleasing woman.

Over a year after we initial met, Jessica asked if we could come out and do a home deliberate and we requisitioned her initial appointment. She voiced a need for a finished demeanour and feel and that she was blank that “wow factor.”

Upon entering a Dawsons’ home, we could tell that a integrate had pleasing ambience and lived in a peculiarity home built by Steorts Home Builders. The building devise was open and ethereal and large-scale windows bathed a vital and dining bedrooms in sunlight. The mill grate was a perplexing pattern underline that interconnected orderly with a timber flooring and white trim work.

As Jessica showed me around a downstairs, we beheld their need for finishing touches, along with some seat scale issues. Jessica was not happy with their stream oversized lounge and chair combination. She wanted a high-quality lounge that was a some-more docile distance for a space and to mangle adult some of a leather with an upholstered accent chair.

She was also in need of a resolution to her DVR storage situation. All of a wires from a prosaic shade TV were run to a side of a fireplace, that left a DVR box on a building and exposed. New chandeliers and finishing reason accents were also combined to a list of needs, and a subsequent appointment was booked.

My intensely gifted engineer Maria Belcher and we set out and began a pattern journey for a Dawsons’ project. Gathering equipment from High Point Market as good as many pleasing accents from a showroom, we commissioned them into a trucks and began a entertainment installation. We asked that Jessica renounce to another area in a home to let us do a work, and she happily agreed.

About an hour later, we asked her to come down for her vast reveal. She stood on a fork of her vital room with her hands on her face and her eyes splendid and far-reaching and gasped. Her room had been remade into a romantic, soothing getaway filled with touches of candlelight, photographs, and lead accents. Her once oversized lounge was transposed with a tailored, plush three-seater.

The fabric was a mix of gray and china that, when a light strike it, gave off a glaze that accented a frail white toss pillows. One of a leather chairs had been transposed with a classical far-reaching ribbon upholstered chair with unprotected comfortable timber incited arms.

High in a vaulted ceiling, a new wine-barrel timber candelabrum bright all of a objects next with specialty Edison bulbs. The grate was now flanked on any side with reclaimed timber hunger three-drawer chests with Bluestone tops.

They not usually served as tabletops for pretentious bullion and potion lamps, though also were a resolution to a DVR storage situation. A hole was drilled in a behind of a cupboard for a wiring and a bottom drawer became a dark storage component.

Custom wooden urns were palm embellished regulating Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan to reason a cocktail of immature in moss orbs. We also tradition embellished an existent forged wooden tray and finished it off with touches of china and bullion polish to horde a contingent of mercury potion candlesticks that hold timer automatic candles with petrified driftwood woven between them.

To element all of a couple’s pleasing photography of their marriage day, we commissioned framed confidant black and white “Mr. Mrs.” content in a room to assistance remind them daily of their new life together. To supplement a reason of glimmer, bullion and china accents like bullion foil-bound books, a bullion peaked universe and a china cache peanut were strewn about a room.

The dining room was also underneath transformation. A new timber and steel universe candelabrum was commissioned over a fanciful gold-plated candelabra with 20 arms. To fill a blank of an dull corner, an antique bullion and mirrored bar transport was placed with some of their initialed glassware and soothing white mistake flowers in a mirrored vase. Aged wrought iron sconces were placed on any side of a vast window to move some-more touches of candlelight to a regretful dining setting.

Across a bar tip in to a kitchen, we filled any potion topper cupboard with an accent of bullion or china surprising objects. We during Yeager Design Interiors like to call these pieces “weirds.” Often in bedrooms that we design, we can find small uncanny objects that can be review pieces such as a golden whale tale, or a china bony orb, and even infrequently a ceramic glove form.

In a new sit-down with Jessica, we asked her what her favorite partial of operative with Yeager Design Interiors was. Her elementary respond was, “Every partial of it! Of. Every. Single. Room.” She also common that it was good to have a exhibit during a finish of a day. She had feared that operative with a engineer would be a daunting charge and was relieved that it was so easy to have all brought to her home and finished in one day.

She commented that this Christmas deteriorate was so most some-more enchanting than a final and that they common coffee, watched Christmas movies, and got to suffer their tree most some-more this year since they wanted to be in that room. we asked her what a scariest partial of operative with a engineer was and she said, “I was fearful to use bullion and china accents in my home together and we can’t trust how good it unequivocally incited out. It usually creates all warmer. we adore it when a devise comes together.”

If we are meddlesome in operative with a engineer this new year, know that it is always good to make a list of a spaces we wish addressed, your bill to residence them, and to keep an open mind for a formula to come.

Elizabeth Yeager Cross is a owners of Yeager Design Interiors in Scott Depot. You can follow YDI on Facebook, and Yeager Cross can be reached during 304-760-8914 or by email during Yeager@ydiwv.com. Have a pattern challenge? Find out what a area experts have to say! Send your questions — even photos — and a outline of what you’d like assistance with, along with your hit information, to social@wvgazette.com. The resolution to your pattern plea could be featured in a destiny WV Design Team article.

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