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January 3, 2016 - accent chair

The holiday decorations are down and my residence looks anemic. HELP.

The hunger wreath that filled a atmosphere with a smell of Christmas, fluffed a mantle, surrounded a candles and draped a mirrors and windows, adding so many to a friendly regard of a room, is gone. The ribbon, candles and Christmas ornaments have been packaged away, withdrawal a tabletops unclothed and boring. And we can’t remember what was placed in a mark where a tree stood.

Returning a pre-holiday accessories to their former places, they don’t seem utterly as engaging as before. It competence be time to change some things around or supplement some new equipment to your room.

Of course, we can always debonair things adult with new pillows, a new lamp, settlement or a new rug. These are all good appendage items, though adding a unaccompanied accent square is a good approach to embody a tiny of a astonishing to your room.

Caitlin Furbee, interior engineer during Wells Home Furnishings, in Morgantown, enjoys assisting her clients name a ideal accent pieces for their home. She feels that accent pieces are a ideal event to supplement something unexpected, as good as lift a room together. Once a categorical seating pieces are placed, Caitlin finds a accent pieces to element a categorical pieces. She tells her clients, “Don’t be fearful to demeanour for a unique. Be confidant with your accent pieces. It’s a one place we can do something out of a ordinary.”

Accent pieces are selected possibly to fill an dull space in a room, change other pieces in a room or supplement settlement elements such as pattern, hardness or color. Caution contingency be used, however, when we start looking during an area that could use an accent piece, so as to not clutter. Think of a further of a square in terms of cultured value and function. It should offer during slightest one of these or both.

Below are some suggestions for accent pieces to cruise for use in your home, in terms of settlement and function.

The accent chair — An accent chair in a room is not a categorical seating. Therefore, it doesn’t have to be “the comfortable” seat. However, it shouldn’t be uncomfortable, since it is that “extra” chair that we competence need on occasion. More importantly, a accent chair should be unique. While other pieces in a room competence match, such as dual relating chairs or collection-matching occasional tables, a accent square will supplement seductiveness to a other pieces in a room. It also competence be a square that relates colors in a room to any other, as good as character elements.

A dais — A dais can duty likewise to a accent chair. It adds additional seating and is good for entryways and underneath windows, where a chair competence be too high.

Cabinets, curios, and chests — Cabinets are good for storage, when they have doors, or for display, when they are open. Smaller cabinets or chests can be placed in areas of a room where lighting is an issue, since they can be used as tables for lamps.

Larger cabinets are ideal to change a tallness of windows or doors on one side of a room. There are so many cupboard styles to select from and really an event to supplement musical elements, character elements and duty to a room, as good as color.

Accent tables — distinct cabinets, accent tables are usually that, an accent square whose categorical purpose is to supplement decoration. While they competence offer to reason your libation (hence, “martini table”), they are typically not estimable adequate (visually) to reason a lamp. Because accent tables come in all shapes, forms and colors, they are ideal for adding usually those elements to your room.

Ottoman(s) — possibly plural or singular, a “Ottoman” that once sat usually in front of a chair has turn one of a many renouned equipment in a room, vital room, bedroom, foyer, kids room, bathroom, anywhere. Smaller relating ottomans placed together and used as a cocktail list can be distant for additional seating. Trays on tip of an ottoman will reason beverages.

So, that’s a organic aspect of an ottoman, though as any accent piece, an ottoman allows an event for tone and texture. The operation of sizes, a operation of styles and materials accessible to make ottomans so unaccompanied make them a ideal accent square to cruise in any room.

Antique pieces competence be ideal accents for your home since they supplement seductiveness to some-more complicated pieces. Refurbished pieces can be interesting, generally when we cruise regulating opposite painting, glazing and pathetic techniques.

Other accent pieces to cruise embody plant stands, mini bars and étagères, all that can supplement seductiveness to your home. Placement is key, as good as a texture, figure and tone of your accent pieces.

As designer, Caitlin Furbee, tells her clients, don’t be fearful to supplement that unaccompanied square into a room. “When you’re feeling like your vital space needs a tiny something extra, start looking for a astonishing a steel square in a room of timber pieces, a embellished square that pops a color, your grandmother’s parlor chair that’s been in a attic. It competence need recovered, though it competence be a ideal accent chair for a tiny space that needs some life. When it works, those once-overlooked accent pieces are usually a things that make your home as unaccompanied as we are.”

Be confidant this New Year. Be inspired. Happy New Year!

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