Why L.A. DWP owns an empty, $150K a year board in a Mojave Desert

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Living room and dining room in a DWP Lodge in Boulder City, Wednesday, May 20, 2015.
Michael Owen Baker — Staff Photographer

A seven-bedroom ancestral residence crowns a top mountain of Boulder City, Nev. Under a clay tile roof, a sunroom commands unconditional views of Lake Mead. A live-in caretaker stands by, prepared to offer five-course epicurean dishes on excellent china.

But he’s customarily dining alone. The house’s owners, a business of a Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, live 300 miles away. “No Trespassing. Private Road,” warns a sign.

In a eastern Mojave Desert, this guest residence is frequency used by a department. Instead, a DWP pays circuitously hotels some-more than $500,000 any year to residence workers, and it pot a residence for high-level meetings, notwithstanding owning an bureau building mins away. Ratepayers, meanwhile, spent some-more than $153,000 final mercantile year to run a 1931 Spanish Colonial Revival house.

The Boulder City Guest Lodge is partial of a National Register of Historic Places district. It’s a vestige of a Hoover Dam’s construction — during that time a largest open works plan in U.S. history. Built to direct a western states, control flooding and furnish power, Hoover Dam was pivotal to L.A.’s growth. It also postulated thousands of families during a Great Depression.

While a DWP employed many of Boulder City when it operated a dam, a participation has been loss given 1987, when a sovereign supervision insincere operations. Los Angeles once tranquil scarcely 10 acres in a heart of town, with offices, dormitories, unit buildings and homes. It sole all of a housing in a late 1980s, solely for this 3,525-square-foot residence on a three-quarter-acre lot. Today Los Angeles draws energy from many sources; Hoover Dam provides only 1 percent of a electricity.

As a DWP invests some-more in Nevada solar and healthy gas, officials contingency confirm what to do with a lodge. They face a ethereal change between chronological refuge and augmenting a use — either that’s from executive retreats, workman housing, discussion rentals or open tours.

“The LADWP has some severe decisions as to how to best implement it,” pronounced Randy Howard, a former energy arch who left a organisation in January, “and maybe share it with a few some-more people.”

In a past 5 years, only 18 stayed a night during a Boulder City Guest Lodge, besides a caretaker. An normal of 80 visitors sealed a register any year. None were charged for their stays or for meals.

Many are DWP employees looking for a still place to meet, while some are from other supervision agencies furloughed dried application facilities. The many revisit organisation meets quarterly: a Extra High Voltage Stations Joint Labor Management Committee, a 15-person row of DWP workers, kinship member and managers who plead labor issues. Most of them work in Nevada and other tools of a Mojave, while a handful expostulate from L.A.

“If we’re in Los Angeles, in a DWP facility, there’s consistent interruption,” pronounced Kenneth Silver, a executive of energy supply operations and a member of a committee.

It’s not tough to haven a room during a lodge. DWP supervisors and directors can approve stays for workers, spouses and others with business associated to a department. In February, 8 people with a department’s Office of Sustainability designed to share 4 dishes and spend a night, their reservation form detailed.

Former energy arch Aram Benyamin forsaken by with his family on during slightest dual occasions, in 2010 and 2012. “It’s like a museum to us,” he said.

Last November, a commission of 25 with a Southern California Public Power Authority toured Hoover Dam and hold a lunch display during a lodge, a 15-minute expostulate from a dam. Through a California Public Records Act request, this news classification achieved portions of a guest log, reservation forms and other records.

Owning this arrange of remote skill is singular for open utilities. One important difference is a Metropolitan Water District, a vast H2O wholesaler in Southern California. It keeps a 25-room guest residence by Parker Dam, over south on a Colorado River. The organisation hosts about 25 water-system junkets any year, orator Bob Muir said, for inaugurated officials, members of a media, application officials and others.

L.A. ratepayers could substantially fetch scarcely $550,000 for a Boulder City lodge, according to a genuine estate website Zillow. But no DWP officials seemed meddlesome in interruption with it.

“That would be offered a square of history,” DWP energy arch David Wright said.

Home tours

Boulder City was mostly built in a 1930s to accommodate some-more than 16,000 dam construction workers. It was a marvel of amicable stratification, with workers’ dormitories in a flat-lands, and managers’ increasingly lush single-family homes climbing adult a hill. Six Companies, a categorical executive for a Hoover Dam, built a residence during a apex to residence visiting executives and politicians. Its architect, George DeColmesnil, also designed a association superintendent’s home.

The residence “has an chronological importance, an archeological significance and a amicable importance,” pronounced Dennis McBride, executive of a Nevada State Museum, Las Vegas. “It was one of a 3 buildings in city that was a white-collar hot-bed.” From a vital room’s low-slung chairs, industrial energy brokers gazed toward a Colorado River as their crews finished a dam.

The building currently retains many of a strange furnishings. Stark-white arches and chocolate timber roof beams support 1930s Monterey-style furniture. Dressers and headboards are glassy with floral patterns elegantly burst over time. Shelves of yellow National Geographic volumes date to 1957.

Because people were smaller when a residence was built, bathtubs are about 5 feet long, and some passageways are 6 feet high, if even that. Full- and queen-size beds are organisation nonetheless comfortable.

The taste is polished western. Original clear glassware share a cupboard with “Death Valley Men,” “Adobe Days” and other titles. Miniature silver-spurred boots cradle splash coasters. Native American humanities accent a vital room.

Caretaker Vincent Abila, who started in 1992, is obliged for creation a beds, dusting, cooking, cleaning and light maintenance. With incomparable groups, he subcontracts some cooking and cleaning to a helper. Abila’s approaching to work from 8 a.m. to noon, and some-more hours if guest arrive. His $45,000 annual agreement allows him and another to live in a servant’s quarters, yet Abila lives alone. He declined to be interviewed.

“There goes Vince now,” neighbor Lynn Turner pronounced as she waived to Abila.

Boulder City is a tight-knit village of 15,000, and many people have stories of visiting a guest residence prolonged ago. The dialect would lease out or lend a space to village organizations and utility-related groups. Women’s clubs and other nonprofits hold conform shows and home tours there.

“I remember thinking, ‘I’d adore to buy this as my possess home,’” pronounced Turner, recalling a sorority eventuality in a ’80s.

About 7 years ago, Howard said, a dialect cut behind other groups’ use since a building’s aged pipes and atmosphere conditioning couldn’t hoop a load. A parsimonious bill forced him to defer maintenance.

The DWP’s possess staff achieved some-more than $106,000 value of upkeep on a residence final mercantile year, according to a department, and this year it had spent about $22,000 as of May, dual months before a year’s end. The dialect also paid between $2,000 and $6,000 on new annual skill taxes, depending on a housing market’s health. The DWP could not yield a lodge’s sum operations and upkeep budget, that would also embody equipment such as food and application costs. Counting Abila’s pay, a dialect spent during slightest $153,000 in mercantile 2014.

When Abila’s agreement was final adult for renewal, in 2012, DWP Commissioner Christina Noonan questioned a lodge’s costs and benefits.

“I really conclude chronological sites,” Noonan pronounced during a 2012 assembly of a municipal slip board. “However, if we’re regulating this chronological place twice a year, it doesn’t make a lot of clarity for me to compensate a full-time chairman to be cleaning it any week.”

Last week, when told how intermittently a residence was used, she said, “I will tackle this purported mismanagement of supports and use my best efforts to pill it.”

DWP General Manager Marcie Edwards is now deliberation opening a residence to tours “a integrate times a year,” orator Joe Ramallo said.

Boulder City headquarters

Crew members could keep a residence full, though DWP officials have recorded it as an upper-level retreat. Utility managers contend a consistent use would wear down a 84-year-old building, and shrill diesel trucks would arise neighbors. The nearest home is about 100 feet away.

In town, a DWP contracts with a El Rancho Motel for $70 per night rooms. A organisation of L.A. construction workers competence call a midcentury El Rancho home for months while installing new circuit breakers during El Dorado Canyon’s energy stations.

“Given that they’re doing all of this let in internal motels,” pronounced Tony Wilkinson, chair of a DWP Neighborhood Council slip committee, “I consider it’s inapt they’re not regulating their possess facility.”

Managers might have some-more reasons to revisit Boulder City in a subsequent integrate years, as a dialect assumes operation of a 527-megawatt healthy gas plant north of Las Vegas. Also, a dialect recently sealed deals to squeeze energy from dual solar plants nearby Boulder City.

Howard, a former energy chief, could design some-more executives assembly during a lodge, supposing it had new plumbing, atmosphere conditioning and fiber-optics. Today, a typed cosmetic plaque above one toilet’s flush hoop warns: “hold down 5 seconds.”

But reduction than dual miles away, a dialect owns a complicated one-story bureau building with a vast assembly room, an automobile garage and a gym. It’s entirely connected and atmosphere conditioned. Called a Boulder Patrol Headquarters, it’s a bottom for 24 Nevada proprietor workers — delivery patrolmen, mechanics, communications technicians and others.

Above a opening to a domicile is a aged Los Angeles Bureau of Power and Light sign, that used to symbol one of a many distinguished buildings in downtown Boulder City. It’s a sign — like a hilltop residence — that a dialect is not vouchsafing go of a history.

A brief story of LA DWP’s Boulder City lodge


Construction starts on a Hoover Dam. At $735 million in 2015 dollars, it was a largest open works plan in U.S. story during that time. Between 16,000 and 21,000 workers flow into Boulder City, Nev. Six Companies, a dam’s categorical construction contractor, builds a seven-bedroom residence to residence a visiting executives.

• 1936: The dam starts producing power.

• 1937: The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (then a Bureau of Power and Light) and Southern California Edison assume operations of Hoover Dam’s energy generation. The DWP purchases genuine estate from Six Companies to residence a workers. At one time, a DWP tranquil about 10 acres of land in Boulder City.

• 1987: With a dam’s construction costs repaid, a U.S. Bureau of Reclamation takes over operations and upkeep of Hoover Dam. The DWP sells a Boulder City housing around this time, solely for a lodge.

• 1992: The lodge’s stream caretaker, Vincent Abila, starts operative during a property.

• 2014: An normal of 80 people revisit a residence any year.

History Sources: U.S. Bureau of Reclamation; National Register of Historic Places Inventory; Boulder City Guest Lodge guest log; Daily News reporting

source ⦿ http://www.dailynews.com/government-and-politics/20150613/why-la-dwp-owns-an-empty-150k-a-year-lodge-in-the-mojave-desert

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