Why we Spent a Month’s Rent on One Night during a World’s Best Spa Hotel

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The Nam Hai recently won Mr and Mrs Smith’s Best Spa Hotel award for 2015. A penny-pinching traveler decides if a cost tab is value it. (Photo: GHM Hotels)

By: Olivia Fleming 

I was initial introduced to The Nam Hai by Jeremy Clarkson, who, during a special 2009 part of Top Gear, found retreat from complicated steam alongside a oppulance hotel’s 3 architecturally-enticing forever pools and two-mile-long private white silt beach. Nestled among oversized coconut trees 15 mins from Vietnam’s ancient city, Hoi An, Clarkson is seen sipping a Nam Hai Sling, a signature solitaire and pineapple cocktail. “If you’re passing, it’s value dropping in. Actually, even if you’re not passing, it’s value drifting over there only so we are,” he says emphatically by a TV.

Five years after we found myself in Ho Chi Minh with my boyfriend, where, after a week’s value of eating transport food on a shoestring budget, we motionless to try north toward Laos. In need of a halfway-point pitstop, we could hear Clarkson’s sarcastically desirable British accent egging me on. So we typed The Nam Hai, where bedrooms operation from $700 to $3,000 per night and sauna “rituals” cost, on average, $400, into Google “just to look.”

First let me be transparent about my constraint for budgeting. we am lustful of coupons; we emporium diligently, watchful for sales and “better” deals. I’m a kind of chairman who spends too prolonged painful over what New York Metrocard to buy (unlimited or pay-per-ride), unwavering of wasting new rides, that never works out in my favor. When roving around a U.S., my beloved and we are accustomed to camping and careful Airbnbs—neither of us had ever stayed during a five-star hotel before, nor had we ever gifted a genuine spa. (Massages in Chinatown don’t unequivocally count.)  But when visiting faraway, outlandish places, my proceed to income seems to shift. Any suspicion of financial solvency is fast transposed with a arrange of “yolo” logic, where a argument, “We’ll substantially never come behind here, so we might as good ‘do it properly,’” mostly prevails.

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At a sight hire in Ho Chi Minh we started scrolling by The Nam Hai’s perfectly-lit and expertly styled gallery images. “It looks nice, though is this unequivocally value a money?” my beloved asked. Though we couldn’t contend for sure, we did find some systematic logic to clear a splurge.  Earlier this year, a investigate patrician A Wonderful Life: Experiential Consumption and a Pursuit of Happiness, published in a Journal of Consumer Psychology, valid that practice (things like travel, outside activities, visiting exhibitions, or eating during imagination restaurants) move people a many durability happiness. Material things, like a new TV we wanted to buy instead, do not. So in a name of “enduring satisfaction,” as Dr. Thomas Gilovich, a psychology highbrow during Cornell University who conducted a study, put it, we suspicion what a ruin and requisitioned a one-bedroom oceanfront villa during The Nam Hai, with a lavatory and outside showering garden twice a distance of a Greenpoint, Brooklyn apartment.

Relax by a pool and stay a while. (Photo: The Nam Hai/Facebook)

Located on a primitive Ha My beach on Vietnam’s executive seashore and set in 87 acres of expansive, sculpted grounds, The Nam Hai is deliberate one of a world’s heading tiny hotels. (It now has some-more than 1,200 “excellent” reviews on TripAdvisor.) There are 60 self-contained tiny villas, all featuring a lifted four-poster bed confronting a South China Sea, as good as 40 incomparable villas with adult to 5 bedrooms, a private pool, and buliding for a butler. Since a hotel initial non-stop in 2006, it has perceived a handful of awards, including Travel + Leisure’s World’s Best Designed Resort in 2008, and accolades from Conde Nast Traveler, Frommer’s Review and Australian Gourmet Traveler. This year it was crowned a World’s Best Spa Hotel by Mr and Mrs Smith.

Exhilarated, we arrived during a hotel in a private black automobile that had picked us adult from a station, feeling like dual heavy kids that were—despite a adult age—impersonating rarefied grown-ups in a universe totally unfamiliar to us. The porter showed us to a villa in a neat golf buggy, down circuitous paths flanked by soaring pleasant plants. Our restraint dissolved a present he sealed a door; that we suppose is how Kevin in Home Alone 2 contingency have felt after checking into The Plaza Hotel. We immediately investigated a villa’s dark gadgets (there are many), and marveled during a indulgent lavatory products, like bottles of uninformed rose petals for a lacquered eggshell bath.

The turn of oppulance a hotel offers means it is not odd for staff to clean silt from your H2O bottle should it tumble off your loll chair, no matter how many we protest. Turndown use includes lighting candles in any villa as a object sets, where staff hang your towering “slumber pavilion” in issuing hand-spun white silk drapes. Sought-after contemporary Vietnamese pattern hangs in a high ceilinged vital spaces (which also facilities a fallen essay desk, fountain coop included), and a intemperate lavatory opens out onto a private garden with an outside sleet shower.

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But a “wellness retreat” itself, designed by designer Reda Amalou, is where a wow-factor unequivocally sets in. Described by Mr and Mrs Smith as a place “where Vietnamese stylish meets cutting-edge design,” we won’t find your average, run-of-the-mill treatments here. Built according to a accurate regulation for zen, a sauna facilities 8 private decrease bungalows that boyant serenely among lotus flowers on a koi fish-filled lagoon. Here, we are led by immeasurable French doors to an open atmosphere decrease rug that juts out onto a lagoon, where a low bathtub faces a cushioned daybed for two, and a immeasurable preference of relaxing “rituals” and wellness “ceremonies” are offered. Each diagnosis starts with an oil-infused divert feet soak, and ends with we never wanting to leave. When Clarkson visited, he believed we could “get so loose here that your skeleton would melt,” job it “the many startling sauna in a whole world.”

According to Dr. Gilovich, we are “the sum total” of a experiences. One reason that experiential purchases can yield “more fast satisfaction,” he explains, is that they “more deeply bond us to others.” It’s a judicious explanation: we remember a unequivocally special moments with a people we love, prolonged after a element things that we paid so many for tumble apart.

Obviously these practice don’t have to be expensive. But when my beloved and we demeanour behind during a three-year-long relationship, where pleasing things have been bought for a initial unit together and budget-friendly highway trips have been taken, a stay during The Nam Hai unanimously stays a highlight. we asked him to remember a 24 hours we spent there, which, when we checked out, totaled an whole month’s rent. His face lights up. “That was probably, no joke, a best day of my life.”

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