West Bridgewater branding debate brightens Town Hall

August 16, 2017 - accent chair

WEST BRIDGEWATER – The city gymnasium walls were embellished with city honour recently– partial city branding debate dictated to accelerate city pride.

Selectman will betray a creatively embellished discussion room during tonight’s Board of Selectmen’s assembly during 7 p.m.

The walls have been repainted in a city colors with maroon and off-white, divided with a newly combined white chair rail.

New bottom play were also combined to all repainted rooms.

The Town Hall’s second building hallway, as good as a Board of Selectmen’s assembly room and offices, and a Town Administrator’s apartment were all revamped with a uninformed covering of maroon and beige paint, chair rail and bottom boards.

Town Administrator David Gagne’s bureau was pulled together with an accent wall of maroon and beige.

The room redesigns are partial of a city branding beginning that began as partial of a town’s vital devise several years ago.

The new walls were finished regulating about $9,900 of new supports from a prior mercantile year, Assistant Town Administrator Mallory Arnostein said.

“At a finish of a year, we’ll burden some new supports and we try to find ways to use it responsibly,” Aronstein said. “[The project] cost about $9,000 and we still were means to lapse about $10,000 to a General Fund. We lonesome a lot of belligerent for not a lot of money.”

In a entrance weeks, Aronstein pronounced she will work with Jim Benson, authority of a chronological commission, to mountain digitally recorded chronological photos of West Bridgewater along a wall in a second building hallways.

Also to come, Selectmen devise to supplement images of a newly redesigned city logo, that has not nonetheless been revealed.

The city sign will be displayed on a wall of a Board of Selectmen’s assembly room.

Aronstein pronounced a administrators took on a devise in sequence to emanate a clarity of togetherness and smoothness via a building.

“I wanted some continuity,” Aronstein said. “I wish a city gymnasium to demeanour like one building instead of a garland of seperate offices.”

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