WATCH: Muslim Man Screams during Female Tube Passenger “You Should be In Prison …

September 5, 2015 - accent chair

Some exhilarated scenes from a London Overground train emerged on YouTube yesterday as a Muslim male appears to be cheering during a lady who after identifies herself as a Christian for putting her feet on a sight seats.

The video starts with a male citing his conflict to a lady – identified around Facebook as Ruby Butler – with her feet on a sight chair subsequent to her. He says that since he is a Muslim, he doesn’t urge with his boots on.

At that indicate a male intervenes and tells him “she’s only not value arguing with”. But a continues, shouting, “You should be in prison!” during her. Butler responds, “What? For putting my feet on a chair?”

“Yes.” he responds.

Another male from a other finish of a carriage afterwards interjects. He can be listened saying, “This is England man, it’s England.”

“I live in England okay? we was innate here,” says a Muslim man, who has a thick, Pakistani accent.

“Don’t disagree with me I’m innate here okay?” he continues. “I have as most rights as we have okay?”

“Who’s articulate about rights?” a male says in response, and a dual continue to disagree before they determine to get off a sight together for what appears to be an imminent fight.

But before they get off, a Muslim male threatens to phone a police, during that indicate Ms. Butler is listened to say: “I don’t have a same sacrament as we sir, we urge with my boots on. we urge with my boots on. Every day. we urge with my boots on, we am Christian.”

“But we am a Muslim we can’t urge with we okay?” he replies.

“Listen, this is not a Muslim country,” Butler replies, before a male gets off a tube during Brondesbury in West London.

While a lady was in fact wrong to have her feet on a sight seat, it arguably did not warrant that turn of greeting from a man, generally not regulating sacrament as a rationale.

Breitbart London reached out to Ms. Butler for criticism though during a time of edition had not listened back.


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