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April 3, 2015 - accent chair

When we were a child examination Looney Tunes cartoons, did we ever consternation how Bugs Bunny got a Brooklyn accent?

I don’t consider it fazed me when we was young. Bugs sounded like a lot of my uncles.

But Bugs seems to be a hare though a home. When a unhandy Elmer Fudd is sport Bugs, a dual are customarily in a forest-like setting, not any New York borough. We never learn his backstory, do we?

Well, we schooled some of it recently. we always figured that Mel Blanc, a voicemaster for Bugs, was from a New York area. He wasn’t. He was a West Coast man. When he initial became proficient with Bugs, he motionless on a Brooklyn accent. He saw Bugs as bratty. In a journal interview, Blanc said, “Bugs was a tough small stinker; that’s since we came adult with a Brooklyn accent.”

At this point, we competence be wondering possibly we spend a small too most time meditative about Bugs Bunny.

But we was reading an essay on since TV commercials use speakers with sold accents.

I suspicion of StarKist’s spokesfish, Charlie a Tuna, who also has a Brooklyn accent. We’ll set aside Charlie’s bizarre genocide wish to validate as one who wants to be caught, canned afterwards eaten. But did he, too, have a Brooklyn accent since he was a small stinker? No consternation StarKist rejects him again and again.

I can know a gravelly uttered male with a nation accent perplexing to sell me a imperishable lorry rather than one of those wimpy citified trucks.

Even yet Grey Poupon was combined in France, we can know British nobility being used to sell a mustard. It’s marketed as a worldly condiment. we have some-more difficulty desiring that Irish people use Irish Spring or eat Lucky Charms, or that a gecko with a cockney accent is an consultant during recommending automobile insurance.

One investigate pronounced that a speaker’s accent clues in viewers to all sorts of celebrity traits about him or her.

The investigate indicated that Australians are reduction expected to trust a opinion of an American speaker. (Conversely, I’m flattering certain that Hugh Jackman could sell me a Brooklyn Bridge. But that’s a whole other story.)

Other linguistic studies showed that listeners preference a customary accent over a informal one. That competence good change by country, though. In fact, it no doubt varies by person.

Email me if we have beheld obscure accents on commercials you’ve seen.

More money

After final week’s mainstay about income talk, a integrate of readers sent me banking phrases that astounded me.

One that we had never listened was “to spend a penny.” That’s a pointed approach to contend you’re going to use a bathroom. It comes from a mid-19th century, when London’s open toilet stalls compulsory a penny for admission. we theory it sounds some-more trustworthy than powdering one’s nose.

One reader reminded me of “folding money” as jargon for cash. That one creates sense.

And we remembered a jargon word for income that we like. It’s “simoleons,” a portmanteau that combines Simon, a jargon word for a dollar coin, with a name of a French bullion coin, a Napoleon.

More toponyms

Some readers sent me examples of toponyms, or things that get their names from places.

One was Nantucket Red, a faded salmon tone of a wardrobe line that originated in Nantucket, Mass. I’m so happy it didn’t issue in a limerick about Nantucket that we wouldn’t be available to reprint in this paper.

Another one was closer to home: Carolina Blue. It’s a blue of a University of North Carolina during Chapel Hill. If we trust a fender sticker, a start is elementary enough: “God contingency be a Tar Heel since he done a sky Carolina Blue!”

Another was Capri pants. Capri pants are possibly prolonged shorts or brief pants. European conform engineer Sonja de Lennart invented them in a late 1940s and named them after Italy’s Isle of Capri. The pleasing actress-turned-princess, Grace Kelly, was mostly seen in them. They naturally became some-more renouned after that.

And one some-more was a Adirondack chair. The outside wooden chair was, indeed, invented in a Adirondacks. It was built to adjust to a disproportionate land in New York’s alpine Adirondack region. Also essential was a wide, prosaic armrest to reason summer adult beverages.

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