Vox Populi: ‘How are we ever going to be means to prove this crime problem in Savannah? It’s common clarity and a …

February 5, 2016 - accent chair

“Savannah Morning News gave us no coverage of Singapore Golf Tournament. No. 1 in a world, Jordan Spieth, is in. Could we get some-more golf coverage please.”

“How brave a city of Savannah omit a problems of American Legion Post 500.”

“Everyone on City Council should be ashamed of themselves for unwell these veterans. After fighting wars and taste they still have to quarrel a city for help.”

“Can we ever need politicians to answer a doubt with a approbation or no response? Will a media ever need a approbation or no from a politician?”

“Notre Dame’s bid to partisan a immature contestant from Savannah Christian does not stir me. I’m really, unequivocally broke by this dog and hack show. It’s so over a top. we consider that income could have been used for improved resources somewhere to give other kids scholarships.”

“How are we ever going to be means to prove this crime problem in Savannah? It’s common clarity and a sequence gang. We have to have an electric chair and a sequence squad to solve it. It would save a lot of money.”

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