Vivian Chavis, whose 4 family members were slain, talks of abuse and survival

October 5, 2014 - accent chair


PETERSBURG – Vivian Chavis presses her palm to her forehead, cries and speaks haltingly as she partly blames herself for what happened to her family.

“I feel guilty that we let this male into my house, into my family, and he killed them all,” she sobs. “I feel so guilty about that. we would rather him come after me.”

She continues to ask given she wasn’t a one to die, when her mom and sister were brutally stabbed, and her niece and 2-year-old nephew gasped for atmosphere as they died of fume transformation from a glow that broken their Harding Street home.

Chavis believes that Alexander Hill killed her family. He has been named as a chairman of seductiveness by military in tie to a crime. Chavis says Hill threatened to mistreat her and her family on countless occasions. She antiquated Hill for 6 months until a attribute finished with an conflict that done her fear for her life. Hill is also wanted by military for violating a protecting order. Chavis filed a protecting sequence opposite Hill, who skipped a conference a week after a Apr 19 quadruple homicide.

She is unaffected that revelation her story would assistance other women to equivocate a risk of losing their lives, or that those they love, during a hands of an abuser.

“You know it’s genuine spiteful that women have to go by that, yet to not have nobody on your side as distant as a military … It was nobody there to strengthen me,” she said.

Chavis was in Colonial Heights during a boyfriend’s chateau that early Saturday morning. She perceived a call from a niece in Petersburg, whose crony had listened over a military scanner that 721 Harding St. was on fire.

“Right afterwards and there we fell to my knees given we knew it was him,” she says.

She was there as a bodies of her mom Pauline Wilkins, 67; sister Vickie Ansar Chavis, 46; Tanique Chavis, 22; and nephew Delvari Chavis, 2, were brought out of a house.

“It was terrible. It was like my universe stopped,” she says. “He killed all we loved. These are people we woke adult with, went to bed observant ‘I adore you,’ observant ‘I adore you’ before we walked out a doorway to go to work.”

But Chavis didn’t remove her 3 children.

Her 18-year-old daughter lived with her in a Harding Street home, yet wasn’t during a chateau that night. Her 15-year-old daughter, a youngest, lives with her father yet asked to stay during a home that night. Chavis had told her another night would be better. Her 26-year-old son lives in his possess chateau in Richmond.

Chavis, who is 48-years-old, has lived her whole life in Petersburg  and was surrounded by her tighten family. On her mother’s side of a family, she is one of 6 children.

Chavis says that a Alexander Hill she initial met was opposite from a male she believes took partial of her family divided in a fit of rage. He showed her an wholly opposite face from a male who after became her assailant in a domestic dispute, a chairman she describes as “a charmer.”

Chavis met Hill during a finish of a summer of 2012 as she was walking down Shore Street to go to a 7-Eleven store on Sycamore Street. Hill told her that her that he owned houses in Richmond that indispensable to be professionally cleaned.

“I told him, that’s what we do. I’ve been a housekeeper for many years,” she says. “We exchanged numbers and stuff. Never did get to a chateau in Richmond to purify it, yet we talked on a phone for a prolonged time.”

She began dating Hill in Apr 2013 and finished a attribute on Sept. 28, 2013, when he assaulted her in a chateau they common during 1650 S. Valor Drive.

She says that Hill, who seemed to have no family of his possess solely a immature daughter, became a partial of her own. He even attended family reunions and became utterly tighten to her mother. Hill’s possess mom had died and his father lived in Texas, he told her.

Chavis says that her sister, Vickie Chavis-Ansar, felt that something wasn’t utterly right.

“She knew he was adult to no good,” she says.

Chavis says that Hill went as distant as to emanate a fake informative temperament of carrying Trinidadian roots, as cover.

“He was unequivocally polite. If ladies come in a room, he mount up. He pronounced this was his custom. He simulated to be from Trinidad,” she says.

His claimed ties to Trinidad even led a U.S. Marshals Service to hunt there for leads. But Kevin Connolly, supervisory examiner for a U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force in Richmond, says that Hill was instead innate and lifted in Virginia. Connolly pronounced that Hill mostly wore hazel hit lenses, that could assist in portraying a fake identity, and pronounced that open should be on a surveillance for a Hill with light contacts or naturally dim eyes.

Chavis says that she questioned his racial temperament given he had no accent.

Despite her hesitations, she changed in with Hill in Jun 2013 and says that was when he began to verbally abuse her.

Months into her vital with him, Chavis also detected that Hill was married to Linda Ann Hill, when she found check statements with her name in a car driven by Alexander Hill.

He told her that a matrimony was organised according to Trinidadian custom, that she didn’t trust given Linda Hill was an American woman.

In fact, Hill had lived with his mom in a South Valor Drive home after common with Chavis. She afterwards changed behind in when Chavis left.

Chavis says that she found it peculiar that a chateau was entirely furnished before she changed in. She insincere that Hill had prepared a chateau to build a home together and to eventually, when a time was right, engage her children in a relationship.

“I had to find him out for myself before we brought my kids,” she says.

But this step was never taken as he began to besiege her from her family and direct that she take on normal domicile roles.

“He showed his loyal self when we lived with him, small pieces by pieces here and there.”

He also angry her children.

“He talked about my daughters, like ‘Your daughters are too d**n grown,” she said. “I consider he called one of my daughters a b***h and we was like ‘Don’t we ever in your d**n life speak about my kids like that.’”

Hill also took advantage of Chavis financially.

“Practically we used all my money. When we questioned him about work, he was like he owned his possess association and had people operative for him,” she says. “I was like, where is all that. All we see is income going out.”

Hill claims that he owned a association called “Real Deal Construction.” A matter expelled by a U.S. Marshals Service shortly after a quadruple carnage pronounced “The Real Deal” was an alias Hill used.

To keep a domicile bill balanced, Chavis took out a $1,500 loan, that she is still paying.

Feeling a vigour of domicile responsibilities, Chavis asked Hill if he could start scheming breakfast some mornings before she went to work.

Hill exploded.

“He took a chair and kicked it purify opposite a room and he took a image and only knocked it off a list and pronounced ‘That’s what women do.’ That’s what women in Trinidad do,” she says. “I’m a form of person; you’re not going to speak no disaster about me, given we can take adult for myself. That’s what done me palliate divided from him.”

Chavis says that identical outbursts continued until Sept. 28, when his annoy gathering him to attack.

“I was starting on a breakfast and was sitting on a bed and all of remarkable he got adult and pronounced ‘what if we go to jail, how would we compensate for a chateau and a bills?’” she says.

Standing her ground, she told him that she was a one that done certain that a bills were paid and that she never saw him leave a chateau for work. He angrily told her that she was giveaway to leave.

“That’s a best d**n thing you’ve pronounced all day,” Chavis retorted.

Hill stormed to a closet and began throwing her garments on a floor. She went to a closet to hang them behind up.

Chavis continued to tell Hill that his function was unreasonable.

“He had a bent to lift his voice during me and we told him, ‘I’m not frightened of you. You can’t shock me like that.”

But he did dismay her that day and would continue to so.

As she returned her garments to a closet, Hill grabbed her by her hair and swung her around and was unexpected on tip of her with his knees pulpy into her chest.

He choked her and attempted to tool her right eye.

“You’re murdering me, you’re murdering me!” she screamed. “I can’t breathe! we can’t breathe!”

Chavis used all of her strength to flounder out from underneath him. She corroborated into a corner, and began fortifying herself by throwing things during him. Hill left and tighten a doorway to a bedroom as if he was gripping her prisoner.

Chavis ripped a fate off a wall in an try to shun out a window. Hill came behind into a room and told her to be still before a neighbors called a police.

“I wish someone to call a military to see what a doormat we are violence adult on women!” she recalls. “You tell me we don’t have to put your hands on women, afterwards we put your hands on me and conflict me!”

Chavis attempted to shun again and pushed over a shelf to delayed down Hill’s barbarous advance.

Her promptness left her with no boots on her feet and no phone in hand. Even yet some of her friends and family lived tighten by, there was no approach of removing to reserve quickly.

Chavis hardly got a retard when Hill pulled adult beside her and asked her to come behind to a chateau so they could work things out. He pronounced that she could leave if she wanted, and even pronounced that she would assistance her pack.

She reluctantly got into a behind of a car with her mind set on withdrawal as shortly as she could get behind to squeeze her things and change out of her pajamas.

“This ain’t going to work,” she said.

Chavis had already designed to pierce out of a chateau if things hadn’t softened by a initial of a year.

“You only done me pierce out quicker,” she said.

Chavis changed behind to her family chateau on Harding Street.

She returned to a chateau a subsequent day to get her clothes. Fueled by a expostulate to make Hill feel only as vulnerable, she grabbed him and threw him on a belligerent when he answered a door.

“Just so he could see how it feel,” Chavis said.

Hill had tossed her garments out on a lawn, Chavis collected them and left. Later that day, a aver was filed for her detain in that Hill pronounced that she pennyless into a chateau and assaulted him.

The box was afterwards discharged given Hill unsuccessful to seem in Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court to attest about a incident.

Chavis returned to South Valor Drive to collect a rest of her things from a house, while Hill was hold for disregard of justice in tie to a incident.

Linda Hill, who had changed behind into a chateau with her husband, answered a door.

“You found him out didn’t you?” Linda Hill asked.

Hill had formerly filed a protecting sequence opposite her father in Petersburg JDR Court on Sept. 1, 2011, that was dissolved on Nov. 28, 2011.

But Alexander Hill’s hold on Chavis’ life didn’t finish there.

Chavis claims Hill began job her dungeon phone on a daily basement to bluster her life and those of her family members.

The calls gathering Chavis to record a rapist censure during a magistrate’s bureau on Dec. 23, 2013.

In a complaint, Chavis wrote that Hill said: “I know where we and your kids live. we will lay we all down. we know where your mom lives.”

Later that month, when she was scheduled to seem in justice for a conference on a complaint, Hill walked adult to her on Sycamore Street as she done her approach to a building complex.

“I’m going to get you,” he said.

Chavis says that a military officer who was essay tickets on Sycamore Street saw Hill and demanded that he stop badgering her.

“I was literally jolt when we got into court,” she says.

Chavis says that a calls stopped after a justice conference yet continued again toward to a finish of March, mixed times a day.

Hill also began saying that Chavis was job his dungeon phone to bluster him and his family and broken his property, that resulted in mixed warrants being released for her arrest. Court annals prove that all charges opposite Chavis were dismissed.

“This male is indeed doing this things to me,” she told police. “I’m not job him or anything.”

In a rapist censure filed by Hill in Petersburg General District Court on Apr 5, he pronounced that on Apr 4, by 5, Chavis “made countless calls to my dungeon phone as good as content unequivocally antagonistic threats towards my wife, myself and my three-year-old daughter.”

According to a rapist censure Hill filed on Apr 5, Hill pronounced that Chavis threw a section by a windshield of his lorry while it was parked during his residence.

Another rapist censure he filed on Apr 6, pronounced that Chavis threatened to chuck prohibited H2O into a face of his daughter.

Repeated calls melancholy her life led Chavis to record for a protecting sequence on Apr 7.

In a order, Chavis minute a harassment.

“Mr. Hill is and has regularly called my phone, pronounced we hatred we b***h and I’m going to get you,” a sequence read. “This male kick me badly and we have not been in hit with him given it happen. [I] wish Mr. Hill to leave me alone and get on with my life but carrying to demeanour over my shoulders.”

Chavis pronounced that she asked a JDR Court decider to sequence Hill to be arrested given of a threats and a fact that she formerly filed a rapist censure opposite him in December.

“I told a judge, ‘This male is entrance after me. He keeps on saying that he’s going to kill me and all we love,” she recalls.

Chavis says that she was told by a decider that Hill had to physically conflict her to be arrested for a incidents before to a protecting order.

On Apr 2, amid melancholy calls, Chavis found that garments she stored in a strew in her family’s behind yard had been bleached. When she reported it to military suspecting Hill, they pronounced that they had no explanation that it was him, and therefore couldn’t take him into custody.

Chavis and her family feared for their lives when they saw him expostulate past their chateau during slightest 10 times on Apr 3.

When she reported a incidents to police, Chavis says that she was educated to request when it happened.

Chavis feels that a Petersburg Bureau of Police didn’t do adequate to strengthen her family.

“Does he have to severely harm me for we to do anything about his threats or anything?” she says.

Petersburg Bureau of Police Chief John Dixon declined to criticism on a department’s doing of a box before a homicides.

An hurt Chavis says that she felt that her family would still be alive had Petersburg Police done a preference to assign and detain Hill after her rapist censure in Dec and her calls for assistance in a following months.

“I feel like they unequivocally let me down. They let my mother, sister, all of us down. [We] was revelation these people this male is entrance after us,” she says.

Chavis says that she ceaselessly lives in fear of Hill and now carries a gun. She also has to lapse to JDR justice each 3 months to refile a protecting sequence given Hill can’t be found to be served. Her subsequent day in justice is a day after Christmas.

“Who’s to contend that he won’t come behind for me?” she asks. “Some nights we sleep. we arise adult with nightmares of him entrance after me, it’s only nervous sleep.”

But a enterprise for reprisal accompanies her fear.

“My niece, honeyed as she is, they only didn’t merit this, my sister, my momma. we wish him to pay. we don’t wish him to die,” she says. “I wish him to humour like he done my people suffer.”

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