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January 7, 2017 - accent chair

Leslie Exterkamp adores aged furniture.

“The craftsmanship is superb,” she pronounced “It is extraordinary to see a peculiarity of work behind afterwards to what we see nowadays,” she explained.

Exterkamp “rehabilitates” seat and — commencement Jan. 7 — is holding classes during her newly non-stop selected marketplace to learn a open a techniques she and her partner Jessica Denmark use to reanimate those old, pleasing pieces of furniture.

The classes will operation from a simple classes of portrayal smaller pieces to some-more finish techniques — as good as fun, family accessible crafting classes.

Her appreciation of singular selected equipment comes from vital for many years in several countries in Europe, including Spain and Greece. Born abroad, Exterkamp didn’t come to a US until she was 17 years old. Most of her family still resides in France.

Exterkamp has incited her adore of selected and antique seat into a business called The Worn Door Vintage Market and non-stop a doors in midst October.

The Worn Door, located in Winchester Plaza, only north of Lowe’s, is large adequate to be half sell space, half studio.

“It’s accurately what we illusory for my business,” pronounced Exterkamp.

“Space for business to crop and space where Jessica and we can be artistic and breathe new life into poetic furniture,” she said.

Exterkamp was on a hunt for some new pieces when she speckled a list that had been palm embellished with a dainty octopus. That’s how she met Jessica Denmark.

“I can’t paint like that so we asked her if she would assistance me in a selected marketplace and paint some pieces,” she said.

Exterkamp will sell some-more than seat during her shop. Jewelry, selected silver, physique products, lotions, soaps and scavenged fabric will line her shelves, as well.

“I’ve partnered with some inspirational and ardent artisans to arrangement and sell their work here,” she said.

The emporium will also enclose “anything and everything” associated to paint. Leslie uses, and is a stockist for, Miss Lillian’s Chock Paint — to buoy aged furniture. She also uses Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

Miss Lillian’s Chock Paint is a product combined privately to revive mislaid beauty to selected furniture. Miss Lillian’s Chock Paint has over 58 colors to select from along with a outrageous line of products for special finishes.

“You can flattering most do anything with it that we can consider of,” Exterkamp said. “Depending on a square you’re operative with, It will hang to probably any aspect but sanding or decoration first.”

Adding unusual, one-of-a-kind seat pieces to a homes is what creates a spaces unique. Otherwise, a bedrooms would all demeanour accurately a same — or copied out of a page from an interior pattern magazine.

So what can be some-more strange than selected items?

“My store is formed on my adore of selected seat and formulating beautifully refinished pieces to element your home,” pronounced Exterkamp. “We can also offer tradition work for pieces we already own,” she said.

“My family has kept a same seat for generations like hand-carved walnut or mahogany one-of-a-kind,” pronounced Exterkamp. “No matter a age, it can be blending to fit today’s vital styles,” she said.

“I adore what we do here and would stay here 24 hours a day if we could,” pronounced Exterkamp.


The initial in a array of arriving workshops and is a marker paint basis category will take place Saturday, Jan. 7, 2017.

Learn how to revamp your aged seat in a fun, loose atmosphere. You’ll be training a basis of marker painting, pathetic and waxing/sealing your piece. The category includes all a reserve we will need to emanate and finish your masterpiece. Bring your possess square to paint such as a chair, accent table, counterpart etc.

Class sizes are singular to 8 in sequence to safeguard a best.


The Worn Door Vintage Market is located at
5180 Commercial Way; Spring Hill, Florida

Call (352) 610-4550 and ask for Leslie Exterkamp.

Authorized stockist of Miss Lillian’s No Wax Chock (yes..chock) Paint.

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