Video shows murder of British assist worker

September 15, 2014 - accent chair

BEIRUT (AP) — Islamic State extremists expelled a video display a beheading of British assist workman David Haines, who was abducted in Syria final year, and British Prime Minister David Cameron late Saturday cursed his slaying as “an act of pristine evil.”

Cameron reliable Haines’ genocide in a matter after a British Foreign Office had pronounced progressing that it was “working urgently to determine a video.” Haines is a third Westerner beheaded in new weeks by a Islamic State group, that has seized immeasurable swaths of domain in Syria and Iraq.

“This is a inhuman and abominable murder of an trusting assist worker. It is an act of pristine evil,” Cameron said, adding that “my heart goes out to a family of David Haines who have shown unusual bravery and restraint via this ordeal.”

“We will do all in a energy to hunt down these murderers and safeguard they face justice, however prolonged it takes,” Cameron said.

Cameron returned to his chateau during 10 Downing Street shortly after midnight and is approaching to chair a assembly of a government’s puncture response cabinet early Sunday.

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The video emerged a day after Haines’ family expelled a open defence late Friday propelling his captors to hit them.

The Foreign Office pronounced it was charity Haines’ family “every support possible. They ask to be left alone during this time.”

Islamic State militants recently beheaded dual American journalists, James Foley and Steven Sotloff, and posted a videos online after a U.S. began rising airstrikes and charitable missions in Aug to assist loss Iraqi and Kurdish confidence army in northern Iraq. The Islamic State organisation has also put out videos display a beheading of Kurdish and Lebanese soldiers and a mass sharpened of dozens of prisoner Syrian soldiers.

At a finish of a video display a beheading of Sotloff, a Islamic State organisation threatened to kill Haines subsequent and quickly showed him on camera.

President Barack Obama expelled a matter strongly condemning “the barbarous murder” of Haines by a Islamic State militant group.

“The United States stands shoulder to shoulder tonight with a tighten crony and fan in grief and resolve. We will work with a United Kingdom and a extended bloc of nations from a segment and around a universe to move a perpetrators of this vast act to justice, and to reduce and destroy this hazard to a people of a countries, a segment and a world,” Obama said.

On Wednesday, Obama gave a nationally televised debate surveying a intensity troops debate to “degrade and eventually destroy” a Islamic State militants that is expected to embody training and equipping assuage Syrian rebels and Iraqi forces, providing intelligence, and expanding airstrikes opposite extremists in Iraq and potentially into Syria. Britain was among a initial organisation of countries fasten a U.S.-led bloc to base out a Islamic State extremists.

In a video display Haines’ slaying, a organisation threatened to kill another British captive. Both British organisation were dressed in orange jumpsuits opposite an dull Syrian landscape, identical to that seen in a Foley and Sotloff videos.

The SITE Intelligence Group, a U.S. terrorism watchdog, reported a video, that was also posted online by users compared with a Islamic State group.

The video was entitled “A Message to a Allies of America.” Haines’ killer, who seemed to be a same masked male vocalization with a British accent and brandishing a blade as in a prior videos, tells a British supervision that a fondness with a U.S. will usually “accelerate your destruction” and will drag a British people into “another bloody and unwinnable war”.

In a video, according to a twin supposing by SITE, Haines says that he binds Cameron “entirely obliged for my execution” given Britain has “voluntarily entered into a bloc with a United States opposite a Islamic state.”

His torpedo says in a video that Haines was profitable a cost for Britain’s preference to supply weapons to Kurdish Peshmerga fighters, who are battling a Islamic State organisation in northern Iraq. He references U.S. airstrikes opposite Islamic State fighters nearby a Haditha Dam in western Iraq, that a U.S. began targeting on Sept. 7 — indicating that Haines’ murdering took place someday during a past week.

The British supervision had managed to keep Haines’ abduction tip out of regard for his reserve until a Sotloff beheading video identified him as a serf and a subsequent victim.

Late Friday, a family of Haines expelled a open defence propelling his captors to hit them.

In a brief matter expelled by Britain’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office, a family said: “We are seeking those holding David to make hit with us.”

Haines, 44, was abducted nearby a interloper stay in northern Syria in Mar 2013 while operative for a French general assist organisation ACTED that was assisting thousands of Syrians replaced by a fighting between Syrian President Bashar Assad’s army and insurgent groups, including a Islamic State, seeking to reject him. ACTED pronounced in a matter progressing this month that Haines had worked with as an general assist workman given 1999, assisting victims of dispute in a Balkans, Africa and a Middle East. Before streamer to Syria, ACTED pronounced Haines had worked in 2012 as a “non-partisan unarmed municipal assent facilitator” in South Sudan.

Michael Rubin, a proprietor academician during a regressive American Enterprise Institute, pronounced a Islamic State organisation releases such videos given it has resolved that conjunction a American nor a European open has a stomach for a long dispute in that civilians are tortured and killed.

“Each video that’s released, of course, is a promotion coup, if we will,” Rubin, a Pentagon central during a George W. Bush administration, told The Associated Press in an talk Saturday night.

If a slaying of Haines took place in a final few days, Rubin said, a timing suggests that U.S. and other army have no thought where a extremists are gripping their captives and that, in turn, means a miss of comprehension about what goes on within a organisation itself.

Mike Haines pronounced in a matter expelled by a Foreign Office that his hermit was clinging to charitable work.

“David was many alive and eager in his charitable roles,” Mike Haines said. “His fun and expectation for a work he went to do in Syria is for myself and family a many critical component of this whole unhappy affair. He was and is desired by all his family and will be missed terribly.”

British media have reported that Haines, who is married to a Croatian woman, was prepared in Perth, Scotland, and spent 11 years portion in a British Royal Air Force before apropos an general assist worker. Britain’s Press Association pronounced Haines had a teenage daughter in Scotland from a prior matrimony and a 4-year-old daughter from his benefaction marriage.


AP Radio contributor Jackie Quinn in Washington contributed to this report. Hui reported from London.

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