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September 23, 2016 - accent chair

VANCOUVER, BC–(Marketwired – Sep 23, 2016) – Vancouver interior engineer Chrissy Cottrell has built adult her business by artistic pattern that artfully combines form and function. By fusing new styles with classical options, Chrissy’s work yields singular formula that constraint a hint and individuality of her clients.

“Just as we evolve, so do a tastes. As undying as pattern can be, we contingency be means to recur a environments to safeguard that we are truly vital in peace with a home,” says Chrissy, who goes on to share some of her favourite ways to refurbish a space. To learn more, go to:

You don’t have to reconstruct a room to interpose it with new life. Sometimes it’s probable to renovate a whole tinge of a room by switching out a art, changing a light fixture, or investing in some new décor, such as a poetic accent chair. Reinvention is usually required when there’s a finish separation from a space, and a foundational elements are too antiquated to concede any of a new pieces to truly shine.

After returning from Paris where she found some classical pieces of furniture, Chrissy is fervent to put her creativity to good use.

“Curating one-of-a-kind pieces by customizing aged classics is a good approach to supplement attract to a space,” explains Chrissy. “For example, if we have a illusory chair, try reupholstering it. It’s extraordinary how one shining square of seat can renovate a space.”

According to Chrissy, it’s not required to demeanour towards ever-changing trends to keep a home complicated and beautiful.

“You don’t need to sate your space in this season’s pantone paint to say a stylish home. Current is a comparatively new concept. Instead, we like a thought of putting a contemporary turn on classical pieces. For example, I’m re-designing a beautiful gilded chair during a moment.”

For Chrissy, personal character and countenance doesn’t come from trends. It’s some-more critical to curate a attribute where a engineer understands a customer preferences when to comes to colour, texture, style, and architecture.

“The pivotal to vital beautifully is vital authentically,” Chrissy stresses. “Live with what we love, even if we don’t know what that is yet. A good interior engineer will take we by a palm and beam we by a routine of discovery. It competence take a bit longer, though a formula will positively be value it.”

About a Company

For Chrissy Co, interior design is not only about creation beautifully designed spaces, it’s about formulating a aloft peculiarity of life. Their passion has always been enabling others to see beauty in bland sum and to heighten life by balancing duty and design. Rather than favoring faddy trends, a designers during Chrissy Co use their creativity to compound classical and contemporary elements, and emanate superb spaces that simulate a people within them.

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