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By Annie McCarthy Dance


The Tribuna Third Annual American Dream Awards Gala was hold on Saturday, May 14, during a Amber Room Colonnade, with scarcely 400 guest and endowment winners in attendance.  

Mayor Mark Boughton and Tribuna Editor-in-Chief Emanuela Palmares were a co-masters of ceremonies for a evening, with an bid by Danbury City Councilman, Elmer Palma, and greetings from Tribuna Newspaper Co-Founder Elizabeth Bacelar-Nunes and Celia Bacelar Palmares, boss of The New American Dream Foundation, a newly shaped nonprofit classification announced during a Gala.  

“The American Dream Awards are critical to remind ourselves of all that we have in common, either we came from Italy like Mr. Rizzo, or from Brazil like Glover,” Emanuela Palmares said. “We all share a same adore and honour for a nation that has embraced us and supposing opportunities to us that would not have been probable elsewhere in a world.”  

Anthony Rizzo, Sr., owners of Rizzo Electric, one of a largest electrical constrictive firms in Connecticut, warranted Tribuna’s Lifetime Achievement Award, that was presented to Rizzo by Nora Duncan, state executive of AARP Connecticut, and proclamations from U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal and CT State Senator Michael McLachlan.  

“There is something really special about this dusk brought together by a Tribuna family, whom we so admire and respect. We’re really bi-partisan tonight.” Senator Blumenthal said.  

Connecticut State Senator Michael McLachlan presented a commercial to all American Dream Award finalists, including locals of Ecuador, Brazil, China, Mexico, Liberia and Puerto Rico.  

“All honorees embody, applaud or support pivotal elements of a lives of immigrants in a communities: tough work, perseverance, pride, county rendezvous and a low tie to those in hazard in other nations,” Tribuna publisher, Celia Bacelar Palmares, said.  

Four American Dream Leadership Awards were presented to the City of Danbury, The Hispanic Federation, Dr. Majid Sadigh and UFC fighter Glover Teixeira.  

City Council members Andrew Wetmore and Fred Visconti supposed a endowment on interest of a City of Danbury, famous for formulating Heritage Plaza, that celebrates Danbury’s story and informative diversity, including a jubilee of an annual Hat City Day, hold a initial Tuesday in December. “What people don’t comprehend is a series of other industries that hatting supported. Durkin Awning, for example, came around since object would come in and blur a hats. The Danbury Box Company done a boxes for a hats. These are things that are still here; it’s unimaginable what came out of a shawl industry. We conclude a enlightenment and a story in Danbury,” Wetmore said.   

The Hispanic Federation was famous for a work in facilitating non-partisan contention on essential issues moving a Latino village in Connecticut.  

Dr. Majid Sadigh, executive of a Global health module during Western Connecticut Health Network, won a endowment for his work in Liberia during a Ebola pathogen crisis.  

Glover Teixeira, 37, a Brazilian native, Danbury proprietor and UFC fighter, won a endowment for his work in and out of a octagon and his inspirational personal story, that took him from landscaper to veteran athlete. He is a owners of his possess MMA training trickery in Danbury. “I didn’t put Danbury on a map. Danbury put me on a map. Danbury gave me a eventuality to sight and became a warrior we am today,” he pronounced as he supposed his award. 

Veteran of a Year Award Recipient 

Staff Sergeant Veasna Rouen, creatively from Cambodia, perceived a Veteran of a Year Award. His family survived a murdering fields and was among a initial waves of refugees entrance to America in a early 1980s. He immigrated to a United States in 1983 and assimilated a Army after high school.  

Rouen led fight missions in Afghanistan, and after a extreme firefight in that his charge force incurred 15 casualties within a 24-hour period, he was finally sworn in as a U.S. citizen.  

His section was extracted out of a battlefield, where usually a few days later, along with half a dozen other soldiers from his platoon, Rouen was sworn in as a U.S. citizen on Nov 11, 2006, Veterans Day, in Bagram, Afghanistan. 

“My American Dream is to assistance safety and foster a Khmer enlightenment while bringing recognition to a atrocities and injustices in Cambodia… to see a many cultures and birthright recognized, common and distinguished by everyone,” pronounced Rouen, who perceived a $2,000 endowment furnished by Union Savings Bank, represented by Dina Pereira, partner vice-president village family specialist. 

Student of a Year Award Recipients 

Gustavo Porto, 18, from Brazil, lived 99 percent of his life in a United States, and due to his authorised status, he says he has still faced a same hurdles as immigrants who have usually arrived. Gustavo credits Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) for a new viewpoint he has embraced for his future. But either he is a citizen of a United States or not, he says he will always letter to be an glorious tyro so that when a time comes, he can acquire his grade and turn a doctor. “I’m peaceful to do whatever it takes to live my dream of spending a rest of my life in a US and operative as a doctor/surgeon to assistance urge a lives of other Americans,” pronounced Porto, who perceived a $2,000 grant furnished by Western CT Health Network, represented by Anthea Disney, Danbury Hospital Board chair. 

Angelica Crespo, from Ecuador, was innate and lifted in Danbury, Connecticut to newcomer parents. When her father was deported, she became a 12-year-old child holding on a responsibilities of an adult. “I went from personification with my siblings, to holding caring of them. All a while, my mom was operative intensely tough to make a fragment of my father’s income in sequence to support a family,” Crespo said. She credits her father’s deficiency for a clever chairman she is today. “My usually idea in life is to make my relatives proud, generally my mother. we wish to uncover her that her behind pain and distended feet were not in vain. All a fighting and great for my father, in wish to see him again, forced me to continue such pain and mature faster than expected. My American Dream is to be successful so that after, we can assistance others with their American Dream.” Crespo perceived a $2,000 grant furnished by Ventura Ribeiro and Smith, Attorneys during Law, represented by Attorney and Partner Patricia Cruz Fragoso and initial partner, Attorney Americo Ventura. 

Anna Fernandes, from Brazil, arrived in a United States when she was usually 5 years old, and even nonetheless she schooled to review and write in a United States, she practical herself in maintaining her initial language, reading and letter fluently in Portuguese. She is attending her final division during Henry Abbott Tech High School, and will be graduating from a Hairdressing Barbering module this year, with a goal of apropos a beautician in sequence to compensate her approach by college. Her dream is to turn a debate denunciation pathologist. Anna was nominated by her mother, who wrote, “She has practical for 7 universities, and she was already supposed to 6 of them. Unfortunately, we can’t means to compensate for her college education.” Fernandes perceived a $2,000 grant furnished by Optimum, represented by Dr. Jacques Etienne. 

Person of a Year Award Recipient 

Rosa Gutierrez was innate and lifted in Puerto Rico, where she graduated with a bachelor’s grade in Early Childhood Education. She migrated to Connecticut in 1995, where she continued her studies. Upon arrival, she struggled to master a English language, though was means to find work during a preschool. She was done fun of and ridiculed due to her accent, nonetheless she overcame that onslaught and became a lead teacher.  

But in her daughter’s eyes, her biggest plea and delight was being a singular mother. She done time to review to her and assistance her with her homework, while struggling to find a job, compensate a bills on time and make certain her daughter had something to eat even when she didn’t have anything herself. “My mom creates miracles for others and she enjoys saying others smile. we trust it’s time to see her smile,” wrote Sahara Gutierrez in her letter nominating her mother. 

“Since we was a small lady in Puerto Rico, we never felt home, as if my heart knew we had to be somewhere else. Danbury is my home. we adore this village and my family during a Hispanic Center,” Gutierrez said. 

She perceived a $2,000 endowment furnished by Adam Broderick Salon and Spa, represented by Adam Broderick. 

“The American Dream is about being means to come here and follow whatever we wish to follow in terms of a kind of life we wish to lead. It encompasses a feat of freedom, success and prosperity,” Mayor Mark Boughton said, adding, “It’s a small bit opposite for everybody, though America allows we to be who we wish to be. There’s no true trail to that; people take all opposite kinds of routes to it though during a end, a probability for any eventuality is limitless. There are American Dream stories all around us, and it is moving to see a village entrance together to respect and applaud those stories. we appreciate a Tribuna family, an American Dream story itself, for putting this eventuality together.”  

During a evening, Tribuna supposing over $10,000 in scholarships and awards and lifted an additional $12,000 from sheet sales to advantage a Western Connecticut Health Network Foundation, that mobilizes munificent support to advantage and allege a programs and services of Danbury Hospital and New Milford Hospital. 


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