Tom LaBrie, famed H2O bed pitchman dies during 67

January 1, 2015 - accent chair

Tom LaBrie, a Sacramento H2O bed pitchman who brought “night comfort” to late-night radio viewers in a 1970s and ‘80s, died this week during 67.

From 1976 to 1990, LaBrie was a internal idol and a many televised businessman in town. He greeted night owls examination late-night cinema on Channel 40 with his signature “Night Comfort Theater.”

LaBrie would deliver movies, offer reviews and speak visiting celebrities from actors George Peppard to Debbie Reynolds. And amid backdrops of a comfy leather chair, balmy fibre song and polished waterbed furnishings, a owners of LaBrie’s Sleep Center in Sacramento extolled a relaxing advantages of sleeping on water.

LaBrie, who recognised a promotion program, became a radio tie with his longish hair, swinging mustache and ever-mellow persona. His advertisements sponsored an estimated 12,000 hours of programming, generally classical to problematic cinema airing after many people had left to bed.

He became so obvious that a likes of comedian Bill Cosby parodied LaBrie’s commercials for California waterbed decrease –which LaBrie gently delivered in his signature East Coast accent.

“When we started off, we didn’t unequivocally consider that people adult during that hour wanted to be yelled at,” LaBrie pronounced in a 1986 Sacramento Bee interview, describing a easy-going representation that done him a celebrity. He pronounced people customarily would stop him, shake his palm “and say, ‘Oh, gee, aren’t we Tom LaBrie?’ It’s nice.”

La Brie’s blurb spots were aired opposite a West, sketch in film viewers and attracting business for LeBrie’s waterbed empire, that eventually totalled 6 stores, including 3 in Sacramento and one any in Stockton, Fairfield and Pleasant Hill.

“He was a genuine impression and he had a concept,” pronounced Dale Brimley, a former ubiquitous manager for LaBrie’s Sleep Center who worked for him for 34 years. “He satisfied he had a serf audience. Sometimes we were going to be watchful during night and we would spin on a Night Comfort Theater and maybe come in and demeanour during some H2O beds. And it worked.”

Before going into a H2O bed business, LaBrie graduated from Michigan State University and taught eighth class math, scholarship and sex preparation in a tiny city in Michigan. In 1970, seeking a warmer climate, he changed to Berkeley and went to work for a waterbed sell sequence –pitching a mattress of a counter-culture. He after non-stop his store in Sacramento.

LaBrie died of a healthy though unlimited means on Dec. 28, according to a Sacramento County Coroner’s office.

His late night radio spots, many posted on YouTube, live on with a suggestion of a times in that his business flourished.

On one commercial, LaBrie hailed a gains of immature women in a 1970s and done a special representation for because they deserved one of his H2O beds.

“This time we wish to speak to a singular girls,” he began. He went on to say: “So girls, there have been a lot of good changes in a final few years. If you’re meditative about change in your lifestyle, come see us and we’ll speak about it.”

Another mark featured LaBrie’s critique of Frank Sinatra cinema including “From Here to Eternity,” “None though a Brave” and “The Detective.” “Sinatra is no doubt a biggest thespian of adore songs – though also one of a improved actors of a times,” LaBrie concluded.

Besides a H2O bed business, LaBrie after partnered in a collectable fondle business, Toy Alley.

Funeral services are pending.

Call The Bee’s Peter Hecht, (916) 326-5539.

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