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December 28, 2014 - accent chair

As a finish of 2014 is near, some thoughts that have been building, and are dire for release, are going to be upheld on to a readers.

Carrying a cellphone off and on and still not meaningful a number.

Probably being old-fashioned, though do those Internet Christmas cards have a impact that a normal printed cards have? We don’t consider so!

You are removing aged when we demeanour brazen to removing new “guts” for a H2O tank on your toilet, and find fun in flushing it.

You are aged when a initial page we spin to in The Missourian is to review a obituaries.

Some of a best laughs we have is when they play those commercials to buy videos of a Johnny Carson Show and Carol Burnett Show. They are a prominence of a night examination television.

The many sparkling day of a week is when we buy 4 new tires for your car.

The expectation we have when perplexing a new tablet to soothe heedfulness wherever.

It’s upsetting when someone is sitting in your chair during a grill that we revisit often.

You unequivocally are removing aged when during a celebration we extent yourself to one splash when we used to have dual and infrequently more.

A comparison perplexity is when we can’t remember your ZIP code.

America leads a universe in sealing products. Those bags are hermetic to make a product long-lasting — we all know that — though we need a blade or scissors to mangle a seal. Then we can’t find a scissors.

What this nation needs is a good, low-priced pocketknife, that is man’s best crony subsequent to his dog.

It is gratifying when a assistant during a grill automatically gives we a comparison citizen discount. Or is it? Do we demeanour that old?

The years have held adult with we when we don’t know anybody in a photos in The Missourian.

The year arrives when a five-year, a 10-year, or 20-year guaranty doesn’t meant a thing to you.

You’re unequivocally aged when we get adult in a morning, revisit a lavatory for those requirements, get dressed and are ready to go wherever, and a suspicion comes of how good it will be when night comes and a bed is so inviting.

Will some group ever get used to a lady cuttng their hair?

Christmas cards with children and grandchildren make we feel your age. How did they grow adult so fast?

You answer a write and a chairman with a unfamiliar accent tries to sell we something, or needs to refurbish personal information for a  giveaway subscription to a trade magazine, and we consternation how did that chairman ever get a pursuit that requires communication skills?

Why doesn’t a troops use recruiting signs like they did in World War II and Korea: “I Want You for U.S. Army” along with a unrelenting design of Uncle Sam and a residence of a nearest recruiting station? This reminds us of a artistic ads that never are dated.

It’s a good day when we don’t belch a whole lot, don’t pass gas and your shorts don’t obey to your swell and dump down, along with your trousers, to an irritating level. The latter is adequate to make we wear suspenders.

And whatever we do, don’t say, “Have a good day.” Be creative. “Have a good day” is not a same as “thank you.”

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