‘The Walking Dead’ Recap: [SPOILER] Dies In Shocking Winter Premiere

February 9, 2015 - accent chair

As everybody comes to terms with a detriment of their dear Beth, a survivors of ‘The Walking Dead’ are looking for a new place to settle in. Unfortunately, a intolerable spin of events leaves one of them dead.

On a Feb. 8 lapse of The Walking Dead, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) is carefree to find a new protected breakwater for his group, including visitor Noah (Tyler James Williams). With a new finish in mind they set off on a road, but, sadly, they are forced to contend goodbye to nonetheless another crony when things take a spin for a worse.

‘The Walking Dead’: [SPOILER] Killed in Winter Premiere

Are we prepared for a issue of Beth’s intolerable death?

In a opening moments of The Walking Dead‘s winter premiere, it’s protected to assume we are witnessing certain aspects of Beth’s funeral.

For starters, a trowel digging adult uninformed dirt. Then, a sound of Maggie crying, followed by a glance of her subsequent to something burning. Beth’s body, maybe? Next we see Noah good over a detriment of his friend, and it’s transparent that everybody is lamentation this loss.

From a distance, by a bushes, we see Father Gabriel giving Beth a wake she deserves, and we can usually hardly make out a organisation station around a uninformed raise of dirt.

Interestingly enough, we also locate a brief glance of a organisation entrance dual vast vehicles that would be ideal for them to transport in safely. One is an aged blue truck, and a other is a plain white van.

Finally, we see Noah and Rick carrying what seems to be a heart-to-heart about Beth. “She was gonna come with me,” Noah tells Rick, as he reveals he thinks he might have a protected breakwater for them to transport to in Virginia.

Rick hesitantly shows interest, nonetheless as a sound of baby Judith good kicks in it’s transparent this isn’t usually interest. He’s already plotting out their outing in his head.

The subsequent step in Rick’s devise is convincing a others. He is still a leader, per se, nonetheless it was apparent in a initial half of a deteriorate that a lot of a organisation — privately Glen — mislaid faith in him when he started to remove it.

Rick’s sales representation for a new place is that “if it works out, it’s a final prolonged outing we have to make.” It’s no warn that Glen questions him roughly immediately, wondering if a place even exists any more. Rick has a elementary answer: “Then we keep going.”

Even Michonne chimes in, since she always has Rick’s behind no matter what, observant they can always find a new protected place to settle into. Hopefully, one of them is right.

Rick Co. Hit The Road For Virginia

They strike a road, divulgence that a preference was made, and shortly after we see a pointer display them entering South Carolina. As a fan we have to admit, this is flattering violent to see. For a past 4 seasons they’ve been stranded using around farming Georgia, and now they have left that and so most of their onslaught behind them.

So, what’s next?

In a unequivocally uncanny and flattering intolerable scene, we see Mika and Lizzie inside a home. Mika is draining out from a abdomen, apparently from after Lizzie stabbing her, and Lizzie is kneeling down beside her smiling.

“It’s improved now,” Mika says with a smile. Um. What usually happened?

Despite their new adventure, Rick’s paranoia has not subsided. As Tyreese is pulling a lorry filled with him, Noah, Glenn, and Michonne, they seem to be entrance a destination. Rick radios to Carol who is during pronounced finish to let her know they are close, and she tells him they’ll come looking if they don’t hear from them again.

Just as they are about to arrive, Rick asks Tyreese to lift into a woods so they can travel to wherever they are going and “stay off a road.” Noah objects revelation him they don’t need to do that, nonetheless Rick says “just in case.” Yeah, totally paranoid.

While they are walking by a woods they proceed a uncanny settlement of ropes that seems to be restraint them off. Michonne turns to Noah and asks if this was his people, and he tells her it’s possible. So, does this meant they are in Virginia already?

Once they strech a finish of a woods Rick stops them to ask if there are snipers or anything, nonetheless as Glenn inspects a stage he doesn’t see anyone. What we do see nonetheless is a pointer that says Shirewilt.

When they finally get to a gate, there’s zero nonetheless silence. Noah shakes a embankment that creates a loud, sepulchral sound, nonetheless nothing. Glenn hops on a embankment to see what’s up, nonetheless we don’t get to see what he sees usually yet. Instead, we get to see an countenance that tells us there’s zero there.

Shirewilt Is A Bust Noah Is Devastated

Suddenly, Noah and a rest are hopping a embankment to see inside, and that’s when we finally get to see what Glenn saw: all of a buildings have been burnt to a crisp, and there are bodies laying in a travel and even some walkers strolling around.

What creates matters worse is that it looks like a private village of homes that indeed was protected during point. It’s bigger than Woodbury, and it looks like people were indeed vital in real, private homes there.

Noah loses it once he realizes everybody he knew there is gone. It’s Tyreese who amenities him, revelation him that he’s going to be fine since he has them now. Once you’re a partial of a group, you’re a lifer.

Rick decides they should brush a homes and see if there’s anything they can take, and Glenn agrees. For once, Michonne isn’t too eager about it. She’s apparently dissapoint that their intensity protected breakwater was a bust, nonetheless usually like she pronounced progressing in a partial — they’ll find somewhere else. They have to.

She’s angsty though, so Rick tries to comfort her, but Michonne is not carrying it though. That’s when Rick turns to Glenn who seems unphased by all of this, and he realizes Glenn didn’t consider it would be there anyway.

That’s when Rick decides to open adult to Glenn about a impulse Beth died and how “that woman,” definition Dawn, didn’t meant to do it. Rick saw it on her face as shortly as it was over, nonetheless that didn’t stop him from wanting to kill her.

“I don’t know if we suspicion it would still be here,” Rick tells Glenn. “But Beth wanted to get him here. She wanted to get him behind home. This was for her.”

Tyreese Noah Find Themselves In Trouble

Meanwhile, Tyreese is examination over Noah who is in a round good in a center of a dull road. In sequence to assistance him out, Tyreese tells a story about how he roughly gave adult and let a walkers take him, nonetheless afterwards he didn’t. Because of that, he was means to save Judith after on.

“This isn’t a end,” Tyreese tells him, and finally Noah decides to get up.

Unfortunately, it’s not to assistance with a sweep. Instead, he goes using down a highway towards a residence and Tyreese goes after him. If your Walking Dead clarity are tingling, we know, usually like we do, this is going to lead to zero nonetheless trouble.

As this is happening, Glenn and Rick are stability their heart-to-heart in a expostulate of someone’s burnt down house. Glenn is revelation Rick how things felt like they were fine after he found Maggie again, nonetheless that losing Washington and losing Beth… well, that was too much.

“I would have shot that lady dead,” Glenn tells Rick. “Right or wrong.”

Michonne interjects immediately, “We need to stop.”

She doesn’t usually meant a tragedy or a rights and a wrongs, she means they need to stop moving, too. “You can be out here too long,” she reminds them. She’s right. She’s never been so right, actually.

It’s no warn to find out a residence Noah was using towards was his own. He wants to see it, nonetheless Tyreese thinks that’s a bad idea. Noah convinces him, so Tyreese pulls out his blade and goes in initial to make certain it’s clear. Noah follows closely.

When Tyreese knocks on a door, zero comes out to get him. When they step inside, usually a few feet in front of them is a woman’s physique with her skull bashed in. Noah kneels down and covers her physique in a blanket, afterwards whispers that he attempted to get behind sooner.

As Noah grieves what we can usually assume was once his mother, Tyreese continues to hunt a house. It seems clear, until we see a shade of feet relocating behind a pathway in a dim hallway. From a sounds of a groans, this hiker sounds young. Too young.

Before removing to a room where a tiny hiker is, Tyreese turns into an open pathway to find a physique that has been devoured by walkers laying on a bed. But it’s not a physique that takes him by surprise, it’s a cinema on a wall — a same cinema we saw during a commencement of a partial of dual matching boys.

Noah had a twin brother, and that’s whose vale remains is laying on a bed.

As Tyreese stares during a photos in disbelief, we see a shade walking — well, relocating — behind him. It’s a tiny walker, and, before Tyreese can act, it takes a outrageous punch out of his arm.

You guys, Tyreese is a goner.

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Tyreese Hallucinates Some Familiar Faces

As Tyreese screams in anguish and pushes a small hiker away, Noah comes using in and rips a fondle aeroplane down from a roof to use as a weapon. He stabs a small boy, presumably his brother, in a skull and watches him dump yet hesitation. It’s a dauntless pierce for someone who usually detected a bodies of their family, isn’t it?

Noah turns to see Tyreese draining heavily, and he’s in shock. This is Noah’s error and he knows it. Noah leaves Tyreese to go get Rick and a group, nonetheless we can see that it’s not going to matter Not usually has Tyreese been bitten, nonetheless there is blood everywhere, it’s pouring out of him by a second. He might not be alive by a time Noah returns.

As Tyreese bleeds out, he starts to see things. People. First, it’s a illegitimate from Terminus that attempted to kill Judith. The one he kick to a bloody pap and left for dead.

He’s derisive Tyreese. Telling him that if he had usually killed him, maybe it would have caused a domino outcome and maybe Beth would still be alive. Maybe he wouldn’t be failing in Virginia. Maybe, maybe, maybe.

Then, Bob chimes in. Yes, Bob! He calls bulls-it, reminding Tyreese he got bit during a food bank that had zero to do with Gareth or Beth or anyone.

Meanwhile, a voice keeps entrance over a radio, another ghost of course, and it indeed sounds like Andrew Lincoln’s genuine voice — British and reduction gritty.

But forget that voice since THE GOVERNOR JUST APPEARED. He’s station in a pathway articulate to Tyreese like he’s still alive, and it’s unbelievable. This is insane. we don’t even know how to understanding with this!

Suddenly, Mika and Lizzie are sitting opposite from him in a accurate stage we saw progressing in a episode. It creates clarity know, they were partial of his hallucination.

As this is function we hear a sound of a hiker gurgling, and a shade relocating in a hallway. As a Governor starts yelling during Tyreese, unexpected his ghost turns to genuine life and it’s a hiker perplexing to eat him.

Defenseless, he uses a chair to retard a hiker from removing him, nonetheless it’s not most help. Before he knows it a hiker is on tip him, chomping during him, prepared to eat an early dinner, and Tyreese can’t even lift a produce out of his belt yet dropping it to a ground.

He escapes momentarily, still draining from his arm, nonetheless a hiker catches adult quick. Tyreese struggles to keep him away, nonetheless when he can’t do it any longer he offers a hiker his bitten arm to gnaw into. It’s disgusting, nonetheless it works, and while a hiker takes a punch out of him he reaches for something to kill it with.

Michonne Desperately Wants To Settle

While Tyreese bleeds to genocide in Noah’s brothers bedroom, Michonne tries to remonstrate Rick that they can make this place bearable again. Rick protests, reminding her that it’s surrounded by timberland and they would be exposed to anything and anyone no matter what they did.

Michonne is dynamic though, and even suggests slicing down a trees to build walls. It’s a good idea, nonetheless do they have a manpower for that?

Glenn tells Rick it doesn’t matter, and even nonetheless he’s articulate about either or not someone killed Dawn for murdering Beth, he’s also articulate about in general. Nothing matters any some-more since they are station in a weed outward of one of a damaged walls of a protected breakwater they missed out on, and they are surrounded by physique parts. Nothing nonetheless arms, legs, some-more arms. It’s a hideous scene, one of a misfortune a uncover has ever shown.

That’s when Michonne says, “Washington. Eugene lied about a cure, nonetheless he suspicion Washington for a reason.”

Not usually that, nonetheless they aren’t distant — they are in Virginia. They are usually a few hours south of Washington, D.C., and it’s probable that there’s wish there.

It seems like usually another shot in a dark, nonetheless we can’t repudiate Michonne’s passion. Not to mention, during this indicate they are so unfortunate to settle, because not take a drive?

“Don’t we wish one some-more day with a chance?” Michonne asks Rick, and it’s transparent from a demeanour on his face she’s held him by a heart strings. The few he has left.

Rick agrees to go, and so does Glenn, silently, and that’s that. Once again, we are on a highway to Washington, D.C.

Well, not so fast. The 3 of them hear screams and go running, and it’s Noah trapped underneath dual walkers on a pointless porch. Once a walkers have been taken caring of, Noah tells them about Tyreese — and everybody is using again.

Rick Glenn Try To Save Tyreese

Tyreese is still hallucinating. The radio is fuzzy, and strain is playing, and afterwards there’s Beth. She’s in a garments she was killed in, injure still stitched adult on her face, personification a guitar and singing along.

As Beth wraps adult her song, we see Mika and Lizzie sitting in front of her, and Beth tells him that all is going to be okay. Then Bob chimes in, sitting on a bed again, revelation him it’s fine he didn’t wish to “be a partial of it anymore.”

Unfortunately, a Terminus jerk is derisive him again. Lizzie tells him not to listen, that he doesn’t have to open his eyes, nonetheless afterwards a Governor chimes in again.

“You told me you’d acquire your keep. You had no suspicion what we were articulate about, did you?” he asks, kneeling down in front of Tyreese now.

These hallucinations are all partial of Tyreese’s center onslaught about fighting back, killing, being as heartless as a universe has done everybody else. He wanted to give up, nonetheless he didn’t. Lizzie and Mika’s deaths pennyless him, nonetheless he found his strength and his will to tarry again eventually.

Finally, Tyreese stands up. Finds his voice, and tells a Governor that he knew accurately what was going on. He defends himself, his emotions, his will to forgive.

The Governor shoves him to a ground, and afterwards Mika and Lizzie are pulling on his bloody arm.

In a flash, suddenly, it’s Glenn and Rick who are pulling his arm, screaming during Michonne to “go” — and SLICE. Off comes Tyreese’s arm. Just like Hershel’s leg.

It worked, nonetheless a subsequent few moments are tense. We see glimpses of them carrying Tyreese out of a house, afterwards entrance a gate, nonetheless there are walkers pulling on it. Noah takes on Tyreese’s physique weight, nonetheless usually as they let a walkers in to take them all out, they collapse.

You can see Tyreese is awake, nonetheless barely, and we can see his bloody branch of an arm, too.

The walkers are clear, and Rick and Glenn are carrying Tyreese opposite a highway and into a woods. They need to get to safety, they need to bake his arm and stop a bleeding. Tyreese is still saying flashes from his hallucinations, flashes from a past, and it’s all a fuzz — most like what he contingency be experiencing during a moment.

Beth is singing again, and Tyreese is hardly unwavering as Rick is screaming during him to reason on.

This isn’t about being a hero. This is about saving one of their own. Tyreese is family now. He’s been family, generally to Rick after it was Tyreese who cared for and saved baby Judith. The recklessness of a organisation is stirring and we can feel it in your skeleton as we watch them onslaught to get Tyreese to safety.

As they get him into a automobile and strike a road, Tyreese is still hallucinating. The radio is vocalization to him, that informed British accent articulate once again, and a story it’s revelation is even some-more familiar.

He sounds like a news caster revelation a story of cannibalism in interloper camps, targeting civilians, blazing down prisons. This is their history, and Tyreese is reliving it over and over again.

Tyreese Can’t Be Saved

Tyreese asks them to spin it off, and it’s Bob in a newcomer chair who turns to ask him if he’s sure. Then, we see Beth pulling a truck, and she tells him it’s fine again.

He looks to his side, and instead of Noah sitting subsequent to him it’s Mika and Lizzie. They tell him it’s not usually okay, it’s improved now.

Interestingly enough, Beth, Lizzie, and Mika are not lonesome in mud or blood. Their injuries are gone.

We see a tail lights of a blue lorry stop in a center of a highway and, from a distance, everybody gets out. Rick and Glenn lift Tyreese out of a backseat and lay him on a ground, nonetheless it’s too late. He’s gone.

He’s with Beth, Bob, Mika, and Lizzie now. Where all is okay, and all is better.

That mud we saw being shoveled during a commencement of a episode? It wasn’t for Beth, it was for Tyreese. The funeral? Tyreese’s.

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — Were we bummed to see Tyreese get bitten? What did we consider about Beth, Mika, Lizzie, and everybody else returning? Comment next with your thoughts.

– Lauren Cox

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