The Vampire Diaries: Let’s Give Thanks for "Mommie Dearest"!

November 21, 2015 - accent chair

The Vampire Diaries S07E07: “Mommie Dearest

What is a many ungainly thing you’ve ever finished during a Thanksgiving table? Come out of a closet? Accidentally prayed to an Old God? Poured a platter of immature beans down a front of your poncho? Expressed a opinion that Fox News is somewhat biased? When it comes to Thanksgiving dinner, a stakes are unbelievably high, that is because any viewed irritability or misdemeanour can hurt a night during any given moment. Every family is different, so some things are worse than others, though in my opinion a one thing that’s guaranteed to hurt Thanksgiving would be poisoning, restraining up, and afterwards torturing your mother. In roughly any enlightenment this is frowned upon, though generally by mothers. They don’t adore being treated this way! The same goes double for vampire mothers, if a events of “Mommie Dearest” were any indication.

What’s fascinating about this week’s partial of The Vampire Diaries was not that it continued the TVD tradition of celebrating holidays on improper dates, though that it overwhelmed on some honestly upsetting (and unfortunately too-real) scenarios. I’m speaking, of course, about Lily’s story of domestic violence, as good as Valerie’s miscarriage (maybe? More on that later). It was one thing when this uncover singular a pathos to incomparable than life things like genocide and romance, though now we’re removing into some domain that many viewers competence find uncomfortable. Or maybe that’s a point? Seven seasons in, it can be tough to describe to these superpowered monsters, though meaningful that they’ve been by so most mishap competence be a required humanization they’ve been lacking. Who knows! Also Baby Stefan was ADORABLE.

Let’s speak about this “Mommie Dearest”!

We began 3 years in a future, with Damon and Alaric racing to DALLAS in sequence to figure out what was adult with Caroline and her radical news broadcast. But when Damon entered a studio, he found it dull and a recording of her promote was personification on a loop. But where was Caroline! And had everybody altered a channel? Why had no military checked in on a studio given that promote began? That’s when a darts began to fly.

Uh-oh, Damon was vampire-napped! It should go though observant that a plain 80-85 percent of my seductiveness in this deteriorate has to do with a flash-forwards, so this delicious cold open was really fun and good. Neeeed moar.

Back in complicated times, it was a day before Thanksgiving and Stefan was carrying a Thanksgiving dinner? we didn’t know either. But here was Lily with a lasagna vessel full of cranberries like some kind of weirdo.

Damon did not know what a “H” was going on, so Stefan had to lay it out really clearly: they were going to speak Lily into fasten their query of murdering her boyfriend. In other words, a sincerely normal family Thanksgiving conversation.

Then Caroline peed on a pregnancy exam to find out if she was indeed carrying Alaric’s children, and it incited out she wasn’t! It’s a good famous fact that pregnancy tests are 100 percent accurate when it comes to enchanting vampire pregnancies, so this box was sealed as distant as we were concerned. Better fitness subsequent time, Alaric. 

Then Matt called. He’d found another cackle of brainwashed humans chilling in a open space, this time in Mystic Grill! The arrogance was that Julian was behind this, and it was fundamentally a blood farm. But in my opinion these people had it made… they usually had to only lay around doing zero solely eat salmon and beef all day? Rich people PAY to do this. we was intensely jealous and that’s a truth.

So afterwards a boys got down to coronet tacks (what are coronet tacks and because do people wish to get down to them?):

As we can imagine, Lily was not super meddlesome in murdering a best source of D. she’s had in a hundred years. That’s when her sons resorted to Plan B: spiking her drink! 

Next thing we knew, they tied her adult to a chair regulating ropes dripping with vervain. Again, this Thanksgiving was about as cliché as it gets. Bring a book!

Meanwhile in some other partial of a state, Bonnie beheld that Enzo had junk in a case and motionless that she indispensable to hoop his sword BAD. (This was a tip special sword that Julian had been looking for, though also Bonnie was excitable I’m flattering sure.)

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