The Truly Wild, Truly Crazy Andy Kaufman

May 14, 2016 - accent chair

Carol Kaufman has her doubts. Despite their age difference—Carol is twenty-five, Andy is thirty-one—she is substantially closer to Andy than anyone in a family. As children, they would act out show-business fantasies in a den, floating lines in front of hypothetical thousands. In those days, Carol was always in on a joke. “I don’t consider Fridays was party to a normal person,” she says. “I don’t consider Tony Clifton is party to a normal person. we don’t consider anything that creates people worried is entertainment. Sometimes we usually wish to mount adult on my chair and shout, ‘He’s usually kidding, everybody.’ we consider with Andy, it all goes behind to a self, a I. What am we going to get pleasure out of, not how am we going to greatfully a audience. He knows they wish to laugh, they wish him to tell jokes. But no. That would be selfless. Not that I’m job him selfish, really. To a point, yeah, sure. He’s got to suffer what he’s doing and not sell himself short. we consider there’s something pleasing in that—taking risks like he did on Fridays. we wish my relatives could conclude it we called them a subsequent morning, and they said, ‘What is Andy perplexing to do, hurt his career?’”

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