The arise and tumble of a Bombshell Bandit

April 28, 2015 - accent chair

Sandeep Kaur

For dual months final summer an surprising bank pirate shocked, confounded and perplexed a US. She was a woman, she was short, immature and well-dressed, and she hold adult a fibre of banks in discerning succession. The Bombshell Bandit told Jeff Maysh her story.

Sandeep Kaur pulled on a wig and practiced her engineer sunglasses in her rear-view mirror. Jun 6, 2014 was a typically balmy afternoon in California’s Santa Clarita Valley and a still one, solely for a screams of passengers on a circuitously drum coaster. Thirty-eight miles northwest of Los Angeles, a First Bank sits in a village of Spanish-style shops usually off Magic Mountain Parkway. The bustling highway leads to Six Flags, a thesis park billed as a Thrill Capital of a World.

Kaur, 24, had been regulating her iPhone to investigate bank robberies. It was clearly a high-stakes pursuit. Some robbers transient with fortunes, while others were restrained or even killed by police. She non-stop a automobile doorway and stepped out into a mid-afternoon heat. At usually 5 feet 3 inches tall, a slim Indian helper did not exaggerate a flesh of standard bank robbers. She had no arms or getaway driver. Instead she gripped a hurriedly total note that read: