The Monochrome Home: The Richness of Limited Palettes

March 28, 2015 - accent chair


THE APPEAL of a monochrome interior intrigue is flattering simple: It’s undying and practical, a ease beach in a sea of tone choices. And no matter what decorating character we prefer—midcentury, Art Deco, minimal—the bounds of black, white and gray concede for colourful flourishes, notwithstanding a restrictive-sounding palette.

As all loyal neutral-color-lovers know, going monochrome does not meant abandoning color. Grays can operation from sea-green and lilac hues to rich, brownish-red tones that resemble dusty sand or pebbles. Those who cite brighter colors can brew dim or frosty floors with hits of healthy greenery, while those who curve toward truly gloomy tones know that we can harmonise a bedroom in black and emanate an energetic, rather than soporific, mood.

Best of all? Décor decisions turn remarkably simple. The hours study and mixing swatches are over. No some-more perplexing to figure out how a chartreuse-upholstered chair is going to compare a bluish walls. Within a singular palette, we can brew pieces from opposite decades, supplement patterns and covering textures—it all works. The 3 bedrooms here, all examples of a monochrome master plan, move a indicate closer to home.


Finnish interior stylist and product engineer Annaleena Leino-Karlsson might now live in a Swedish farmhouse, though she creates no benefaction to ”country style.” Like a monochrome-tastic photographs she publishes on her blog Annaleenas Hem, she has here unsentimental a simple-but-sophisticated mostly white regulation to her vital room. Matte white walls and gloss-white embellished floors form a gallery-like white cube, an effective approach to uncover off a confidant geometric accessories she has designed: a long, rectangular, gilt-metal box light that hangs like a condense symbol opposite a roof and a inverted, gilt-metal V, that serves as both sculpture and repository holder, on a coffee table. Her wipe-clean, white-leather IKEA sofas are a useful choice in a space that houses 5 children, while a black stripes of a carpet and round black list anchor a some-more fragile tip areas of a room. Instead of flowers, Ms. Karlsson filled a vast potion vase with fir branches from her garden and peppered a windowsills and building with dark, shaggy plants.


Pierre Emmanuel Martin and Stéphane Garotin, a owners of Lyon, France-based oppulance mart Maison Hand, are sequence renovators who have experimented with both light and dim decorating schemes in their possess homes. In their latest apartment, an windy headquarters that occupies dual floors of a 16th-century building nearby a Saône River, they devised a intrigue for an almost-all-black kitchen with accents in several low neutral shades that dilute agreeably, from chocolate brownish-red to midnight blue. The kitchen has copiousness of healthy light, interjection to an atrium commissioned directly above a opposite top. The dim hues are enlivened by a light that reflects off a wall-mounted oven and a silken handmade ceramic tiles along a behind wall. A built-in shelf stores and displays a collection of kitchen utensils both unsentimental and decorative: wooden slicing boards, a wabi-sabi organisation of racial woven baskets and decanters for oil and vinegar.


Milan-based designer Marzio Cavanna’s 1920s unit is cloaked in 5 shades of gray, his favorite neutral. Though it’s mostly insincere that a solemn tone equals dullness, Mr. Cavanna employed it with ability and subtlety, regulating a palette desirous by a tiny epitome oil portrayal on a wall. A boxy Modernist steel grate gives a room a focal point, and Mr. Cavanna extended a gangling gray color, in paint, along a wall. He upholstered a seat in both light and dim linens—a span of bar chairs in charcoal, a lounge (not shown) in a healthy dim shade and an accent of navy velvet on a span of wooden framed footrests. The pillows on a chairs, in low timberland green, yield another textural fabric that increases a scheme’s brilliance but bringing in a truly attention-seeking color, as does a organisation of geometric stools in timber and resin, candlesticks in coronet and a gilded support that rests on a mantle. The charged greenery of a flowers completes a look.

—Hilary Robertson’s new book “Monochrome Home” (Ryland Peters Small) will be accessible Apr 9.

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