The DIY Designer: Preppy polka dot chair makeover

January 30, 2016 - accent chair

I found this chair during Goodwill one day for a whopping $10. we didn’t need it in a least, though not being a chairman who can leave a good understanding behind, we snatched it adult and brought it home. It set for utterly a while in my garage while we motionless what to do with it. One day, we finally motionless we would try portrayal a upholstery on it. we had never attempted it before, and we customarily had $10 to lose.

Materials list:

Step one
The upholstery had a few strings where it looked like a cat had clawed it during some point, so we started by cleaning that adult with scissors. After that, we used my emporium vac and vacuumed unequivocally good in all a nooks and crannies of a upholstery given we knew it was removing embellished and didn’t wish any mud or mud blending with a paint.

Step two
After vacuuming, we embellished a timber portions of a chair with Velvet Finishes Handsome, that is a same tone we used on my kitchen cabinets. It’s a classical navy shade. we only used my paintbrush and embellished right onto a wood. If we have a unequivocally glossy finish to start with, we can primary your square with Ready, that is a user accessible mist primer, before portrayal it. If we don’t have a glossy finish, afterwards we customarily won’t need a authority with the Velvet Finishes brand. we practical dual coats of Handsome.

Step three
I let a navy dry overnight, and a subsequent day we tackled a upholstery. First, we taped off around a woodwork so we wouldn’t get any paint there, then I embellished on Velvet Finishes Glamorous, that has a pinkish hue. The upholstery took about 4 coats of paint.

Step four
After a upholstery dusty it was a small bit “tough.” we easily sanded over all a upholstery with 150 courage sandpaper. It done a upholstery feel some-more like a faux leather upholstery.

Step 5

To supplement a small some-more seductiveness to a chair, we combined in white polka dots. we used a medium-sized pouncer with Velvet Finishes Minimalistic and incidentally placed polka dots all over a upholstery.

And suddenly, we had a really lovable “preppy” chair.

The pillow is from Target, and it’s the initial squeeze for a kiddo’s new room during a ’70s alighting pad.

What do we consider of a preppy polka dot chair?

See some-more photos from this makeover here and get some-more seat makeover ideas here.

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