The Daily Fix: Egypt and Libya Attack Islamic State Following Executions

February 17, 2015 - accent chair

Militants from a organisation famous as a Islamic State expelled a video Sunday night purporting to uncover a execution of 21 Christians, many of them believed to be Egyptian citizens, on a beach nearby Tripoli, Libya. 

The Guardian additionally reported that one of a executioners spoke in English—with a North American accent—in a video, saying, “We will conquer Rome, by Allah’s permission” as he forked north opposite a Mediterranean.

The victims had been kidnapped in Libya a few weeks ago and were identified by kin in images formerly expelled by a militant group. Egypt’s Coptic group is among a oldest groups of Christians.  

In retaliation, Egypt announced that it had pounded IS targets in Libya around a air. Libya’s atmosphere force also announced over Facebook that it had struck an IS-controlled city in a country’s east.

No entity has tranquil all of Libya given a series that suspended tyrant Muammar Gaddafi began in 2011. Tens of thousands of Egyptians live and work in Libya; a executed were kidnapped from a city of Sirte in dual incidents in Dec and January. The Guardian reported that a staff member of a Egyptian Commission for Rights and Freedoms criticized a Egyptian president, former ubiquitous Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, for not doing adequate to rescue a abduction victims before their deaths. 

President al-Sisi announced a seven-day duration of anguish in Egypt. The U.S.and U.K. also cursed a murders. 

In other news:

Fifty Takes $248 Million: The instrumentation of a amorous novel Fifty Shades of Grey warranted a largest weekend box-office sum for a film destined by a woman. Sam Taylor-Johnson’s film collected $81.7 million domestically, besting Catherine Hardwicke’s Twilight in 2008 (even adjusting for inflation). Fifty also pulled in $158 million overseas. It’s been a successful deteriorate for women in a director’s chair: Angelina Jolie’s Unbroken has done $160 million, and Ana DuVernay’s civil-rights transformation drama Selma is nominated for dual Academy Awards (though not for best director). (from The Hollywood Reporter)

Boehner Would Allow Homeland Security to Close Over Immigration DisputeSpeaker of a House John Boehner told Fox News that if a Senate fails to pass a House check preventing implimentation of a new immigration process President Obama announced last year, he would not act to forestall a closure of a Deptartment of Homeland Security for miss of funds. The issues are tied together since when Congress upheld a check in Sep to compensate for a sovereign government’s operations, it left out appropriation for DHS. That army a showdown over immigration when Homeland Security runs out of money this month. A orator for Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi pronounced Boehner’s criticism was “a unhappy thoughtfulness of a fact that a Tea Party continues to reason a gavel” in a chamber. Obama has pronounced he would halt a House bill, and it’s already been filibustered in a Senate. (via The New York Times)

Strikes Threaten Manufacturing Sector and Wider Economy: Employees of a Canadian Pacific Railway went on strike yesterday morning after their kinship and a association unsuccessful to come to agreement over salary and advantages for a workers. Dockworkers in a U.S. have already forced a poignant slack during western ports in a apart labor dispute; enclosure ships are watchful off a West Coast to be unloaded. The new strike could also delayed a travel of goods, generally connect sands oil and timberland products, that in spin could revoke prolongation in those industries until their product can be changed around a Canadian Pacific, according to The New York Times. Shipping rates have left adult as a outcome of a dispute, as fewer barges have space available. Honda has pronounced it would delayed prolongation since of a inability to pierce product, Reuters reported. (via The New York Times and Reuters)

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