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May 19, 2015 - accent chair

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“The Little Man is doing what?” (Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures)

I could 100 percent see someone in 2015 observant that they don’t like “Caddyshack.”

The many expected unfolding is from a somewhat inebriated twentysomething enchanting in Millennial-on-Generation X trolling. “I’ve never seen ‘The Wire,’ and don’t intend to. U2 was never good, ‘Caddyshack’ sucked and zombies that don’t run are boring. Tell me again because we continue to compensate for a land line?”

But when a film came out? Not a chance. Everyone desired “Caddyshack.” Everyone, that is, solely a San Francisco Chronicle, that gave a film an dull chair rating. And afterwards to supplement to a indignity, a journal spent many a continued run referring to a film in imitation as “Caddy Shack.”

This week’s subject: “Caddyshack.”

“The Chronicle panned it” is a array that looks during artistic endeavors and products that perceived lukewarm or disastrous reviews from The Chronicle, and after became classics. The purpose is not to contrition a critic. I’m a male who gave “The Smurfs” a same Little Man rating as “Moneyball,” and 12 years ago announced that a “The Matrix” would be this generation’s ‘Star Wars’ trilogy.

None of this is personal. I’m Mick LaSalle’s biggest fan in this building, and in 30 years we entirely intend to write a The Chronicle panned it about his “Mad Max: Fury Road” review.

Let’s demeanour during “Caddyshack” in 1980. Here’s a plug review, with a dull chair.

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 during 10.55.41 PM

Lamebrained! Should have put a gopher to work on a script! Worse than “Caligula”!!!

The examination was created by Judy Stone, a longtime Chronicle censor whose career we admire. She was a no-nonsense censor – we remember carrying a considerate though somewhat irritated examination with Judy when we attempted to respect all of a vital stream and former film critics in this 2005 piece. She also had a clarity of humor. Just 3 weeks earlier, Stone and Peter Stack had both created definitely about “Airplane!”

But in a Chronicle censor timeline, 1980 was a some-more mature duration (the year after furious male John Wasserman died, and 5 years before a really immature Mick LaSalle seemed in print, respirating life into a Chronicle’s reviews of fear films, teen comedies and other mid-1980s genre movies). The brief courtesy camber museum of  ”Caddyshack” was too many to take. By a time a dancing gopher initial seemed in a opening credits, a film’s chances of a good examination were substantially over.

Here’s a full review.

 Screen Shot 2015-05-18 during 4.47.48 PM

By a second half of a review, this feels a small personal. we find it engaging that a one impression she favourite is objectively a many tedious one – Maggie O’Hooligan, she of a distracting accent and maybe a usually featured actor with no good lines.

I was too immature to see “Caddyshack” in 1980. But we remember my father described all of a 4th grader-appropriate scenes for me. (“So there’s this candy bar in a swimming pool. And everybody thinks it’s poop.”) Even before we watched it, it was my favorite movie.

There are times as an adult when I’m sleepy of a near-fanatical regurgitation of quotes from “Caddyshack.” But whenever we watch a film – each 5 years or so during this indicate – we get my orientation and adore it again. It is one of a 5 or 10 funniest cinema I’ve seen, all-time.

That said, we have magnetism for a critics who didn’t like “Caddyshack.” And Stone was right about a integrate of things. The gag-at-expense-of-plot format was a newer cinema comedy innovation, or during slightest creation a comeback. The invention of a VCR and a fast-forward symbol would shortly make a constructional shortcomings of cinema such as “Caddyshack” and “Strange Brew” irrelevant. (Does anyone in a 21st Century watch “Slap Shot” all a approach through?) But no one who reviewed it knew that. Roger Ebert, who defended his child’s heart until a end, gave a film a diseased review as well.

Another mitigating factor: Comedies don’t always play good during censor screenings, generally reticent comedies. Paying business are some-more expected to giggle during a Harold Ramis or Farrelly Brothers film than a censor folding his or her arms and looking for a film to infer a worth. It’s a disproportion between examination “There’s Something About Mary” with your buddies and your parents.

* * *

If we enjoyed this, greatfully review the final The Chronicle panned it, featuring “American Graffiti.”

I haven’t motionless on a subsequent in a series. I’m tempted to get divided from movies. (We panned a lot of Apple products in a early years, including a initial MacIntosh.) Your ideas are welcome. Suggest in a comments or write to

And if we like history, continue to review this blog and my work in a Chronicle. I’ll be stability a Our San Francisco plan via a year – a new section each Sunday in a journal and during

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