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December 1, 2015 - accent chair

Victoria Lin

Ha D.H. Le ’17 is an active Crimson editor and soon-to-be active Arts Chair. Because this Roving Reporter couldn’t come adult with a improved lede, she will thrust directly into an illusory review with stream Arts execs on how Le juggles a 732 educational mandate she contingency perform as a biomedical engineering concentrator, a five-hour film screenings she attends weekly for her visible and environmental studies secondary, and a responsibilities of being a Campus Arts exec. (None of these topics will, in fact, be explored in a march of this article.)

Abby L. Noyes ’16, Arts Chair

Roving Reporter: Describe Ha as an alcoholic drink.

AN: The strawberry margarita from Border Café.

RR: Why?

AN: Because it seems honeyed and kind of innocuous, so we go for a few rounds, and afterwards a few more, and afterwards a subsequent thing we know you’re waking adult on a building underneath your counter sans pants, lonesome in pico de gallo, with a dual hundred-dollar add-on subsequent to you.

RR: Are we vocalization from personal experience?

AN: No comment.

Grace E. Huckins ’16, Arts Chair and active Rhodes Scholar

RR: As one of Harvard’s 5 newly crowned Rhodes Scholars, can we offer any discernment into Ha’s destiny reign as Arts chair? Preferably from a viewpoint of a Rhodes Scholar. Harvard has five, usually so we’re clear. That’s some-more than any other school.

GH: What does a Rhodes Scholarship have to do with Ha?

RR: Nothing. The Crimson would usually like to stress to a readers that Harvard has 5 Rhodes Scholars, a largest series from any one institution. Yale usually has three. Suckers.

Lien E. Le ’17, museum exec and comp director

RR: So are we and Ha sisters?

LL: No.

RR: Cousins?

LL: No.

RR: Not even, like, a private kind?

LL: No. Well, maybe. My uncle does always speak about a time someone offering him shrooms on a beach in Cancun…

Alan R. Xie, covers exec and comp director

RR: Which one of Ha’s covers is your favorite?

AX: Definitely a Boston Calling issue. we consider it’s unusual that she managed to figure out anything that man she interviewed was observant given a crappy phone accepting and his illegible accent.

RR: Can we uncover us your best impression?

AX: I’m fearful we can’t—I mislaid my kilt, my ginger wig, and my list of Scottish stereotypes in a rinse yesterday.

Shaun V. Gohel ’18, blog exec

RR: What are we some-more fearful of: Ha or “Don’t Look Under a Bed,” a fear film so dire that it noted a finish of Disney’s impasse in a genre?

SG: “Don’t Look Under a Bed”—duh. Ha’s, like, a conflicting of scary, and that movie’s, like, a clarification of scary. we still check underneath my bed for a Boogeyman sometimes. Isn’t that a heading question, by a way?

RR: So what if it is?

SG: we usually suspicion you’d know better, given you’re a Campus Arts exec and all.

RR: You wanna go?

SG: I’m usually asking, dude.

RR: we consider a Arts blog su—


—Victoria Lin is a effusive Campus Arts exec and incoming Arts Chair. She is a problem child in her partnership with her co-something and Best Friend Ha D.H. Le.

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