The 2016 US Presidential Race: A Cheat Sheet

September 4, 2015 - accent chair

What else do we know? In 1994, he wrote an essay called “Physical Dimensions of Spiritual Warfare,” in that he described a friend’s apparent exorcism.

Does his website have a good 404 page? Meh. Good joke, though past a death date.

Gage Skidmore

Donald Trump

Who is he? The real-estate developer and reality-TV star dismissed TV celebrity almost positively isn’t value as many as he wants we to consider he is.

Is he running? Is he ever! Surprising his rivals, a press, and—one suspects—himself, The Donald is a biggest domestic story in America.

Who wants him to run? A intolerable apportionment of a Republican primary electorate; Democrats; white supremacists. The rest of a Republican field, along with its egghead luminaries, however, seem horrified.

Can he win a nomination? At some indicate he has to collapse, right? This can’t go on forever, right? Right?

What else do we know? He cheats during golf, probably.

Gage Skidmore

Jeb Bush

Who is he? The hermit and son of presidents, he served dual terms as administrator of Florida, from 1999 to 2007.

Is he running? Yes, as of Jun 15.

Who wants him to run? Establishment Republicans; George W. Bush; vital Wall Street donors.

Can he win a nomination? Soon after Bush entered a race, predictions of a Bush-Clinton rematch of 1992 were common. Now, it’s tough to say. Clinton has stumbled, and so has Bush. He now lags good behind Trump, and has strike some fundraising turmoil (ironically caused, it seems, by his early prowess). Trump continues to provide Bush as his categorical rival, saving his many infamous attacks for Bush. There’s an distorted expectancy that once Trump’s burble bursts, Bush will recover some altitude. But no one knows accurately how that would work, or how it will happen. Bush stays some-more assuage than many of a Republican primary citizens (especially on immigration—as a Trump bang has highlighted), his name stays a double-edged sword, and he only doesn’t demeanour all that gentle or joyous on a trail.

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