The 13 Most Popular IKEA Products

June 29, 2017 - accent chair

It’s no tip that IKEA has a outrageous fan following. Everyone from college students to professional designers looks to a sacred blue-and-yellow halls of a dear Swedish store as a source, and a branded selling bag has achieved such idol standing that it’s been copied on runways and even done a theme of a short film. Even a intolerable fumble progressing this month in that one of a company’s lead bowls spontaneously held fire couldn’t moderate a brand’s popularity. But what, exactly, are all these business buying? With what seems like a million SKUs in revolution during once, it’s tough to keep lane of all of IKEA’s products. To prove a curiosity, we reached out to a group there to ask that products are a many beloved. Without serve ado, AD presents: a many renouned IKEA products.

1. Billy

No warn here: The Billy bookcase, in all a iterations, is many a brave of a complicated home, portion as all from a cupboard to DVD storage to closet component, and moving dozens of knockoffs in a routine (in fact, a Google hunt for “Billy bookcase” brings adult only as many non-IKEA formula as IKEA ones, explanation that a character has entered a general dictionary in a matter of Kleenex and Band-Aids). Designer Steve Mckenzie suggests adding baskets to yours for an combined sip of hardness that conceals clutter.

The Poäng chair in immature upholstery.

2. Poäng

IKEA’s Poäng chair, combined by Japanese engineer Noboru Nakamura, celebrates a 40th birthday this year. The anniversary is explanation of a undying style, a outcome of a seamless juncture of classical Scandinavian and Japanese styles. The forever stretchable chair comes in an array of coverings, from printed string to linen and leather. It’s also offering in children’s distance for a immature aesthete.

3. Malm bed

The Malm bed from IKEA is so ubiquitous, and so ideal in a minimalist, organic design, that it looks like what you’d see if we asked a child to make a hang sketch of a bed. The elementary pattern is ideal for fans of Scandinavian minimalism or for DIYers who wish to supplement their possess tradition riffs. “The bed’s far-reaching accumulation of finishes, purify lines, elementary construction, and streamlined demeanour can rouse many opposite pattern styles during a really low cost,” says engineer Jody Myers-Fierz of Color Concept Theory.

4. Expedit/Kallax

Much like a Billy, IKEA’s Kallax (formerly famous as Expedit) is one of those pieces that we only expect to see in many homes. The clean, cubic design, too, has spurred many knockoffs and a near-infinite tide of tradition tutorials from a Pinterest crowd. It’s good as is for a record display, a TV console, or fondle storage; courageous business have incited it into all from a dais to a kitchen island.

5. Rens sheepskin rug

The Rens is maybe so renouned since of a multifunctional design. Use it as a bedside carpet during cold winters, or chuck it over a behind of a chair for an additional luxe look. Designer Donna Mondi is a fan of a latter technique: “Throw a sheepskin whip like a Rens over your accent or dining chair to give it a whole new feel—the combined hardness and play are value distant some-more than a cost,” she says.

A kitchen featuring a Rens sheepskin and a black-and-white Stockholm rug.

6. Stockholm rug

IKEA’s customary flat wobble rug is accessible in a far-reaching array of patterns to fit probably any style. At $199 to $299, it’s also within many budgets, creation it a loyal instance of a Swedish brand’s friendship to approved design.

7. Lack tables

You’ve no doubt seen IKEA’s Lack tables in any series of configurations: one rectilinear one used as a coffee table, or several block versions pushed together for a modular unit. The elementary design, that starts during only $7.99 for a side table, is another prepared board for DIY.

8. Ektorp sofa

The many classical of IKEA’s lounge styles, a rounded-arm Ektorp is a go-to for some-more traditionally-minded customers. It’s accessible in several sizes and sectional configurations as good as a handful of customary upholstery options.

9. Docksta table

An fabrication of Eero Saarinen’s iconic dining table for Knoll, a Docksta is a clean, elementary pattern that can be dressed adult with list linens or any form of seating.

IKEA’s Klippan sofa, lonesome with a slipcover from Bemz.

10. Klippan sofa

IKEA’s modern sofa bears a low-slung silhouette, a boxy frame, and spindly steel legs. Its elementary support creates reupholstering or slipcovering sincerely easy, creation it a intelligent choice for business who like to change adult their taste frequently.

11. Färgrik mug

“When we designed a Färgrik series, we wanted to make a simple, organic use that would fit all situations and all occasions,” says a piece’s designer, Maria Vinka. To contend she succeeded is an understatement: The 99-cent mop and a concomitant china cooking use are a go-to for new homeowners.

12. Ribba frames

If you’re looking for a minimal support for a gallery wall, a Ribba is a no-brainer. The frames, that come in black and white, offer a matted, striking demeanour of gallery frames for a fragment of a cost.

13. Frakta selling bag

Despite a immense popularity, a dear Frakta doesn’t even moment a tip ten, entrance in during 13 on a list. Perhaps, since of a durability, business tend to buy one and reuse it, though when yours is out of elect as a rain jacket or washing bag (or if you’ve held on to a conform trends and done it into a ball cap), don’t we need another one? We have a feeling Frakta might be rising in a ranks after this year.

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