The 10 funniest ‘Star Wars’ spoofs of all time

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Star Wars is a space fantasy, a galactic angel tale, a Skywalker family soap uncover and a classical good vs. immorality journey story with imaginary heft.

But should we also be classifying it as a comedy?

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Before we boot that heretical notion, cruise a justification from Luke Skywalker himself. “I laughed all by Star Wars,” Mark Hamill once told an interviewer. “I suspicion they were comedies. It was absurd carrying a vast hulk dog drifting your spaceship, and this child from a plantation is dingbat for this princess he’s never met, that he’s seen in a hologram, a robots are arguing over whose error it is … They offshoot adult with a sorcery sorceress and they steal a boat from a bandit … It was goofier than hell!”

Further justification can be found in a immeasurable apportion of spoofs that have arisen given a authorization began — adequate to make we consider that George Lucas done a film usually so we could send it up. (He’s positively been active in giving awards to a fan films that make him chuckle.)

Look closer during a 10 videos that follow, a picks for a excellent Star Wars spoofs of all time. What do they all have in common? They’re so lovingly done that they’re not indeed skewering a cinema themselves; a directors unequivocally wish to replicate Lucas’ work, not rip it down. Perhaps Star Wars is adequate of a comedy that it’s cool to critique from a outside?

Hardware Wars

The writer-director of Hardware Wars, Ernie Fosselius, saw Star Wars a week it came out in 1977 and says he was already plotting a fun while he was in a theater. Hardware Wars was shot in 4 days by a garland of pennyless twentysomethings in less-than-glamorous locations around San Francisco: a backs of bars, garages, and an deserted French laundry. The dress engineer supposing a $8,000 budget. Fosselius and filmmaker Michael Wiese came adult with a famous tagline: “You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll lick 3 bucks goodbye.”

Hardware Wars was a twelve-minute chronicle of Star Wars in a form of a trailer. The characters have names like Fluke Starbucker, Darph Nader, Augie Ben Doggie of a Red Eye Knights, Princess Anne-Droid (with her cinnamon buns strapped on), Ham Salad, and Chewchilla a Wookiee Monster, a brownish-red bushy Cookie Monster puppet.

But there’s a graphic clarity of love about a whole venture. The filmmakers are really trying to make a steam iron mount in for a Star Destroyer as it chases after a Rebel toaster, and to replicate a drop of Alderaan with an bursting basketball. Fossellius and Weise hired maestro voice actor Paul Frees to recount a whole trailer (and by “hired,” we meant “agreed to do upkeep work for”).

Hardware Wars grossed $500,000 in a year. That noted a 6,250% lapse on investment, creation it one of a many successful brief films of all time. Lucas wasn’t about to launch a lawsuit. He called Hardware Wars “a lovable small film” and after announced it to be his favorite fan tribute.


Like Star Wars itself, a parodies seemed to flattering many die out after a strange trilogy finished in 1983. The one important difference — Mel Brooks’s feature-length Spaceballs in 1987 — seemed old-fashioned on arrival. “It should have been done several years ago, before a ardour for Star Wars satires had been totally exhausted,” wrote Roger Ebert. A handful of a jokes, such as a princess’s hair buns branch out to be ear warmers, arrived approach from Hardware Wars.

And again, like Star Wars, a spoofs came resounding behind in 1997. That was a year a impression engineer during a Fox Kids Network named Kevin Rubio denounced a film during San Diego Comic-Con called Troops. It was Star Wars meets Cops, a ride-along existence uncover famous for a thesis balance “Bad Boys,” that Rubio also used.

Cops, not Star Wars, was a fun aim of Troops: declare a Stormtrooper with a Minnesota accent who likes a “small city feel” of Tatooine and resolves domestic disputes with a world-weary tact of internal lawmen everywhere. Instead of being a send-up of Star Wars, Troops affectionately imitates a films as closely as possible. The CGI epoch had dawned; distant some-more was probable on a parsimonious bill than it was in a Hardware Wars days.

If anything, Troops gets some-more immersive as it moves along. The ten-minute brief turns out to be an elaborate swap reason for what happened to Luke Skywalker’s Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru. Without a Cops layer, it would be an aspiring fan film — which, in some sense, it still is.

George Lucas in Love

George Lucas in Love was a 1999 brief by Joe Nussbaum, a new USC graduate, and his associate grads. Once again, a comedic aim was something other than Star Wars: a new Oscar leader Shakespeare in Love, and a approach it illusory a playwright’s inspirations to be constantly in front of his face.

Set during USC in 1967 and filmed on a campus, a brief showed Lucas struggling to write an rural anticipation called Space Oats as a tide of influences approximate him unheeded: a dorm-room opposition respirating like Darth Vader with an asthma inhaler; a large, hairy, car-fixing friend; a Yoda-like professor. Finally there’s his muse, Marion, who leads a “student rebellion,” wears her hair in buns, and — in a turn finale — turns out to be Lucas’s sister.

The brief launched Nussbaum’s directorial career after Steven Spielberg got reason of a duplicate and sent it to Lucas, who sent Nussbaum an commendatory minute assenting him for doing his investigate (he’d speckled a line from American Graffiti).

Chad Vader

Surprisingly enough, it wasn’t until a mid-2000s that parodists started to try a possibilities of putting Darth Vader in paltry situations. Perhaps they were holding a lead of Lucas, who had by afterwards fleshed out all of Vader’s backstory; maybe they were simply watchful for a arise of YouTube.

In 2007, users of a nascent online video use were treated to Chad Vader, Day Shift Manager, in that a Vader-like impression (said to be a Dark Lord’s brother) has to conduct rival employees during a really Earth-bound supermarket. The commander part was seen twelve million times; a uncover went on for 38 episodes separate into 4 seasons.

The Death Star Canteen

Clearly, there is comedy bullion in treating Vader — a Jedi-killing, child-murdering, daughter-torturing, son-amputating man-machine — as a fragile, bland kind of guy. British comedy fable Eddie Izzard illusory Darth Vader attempting to navigate a Death Star canteen. A stop-motion chronicle of a Izzard skit starring Lego Star Wars total now has 23 million views on YouTube.

The Vader sessions

YouTube also incited adult some splendidly surreal cutups of a source element itself. The Vader Sessions (which has some-more than 5 million views) took any one of Vader’s scenes in a strange Star Wars — that amounted to a small 10 mins — and dubbed in James Earl Jones quotes from other movies, modulated Vader-style.

“I know we have been inconvenienced, and we am prepared to recompense you,” Vader now says to a passed insurgent infantry in a mezzanine of a Tantive IV, borrowing a line from Coming to America. “Shall we contend one million American dollars? Very good then, dual million!”

Star Wars Retold

Poor Amanda. The crony of executive Joe Nicolosi hadn’t seen a finish Star Wars movie, yet gamely felt she could report a whole strange trilogy on tape. The result, reasonably illustrated, done even George Lucas guffaw; it won Lucas’ personal endowment during a 2009 Star Wars Fan Film Contest.

Blue Harvest

Seth MacFarlane’s “Blue Harvest” got a biggest assembly share of any Family Guy part to date. It does have a few moments of loyal satire, such as a laser operators on a Star Destroyer who let R2-D2 and 3-CPO’s shun pod go since it had no life forms on board: “Hold your fire? What, are we profitable by a laser now?”

But McFarlane seems to remove seductiveness in aggressive a authorization during that point, instead descending behind on his common winning mix of toilet amusement and cocktail enlightenment callbacks. For many of a feature-length episode, his Star Wars references include of lovingly recreated, charcterised homages to iconic special effects scenes from a movie, such as a Millennium Falcon holding off from Mos Eisley. One of a many ungodly renouned satirists of a age, it incited out, could small some-more conflict a authorization than chuck a chair by a stained-glass window.

Robot Chicken: The Emperor’s Phone Call

Seth Green’s stop-motion puppet uncover Robot Chicken kept a satirical knives out for a authorization itself distant longer than McFarlane did, even yet a travesty was ostensible to be a one-off sketch. In “The Emperor’s Phone Call,” Palpatine is sensitive of a drop of a Death Star around collect call from Darth Vader, still a many tragically humorous man in a universe.

To Lucasfilm’s good surprise, Lucas — speedy by his son Jett to watch a show— precious a Robot Chicken parody, and brought Green and cowriter Matthew Senreich to Skywalker Ranch. The span got Lucas not usually to determine to dual full-length Robot Chicken Star Wars episodes, yet to attend as voice talent — in his initial veteran behaving role. “I don’t know what we was thinking,” pronounced Lucas as his doll reclined on a cot in a therapist’s office, per his preference to let Robot Chicken do a special.

We do. You’ll wish to find out all of a Robot Chicken Star Wars videos online after examination this one; they’re waggish adequate for a tip 10 list of their own.

Star Wars Uncut

When everybody wants in on a fun — and a source element is this widely famous — what we get is unconstrained iterations of all a authorization could presumably be. The initial Star Wars travesty to win a Primetime Emmy could not have been some-more collaborative.

The brainchild of web developer Casey Pugh, Star Wars Uncut chopped a strange film into 473 segments durability fifteen seconds each, afterwards let fans pointer adult online to reshoot any shred in their possess way— any with a no-budget ardour of Hardware Wars, and any given roughly a same volume of time to fire it (thirty days). It was so oversubscribed that Pugh combined an additional step, vouchsafing fans opinion on a best versions of any segment.

Stitch them together, and we get dual hours of nonstop gut-busting hilarity— amusement innate of a startle of approval (it’s fundamentally a same movie) as good as a gleefully aspiring recreations by pleasant amateurs. There’s no better, some-more joyous instance of this franchise’s Force of laughter.

Chris Taylor is a author of How Star Wars Conquered a Universe.

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