That Kylo Ren Rumor About His Relationship To Rey? Here’s The Truth

December 26, 2015 - accent chair

Many of a biggest questions left after examination Star Wars: The Force Awakens revolve around Daisy Ridley’s impression Rey, a new further to a authorization who, yet she plays a executive partial in Episode VII, has a backstory dark in poser and shadows. She apparently has connectors to other players in this far, distant divided galaxy, yet they are all dark for now. A new video creation a rounds seemed to display her attribute with a mean Kylo Ren, yet as it turns out, those reports are bogus.

Guess what? There are SPOILERS for Star Wars: The Force Awakens over this point. Do what we must.

A video of a a Disney Infinity 3.0, Star Wars: The Force Awakens playset for PlayStation 4 has been removing a lot of play on a internet as it appears to exhibit a large tip about a couple between Rey and Kylo Ren. As a darling small avatar versions of a characters run around and conflict with lightsabers, it appears that Kylo Ren yes, “Face me, cousin!” Unless General Leia has some siblings we don’t about, or Han Solo has some extended family that’s never mentioned, that would seem to prove Rey is a daughter of one Luke Skywalker, who we might remember is Leia’s twin brother.

This, however, is not a case. Though several reports circulated formed on a “face me, cousin” supposition, that’s given been debunked, and suggested to not be what Kylo Ren says. What he unequivocally says it, “Face me,” followed fast by a word “curses.” The Rey avatar is dancing around, avoiding approach contact, that is a procedure for a “face me,” and while he is observant that, he gets a approach strike from a blaster, hence a “curses.”

Pablo Hidalgo, partial of a Lucasfilm Story Group, among others, took to Twitter to confirm. We all should have famous a lid over Star Wars is on too parsimonious to concede such a vital gaff.

Check out a video next to see for yourself. The impulse in doubt pops adult during about a 20:31 mark.

Part of because people primarily glommed on to this so tough is that a thought of Rey and Kylo Ren being associated in some approach feels like something that is not usually probable yet maybe even likely. There’s apparently some tie between a two; Rey is clever with a Force, a trait that we know is hereditary, upheld from relatives to children; and her credentials is formally mysterious.

In a week or so that The Force Awakens has been out, there has been a ton of conjecture on a subject. Some think that Rey is another child of Han and Leia (though because would they dried her on a backwater dried world like Jakku, and because keep her a secret?). Others assume that she is a daughter of Luke Skywalker—one gossip that was bandied about is that she was a tyro of his, presumably a survivor of a electrocute during Luke’s Jedi academy, and that he stashed her on Jakku for protected gripping before he disappeared. Another thought is that she’s a granddaughter of Obi-Wan Kenobi, that could explain because she listened his voice when she overwhelmed Luke’s lightsaber, a really same lightsaber that was in his possession for years.

With this cousin gossip being discredited, during slightest for a moment, a bad news is that as unfortunate as we are to learn a truth, we won’t know any some-more until Star Wars: Episode VIII opens in approximately 18 months on May 26, 2017.

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