Taste shame: The panic when a people ‘who know’ are entrance over

April 4, 2016 - accent chair

I don’t know where we are on a musical ambience spectrum. You might be one of a bewitched ones who instinctively know how to place things in a room. You might have a present of organisation cinema on walls, blending patterns, and selecting a right distance lampshades. Alternatively, we may, like me, be a kind of chairman who gets half a room looking ok, lets a rest drift, and afterwards panics when we realize a Tasteful Friends are entrance round, and there is nowhere to hide. 

The Tasteful Friends can’t assistance though judge. They’re like chefs with rarely polished palettes – they recoil during wanton combinations and miss of change (balance is a large one). They can't fathom because we have put that with that, or how we can live with that design frame. So, in a hours before they spin up, we lurch about rearranging shelves (bloody shelves! They demeanour like tombola stalls!), lighting candles, woeful a pillow that was meant to yield an ‘accent’ of colour, and a flare that seemed really Scandi designer, though now appears to be a customary tie in all Foxtons branches. 

source ⦿ http://www.telegraph.co.uk/interiors/home/taste-shame-the-panic-when-the-people-who-know-are-coming-over/

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