Syracuse University Drama’s ‘The Spitfire Grill’ serves adult comfort food (Review)

April 3, 2016 - accent chair

When McDonald’s motionless to offer breakfast all day, they were onto something–and so is Syracuse University’s Department of Drama with a stream prolongation of a low-pitched “The Spitfire Grill.” Both residence a elementary tellurian enterprise to lapse to what’s attempted and true, honest and simple. Directed by dialect chair Ralph Zito, “The Spitfire Grill” is a blue picture special dishing adult tiny city life in a place where care and redemption prevail.

Balm in Gilead

The city of Gilead, a inhabitants, and a eponymous griddle are seen by a eyes of Percy, a immature lady who arrives clutching a pattern ripped from a book. This picture — autumn trees blazing with tone alongside a rivulet — leads her there after her recover from prison. She’s met by Joe, a policeman of Gilead, who brings her to a Spitfire Grill where Hannah, a white-haired owner, reluctantly gives her a place to nap and a pursuit a subsequent morning. In a low-pitched that showcases 23 songs, all this happens within a opening series “A Ring Around a Moon.”

‘Sheer nourishment’

Originally a 1996 film (without music) by Lee David Zlotoff, a storyline intrigued composer James Valcq and lyricist Fred Alley. The dual Wisconsin locals motionless to wobble account tunes via a story and change a environment from Maine to their home state. The low-pitched non-stop in Nov 2000 during New Jersey’s George Street Playhouse, and had begun previews during Playwrights Horizon in Manhattan in Sep 2001 when 9/11 struck.

For audiences looking to shun a grave existence personification out reduction than 4 miles divided during ground zero, a uncover was pristine comfort food. In his New York repository examination that October, notoriously sharp-tongued theater censor John Simon wrote: “[The tunes and lyrics] are rendered with a kind of self-assurance and imagination that make them transcendent….What even in normal times would be a fun is, in these uneasy ones, perfect nourishment.”

Ageless talent

SU Drama students move a identical self-assurance to their roles. Michael Roach plays Joe with a well-spoken certainty that belies his age. His transparent voice movingly articulates a bittersweet concede of parochial life in his monumental “Forest for a Trees.”

Ably embodying Hannah, Jenna Najjar disappears into a gruff, no-nonsense 70-something griddle owners with pithy movements and picturesque gestures. She’s an equally excellent singer, balancing a dim piquancy of “Forgotten Lullaby” with a some-more lissome “Shoot a Moon.”

As Hannah’s nephew Caleb, Jerrod Everett feels each bit a male twice his age, channeling a oppressive sourness that’s generally trenchant in “Digging Stone.” Kristen Kozma delights as Effy, a gossipy postmistress. From her pointy nose and parsimonious bun to her sour-pucker facial expressions and bony posture, each impression choice reinforces Effy’s shrewishness.

The standout is Kelsey Roberts. As Shelby, Caleb’s spouse, Roberts’ inspiring description of a mother quiet by her father includes moments of wistfulness, vibrancy, and pristine joy. Her acting, singing, and earthy mutation mix grace, ability and gloss as Shelby comes into her possess and eventually stands adult to her bullying husband.

Spinning plates

The pivotal purpose of Percy, who rebuilds not usually her life though a village as well, requires mutation from a bold alien to an outspoken immature lady prepared to trust and love. Maria Bufalini’s outspoken bravery is clear right from “A Ring Around a Moon.” Her strong, flexible, and fluent voice consistently delivers–a poignant attainment as she sings entirely half a low-pitched numbers. On opening night Bufalini was still anticipating a honeyed mark in terms of expressing her impression by mutation and gesture. By Act II, she’d worked out some of her rigidity and loosened adult for a climactic song, “Shine.” From progressing a hardened temperament of an ex-con to delivering her lines in a West Virginia accent, Bufalini had as most to change as a performer spinning plates on a aged Ed Sullivan Show; if some wobbled now and then, nothing smashed.

Uplifting and heart-tugging

Backing a expel and garb was a five-piece onstage band led by low-pitched executive Brian Cimmet who remarkably crafted a backdrop of sound both fortifying and heart-tugging. Mary Olin Geiger’s resourceful set pattern done good use of elements suggesting a landscape that had seen improved days, from wooden spools and splintered pallets to damaged plates incorporated into scrims.

While a distortion of today’s choosing cycle doesn’t come tighten to a despondency of New Yorkers in a months after 9/11, a certain thesis of “The Spitfire Grill” is relief for a uneasy universe in any decade.

The Details:
What: “The Spitfire Grill” presented by Syracuse University Drama Department
Where: Storch Theater in a Syracuse Stage/SU Drama Complex
Length: 1 hour 53 mins with a 15-minute intermission
When seen: Apr 2
Family Guide: Suitable for center propagandize students and up
Runs through: Apr 10
Ticket information and reservations: 443-3275 and on a SU play website

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