Substitute clergyman runs ‘old-school’ bookstore in Deep River

May 2, 2015 - accent chair

Catherine Avalone — The New Haven Register
A reading indentation to twist adult in a comfy chair by a window during Bennett’s Books in Deep River.

DEEP RIVER Colin Bennett always believed in a sorcery of books. He’d been collecting them for decades, and during times, offered them from a case of his automobile while roving cranky nation to stone concerts.

And, all a while he had a dream of one day starting his possess bookstore. So once on a time (this past Christmas), Bennett began a new territory in his life, opening a doors to Bennett’s Books, a used bookstore in a heart of Deep River.

Today, Bennett peers out from purple coloured eyeglasses and he sat in a behind room of his emporium amid hundreds of children’s books. The emporium contains an ever-growing preference of volumes backing a walls, piled high on tabletops and spilling out of cosmetic crates.

“It’s a flattering tiny space, though I’ve attempted to make it as accessible and welcoming as possible.” says Bennett.

Upon entering, business are greeted by Calvin and Hobbs, dual bushy guinea pigs contemplating a stage from their enclosure underneath a brook window, and fish and turtles minding a emporium from their tank by a front register. Three bedrooms enclose clearly unconstrained shelves filled with books and some-more books of scarcely each genre.

The walls and shelves are playfully ornate with Star Wars posters and figurines, like a Phantom Menace ensign and Darth Vader Pez dispenser, to accent a many books he carries in a shop, such as a considerable collection of Star Wars novels.

It is Bennett’s wish that business will browse, dawdle and maybe settle into one of a comfy window chairs with a new-found book. He hopes to eventually horde book readings and diversion nights for children.

“I wish to inspire immature readers. We need some-more kids reading as against to being on Netflix or on their electronic devices,” Bennett says.

He believes that any good village includes a bookstore and hopes Bennett’s Books offers a comfortable entertainment space for people in a Tri-Town area. While Deep River includes a brew of locally-owned tiny business and a few immeasurable sequence stores, Bennett is fiercely constant to a mom-and-pop operations.

“I’m unequivocally many a tiny business person. The immeasurable infancy of a income spent during internal businesses stays in a community, and we feel that a used bookstore with small beyond can unequivocally supplement to a fabric of a community.” he explains.

Bennett, a proprietor of Chester, began his career as a full-time teacher, and now serves as a surrogate spending many days during Valley Regional High School.

For a final 10 years, he has clinging his time, both professionally and as a volunteer, to environmental issues focusing on climate, purify appetite initiatives and shortening hothouse gas emissions. He spent several years operative during George Mason University in Virginia in their Office of Sustainability, operative to keep a university as environmentally accessible as possible.

But, Bennett always kept one feet in his home state of Connecticut.

“Even when we lived in Virginia, we commuted behind and onward to Connecticut roughly each weekend since this is my home. we adore it here so we wanted to try and do my partial to make a village improved by opening a bookstore.”

Bennett primarily stocked a shelves with books that he’d stockpiled during home over a years in further to purchased books from sites such as Craigslist and from business dropping off books to sell. One patron usually forsaken off 52 hardcover books.

“The many we offer for a book is a dollar nonetheless we paid some-more for Harry Potter books since we unequivocally wanted that on a shelf,” he says. In terms of purchasing books, Barrett notes, “All a books we have are $10 or less, and 90 percent are $5 or less. Larger coffee list character books are adult to $10. I’m unequivocally perplexing to inspire reading!”

Barrett has thousands of books in batch including: fiction, memoirs, cookbooks, gardening manuals, college guides and transport books.

“I have found that books renouned within cocktail enlightenment tend to sell best. Especially if there’s a radio or film adaptation. ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Harry Potter’ by distant a most, a latter being one of my favorite things in a world!” exclaims Bennett.

The usually territory that is indeed labeled in a emporium is an area called, “The book is always better.” Bennett forked to a stream preference that enclosed titles such as “Divine Secrets of a Ya-Ya Sisterhood,” “Eat, Pray, Love,” “The English Patient,” “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close,” “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,” and “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.”

“Customers are drawn to these books since they immediately commend a titles.” says Bennett.

As distant as a impact of e-book readers such as a Kindle or Nook, Bennett says, “I know a interest of electronic inclination generally when you’re traveling, though it’s not a same pleasing knowledge as a book. we report a emporium as an old-school bookstore nonetheless we also have a amicable media presence, though it’s about a knowledge of entrance to a emporium some-more than anything. There’s positively no skeleton to sell online.”

Bennett admits that he has piles and piles of books during home that he has each idea of reading though knows that he substantially won’t get a chance. His idea for a past several years has been to finish a book a week or approximately 50 books a year. While he hasn’t utterly achieved that idea yet, he usually enjoys a sorcery of being surrounded by books and being means to offer a space for other bibliophiles to gather.

Bennett says, “The indicate is to give books a life of their own. I’ve had overwhelmingly certain feedback. People are vehement to have a bookstore in town. Books are ubiquitous, though again it’s about formulating a experience.”

Bennett’s Books 171 Main St., Deep River 860-395-8392.

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