Strut Your Style: 6 Pretty Ways to Decorate With Peacock Chairs

October 6, 2017 - accent chair

Looking for a statement-making accent square to jazz adult your home? Well get prepared to uncover off your pattern chops: A peacock chair could container a punch you’re seeking.

And by selecting this flattering perch, you’ll get in on a belligerent building of a resurgent taste trend. Popular in a ’60s and ’70s, these East Asian–style chairs were once a heavenly of designers opposite a country. (Luxury taste tradesman One Kings Lane called them “the boho-glam photo-shoot column of choice for everybody from Stevie Nicks to Cher to Brigitte Bardot.”)

And now peacock chairs are poised for a quip in 2018, reports Anna Brockway, an interior pattern consultant and co-founder of

“One large reason is a new blast of decor that revolves around green—both plants and a color,” she explains. (Case in point: Sherwin Williams’ 2018 tone of a year, an heated blue-green that reminds us of peacock feathers!) The chairs’ outlandish story lends itself good to lush flowers and emerald hues. But we don’t have to go all-in with a pleasant thesis to lift off a peacock chair. These statement-makers mix in beautifully with any decor, inside and out.

So what are we watchful for? Fan out and find a peacock chair! Here are six different ways to show off a style.

1. Beachy chic

A residence on a H2O welcomesan easy, spacious peacock chair.
A residence on a H2O welcomes an easy, spacious peacock chair.

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Do we live by a sea or in a balmy clime? Peacock chairs are a ideal fit for a infrequent coastal pattern with distressed wood, healthy fibers, and a white-on-white palette.

“There’s no denying that wicker peacock chairs span amazingly good with pleasant decor,” Brockway says. And, if a beach isn’t accurately down a highway from your home, a lakeside shelter or nation nation cabin can also play horde to these seats.

2. Vintage flair

What's aged is new: Mix a peacock chair with a steamer case and a turntable.
What’s aged is new: Mix a peacock chair with a steamer case and a turntable.

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Do we cite pieces with a bit of history, and are we always acid for another treasure to supplement dimension to your home? Unusual accent pieces like peacock chairs make good clarity if we ride toward a vintage vibe.

“Interior experts are rediscovering a chairs’ selected charm,” Brockway says.

In fact, one of her favorite designs includes surrounding peacock chairs with an heterogeneous carpet and confidant plants. “The demeanour is pleasing and boho chic,” she says.

“This square is a aristocrat of rattan furniture, so if we adore selected and wish to make a statement, we buy a peacock chair,” adds Julie Muniz, a dilettante in midcentury chair and a voice behind a Instagram account ChairAware.

3. Porch-perfect

Peacock chairs originated in a comfortable locale, and they’re ordinarily seen out in a open on porches, patios, and lanais. But we don’t have to live in a tropics to take your outside space to a subsequent level.

“An enclosed sunroom or lonesome porch is ideal for these showy chairs,” says Michelle Ellis, owners of a home furnishings site CottageandBungalow. Plus, the open, ethereal pattern is some-more engaging than traditionally made wicker or rattan pieces.

4. Boudoir love

A slipper chair is a common go-to for an accent square in the bedroom or sauce area, though a peacock chair can be a improved choice for a cosy corner, Ellis says.

It tends to vigilance a bit of exoticism and femininity in your possess personal retreat. Drape a support with a soothing chuck or supplement a plush pillow to a chair or behind to punch adult a tone and comfort.

A peacock chair can also turn a possess reading nook, says Jamie Novak, a home and organizing consultant at BiteSizeLiving. “Because a behind of this chair is so huge, a fan figure creates a healthy separator that’s ideal for curling adult with a book.”

5. Modern take

Photo by TG-Studio

“At initial it competence not seem discerning to supplement a wicker peacock chair to a complicated aesthetic, though it unequivocally does work,” Brockway says.

In fact, many interior designers use only this kind of hardness to mangle adult a routine that’s fundamental in complicated design.

“These chairs move a small play to a room, and while they can be utterly intricate, a lines are also very purify and elegant, that gives them a lot of flexibility,” she says.

Try adding a singular peacock chair to a complicated vital room.

“A black lacquer one fits in a loft-style home, too,” says Novak, whose clients are spooky with these seats after saying them on Pinterest and in celeb photo shoots.

6. Pop of color

Baby blue works in possibly a hothouse orbreakfast room.
Baby blue works in possibly a hothouse or breakfast room.

Flea markets and estate sales tend to sell peacock chairs that have seen improved days. If your new chair needs some TLC, cruise rehabbing it with a fresh cloak of paint—a confidant tone on your peacock will instantly bring your chair into a new era.

“A splendid orange or blue chair creates a good cocktail of tone in a immature garden or on a porch,” Muniz notes.

Start by wiping it purify or regulating a opening to siphon divided mud and damaged pieces of wicker, and afterwards dumpy it with a handle brush to mislay aged paint or stain. Next, select a fun tone and spray-paint your find. Finish with a transparent sealant, generally if it’ll be vital outdoor many of a year.

“The beauty of a peacock chair is that there are so many styles, trimming from a really minute to some-more elementary ones—and any is some-more singular than a next,” Ellis says. “With a bit of digging, you’ll find one that expresses your particular style.”

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