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April 24, 2017 - accent chair

virIDescent: Reducing Carbon Footprint by Interior Design

The Senior Interior Design students of St. Scholastica’s College-Manila will be holding a 18th Interior Design Graduation vaunt entitled “Viridescent: Reducing Carbon Footprint by Interior Design” during Century City Mall, Makati from Apr 27-May 7, 2017. This vaunt consists of eleven (10) booths that have opposite existent projects.


Viridescent is an verb word definition immature or apropos green.

A CO footprint is a disastrous impact of people in a sourroundings by a bland activities and behavior. Buildings comment for high commission of CO dioxide emissions. A building’s CO footprint is a volume of Carbon dioxide it produces during a operations and activities.

Everyone has listened of a environmental hurdles locally and globally. This competence seem unfit to solve though any small step to slackening can make a difference. Every contention has something to minister for a good of a environment. It is a good place to start with a work margin that we are about to take. As determined Interior Designers, conceptualizing a built sourroundings while shortening CO footprint have cost advantages and income opportunities generally given any opposite works on a blurb form of Interiors like hotels, schools, offices, aviation, hospital, child caring facility, and restaurants.

10 tyro will showcase 10 blurb spaces:

  • Hotel Suite

Designer: Elise Batungbacal



This loll area is located during The Plaza Hotel Balanga. The settlement incorporates a Modern Filipino Contemporary interior that showcases some inland materials found in a Philippines. The settlement also focuses on regenerating a space in creation a tolerable immature sourroundings by an eco-initiative proceed with a use of healthy resources that are efficient; and resources that will not concede a health of a sourroundings and/or a health of a occupancy. An indoor slot garden was integrated in a interior to change a steam inside a area and also a H2O underline That adds adult to a relaxing inlet ambiance.

  • Creatives’ Office

Designer: Narella Joyce Cabrera



The space is a creatives bureau that is designed in such a approach that it sparks creativity in a occupant’s mind though doesn’t make use of too many elements that it disrupts them in formulating a awake work.

The settlement of this bureau intends to assistance a sourroundings by alleviation a CO feet imitation it produces in it’s conceptualizing and construction. This is finished by regulating locally accessible and abounding resources such as coconut tree associated materials like it’s lumber, shell, and root that can be found simply in a Philippines. Reduction of appetite output is also deliberate in a conceptualizing so a use of LED lighting for obtuse wattage usage. Lastly, atmosphere wickedness is minimized in a space with a use of coconut bombard activated colourless that is dark withing a design, this certain member can filter damaging VOC’s, Formaldehyde, and other airborne ozones in a atmosphere that can be damaging to a health of a user. Overall settlement promotes a use of a locally and straightforwardly accessible materials that are tolerable as means in designing.

  • Child Care Facility

Designer: Bianca Jeanelle Chan



Two difference can paint Tropical themed interiors. Pause represents a neutral colors while play represents a vibrancy of colors benefaction in this theme.

SOS Children’s Village Manila is a amatory home for orphaned, neglected and deserted children. This activity area is located in a family residence that is assigned by approximately 10 children, a inspire mom and an auntie. The ages of a children operation from 3 years aged to eighteen. This room conveys a effects of meridian change in Interior Design especially on feverishness rave given of a skylight and a ventilation. Since this is a child caring trickery relying on general supports and lot outs, a idea is to revoke a appetite output though compromising comfort.

Nature elements were used such as seascape, sunset, and H2O underline given of a laxity for a children. In this area, kids can play and have tutorials and teenagers can investigate during a same time. An Aquaponics complement was used by an aquarium setup. Aquaponics is a multiple of aquaculture and hydroponics, a dirt rebate farming. Water in suit such as waterfalls has certain psychological effects on children. As a inspire mother, doing 10 children with opposite backgrounds is challenging. A H2O underline can ease a witty suggestion instilled in kids. A unresolved chair is placed in a dilemma so a SOS mom can still relax and guard a children. Stools have additional storage underneath a pillow and it also has a fabric hoop for easy handling.


  • Conference Room

Designer: Jeremie Anne Castro



A array of triangular settlement that gives denote of hierarchy, Triangular Pattern is unsentimental in a settlement to form a singular emblem of a chair and ceiling, it also gives enrich to a tip position and owners of a Ropali Building like a figure of a triangle carrying a tip indicate of 3 connected dots.

The Beauty and a flexibility of a timber veneers are used in a wall finishes to uncover a accessibility of common plain woods and exotics is dwindling nonetheless a direct stays high for consumers who adore a demeanour and feel of healthy timber products. Veneer is some-more ecologically accessible choice to plain hardwoods. The use of banana bellow is also unsentimental to a settlement in a wall finishes to uncover a routine of converting rubbish materials into new products and giving people a good resolution for rubbish reduction. Laminated timber planks is also used for a flooring it has a singular multi covering anti-bacterial resource and mould for a prolonged time widely with high potency and reserve that could also final for some-more than 15 years lifespan it is also Fade and dampness resistant from eurotex.


  • Bar

Designer: Justine Nicole De Jesus



The materials used in a vaunt opposite are organic, inland and recycled materials. Wood crates are done from large pieces of timber bits in constructions and some it has been used a enclosure of ethereal chair and some other stuff, same with a timber that are used for a shelving and counter. Fineza finish wall is famous for a use of organic mixture in creation a petrify or a faux. Water is famous to make a space cooler and relaxing, so putting adult a rapids will assistance a dissemination of a atmosphere be cooler and will assistance a ambiance be some-more relaxing given of a sounds. And a series one settlement in creation a place eco-friendly is a use or play of plants, Boston fern is one of a many atmosphere purifying plants that are suitable for indoors.


  • Massage/Treatment Room

Designer: Jan Cel Edra



This is a sauna located during a hotel in a operation of Batangas. An Asian-contemporary thesis was selected as a customer wanted Asian facilities incorporated to his complicated contemporary hotel. To grasp a full relaxing ambiance, a place should simulate on what it has to offer in a ease environment. Asian designs and themes are especially desirous by a elements colors of nature. These are earth colors that move a relaxing sourroundings that offers a infrequent and laid-back atmosphere. The settlement is one by a concentration of waves that reflects H2O and air. Organic textures showcase relaxing ambiance that summons an atmosphere of calmness and tranquility.

One aspect of Asian settlement that is a interest to a ecoconscious proprietors out there. The furnishings and accessories selected are organic and internal products to revoke CO footprints. The further of plants and greeneries would get that nature’s ambiance to accommodate a ideal demeanour of bringing a outside indoor and would assistance urge dissemination of air. There is some-more to only recycling materials to have a immature design. Bamboo is deliberate a best instance of sustainability aside from a fact that it grows fast and doesn’t need a lot of maintenance, it is really durable, it caters to many applications though in this design, it is motionless to underline it as flooring. The use of low VOC paint lessens a dispersion of damaging substances into a atmosphere. Moreover, a use of appetite fit lighting lessens wastage of electricity consumption. Now that many good visionaries had constructed a lot of innovative products such as tiles done from volcanic remains and has a ability to control humidity, revoke fragrance and adsorb damaging substances. This kind of product was unsentimental during a core wall as a focal point.

  • Dean’s Office

Designer: Judy Ann Florendo



A vanguard is a chairman with poignant management over a specific educational unit, or over a specific area of concern, or both. The user of this room is a masculine with an age operation of 30-40 years aged and he is a Dean of a Office of Student Affairs. Balance and Focus are a dual difference that will assistance to paint a thesis or a settlement of a room.

Balance will mount for a indoor plants and mill bricks that will be seen during a right wall and some tools of a behind wall, a indoor plants will assistance to reduced CO dioxide levels of a room, augmenting a humidity, shortening a levels of certain pollutants such as benzene and nitrogen dioxide, shortening airborne dirt levels, and gripping a atmosphere temperatures down while a mill territory wall finish will assistance a room to be able adequate to conflict fire, wind, H2O as good as several insects including termites. Focus will mount for a multiplication of a settlement that will be seen in a room,there are dual spots that shown in this room. From a line of dump roof to wall and timber flooring it will shows a operative mark of a Dean, and in a remaining partial are a mark for his visitors that has coffee list and accent chairs and in further to that a materials that are used in a chair are timber and banig finish during a coffee table.

  • Aviation Authority Main Building Lobby

Designer: Hazel Joyce Linog



Her underling idea was to plan a sourroundings where an aeroplane moves and to prominence some of a parts, that are associated to aviation, like its: a) runway seen by a black marble flooring, b) wing seen by a white partial in a center wall including a sum shown by a incised tools with some carrying LED frame lights on it for emphasis, c) aircraft engine seen by a accepting table that even has ribbets, and d) common economy category seat, endangered with a tenure polite or for typical people in polite aviation, that was refurbished and reupholstered.

She also incorporated a match light desirous with a orbit, a transformation of a planets to a object or an aeroplane watchful for a spin to land when they are carrying aircraft trade or congestions on a ground, and a winding member or figure of a extended roof to wall settlement to execute a faith that a universe has no finish as it is spherical.

As a engineer gives significance to a environment, a nature, though compromising a establishment’s functionality, modernity, aesthetics and employees’ health and comfortability, these are a categorical factors that done her settlement an environmentally obliged one:

1) Used light colors – for enlightenment of lights to a walls that spreads via a room easier and faster given light colors does not catch too many of a wavelength though rather creates a enlightenment rebound 2) Used LED lights – Less appetite output 3) Retained a existent flooring – “Making use of what we already have” ; Less appetite constructed for reformation 4) Used reclaimed timber – “Making use of what we already have” ; Avoid slicing pure trees ; Make use of throw woods, and 5) Used over-abundance craft seats for rebate prolongation of new seats.

Furthermore, as a investiture was designed by a year 2000 National Artist Architect Leandro V. Locsin, a pivotal underline of his important works such of Cultural Center of a Philippines (CCP) is seen by a mistake petrify member used for a western and eastern wall even by a span of a roof and eastern wall.

The engineer altered a required figure of an aeroplane window to make it some-more engaging and even put disproportionate inlet on wall only like of a towering seen during a flight. The initial ever aeroplane invented by a Wright Brothers is also displayed and a radio will play videos, and peep cinema and grant about aviation and CAAP.

  • School’s Reception Area

Designer: Karla Grace Magsino



This accepting area for a nautical expertise bureau attempts to remove a hint of place and respond to a context in that it sits. Situated in Alabang, Muntinlupa and with views of Laguna Lake, a visible combination of this area combines a timelessness, morality and indurating gazebo that impersonate a sea waves. The settlement intends to teach a participation of what a establishment has to offer onto a visitors – Maritime College.

The territory is dictated to emanate a welcoming accepting area in a expertise bureau in sequence to inspire students to have untroubled communication with their professors. The complicated judgment is some-more of a student-centered settlement that also shows a school’s educational form and would move an superb repute to their campus.

The construction of slicing corner campus would also concentration on low appetite use and certain environmental impact to yield habitable spaces. High opening glassy windows would assistance in restraint out feverishness that will outcome in a cooler atmosphere within a area, thus, alleviation appetite output and creation it cost efficient. Moreover, healthy lighting increases a occupant’s capability and comfort as good as enhances their mental and visible stimulation. The backdrop of a accepting is lonesome with a wallpaper done of rural rubbish like pineapple and banana fiber that is environmental accessible and also visually appealing.

Students and teachers spend many of their time staying indoors, however a bearing to wickedness might still start due to wrong preference of building materials, furnishings and bad atmosphere transformation designs that might lead to respiratory health risks. High peculiarity customary furniture, finishes that has low depends of flighty organic compounds (VOC), thermal comfort, lighting and softened indoor atmosphere peculiarity is a regulation to settle healthy rooms.

  • Student Lounge

Designer: Joanna Louise Pahutan



Incorporating “Viridescent” in my booth, a settlement itself is deliberate immature and nature-friendly given healthy geometric structure, such as curves several shapes, establishes a space that brings light, transparent and a tie to a healthy world. With a refuge of leaves, it would be a large assistance in shortening a effects of meridian change. The outrageous outcome in regulating fossilized leaves We are organisation of people who grew adult in blazing leaves when they tumble on a ground. We consider leaves are meaningless once they tumble from their tree. we suspicion so, too. Burning leaves and wastes is dangerous to one’s health. Leaf and rubbish blazing releases a outrageous apportion of poisons in a sourroundings including: Carbon dioxide and CO monoxide. Too many CO dioxide can lead to tellurian warming and a drop of a ozone layer. Therefore, to minister in alleviation a bad effects of meridian change, refuge of leaves is being complicated and should now bethe latest trend. These recorded leaves might offer as a wall, roof and even for chair décor. These are also framed and arrangement as partial of a interior accessory. With these being said, it is a outrageous grant if people would safety a leaves rather than blazing it and causing a lot of problems. The students’ loll is designed to be elementary nonetheless organic and practical. It implicates on shortening appetite in-use, unsentimental a routine of recycling and a use of locally done materials and finishes that proves to be tolerable and eco-friendly. The materials are a large member in conceptualizing a students’ lounge. It done it probable to have an eco-friendly interior in opposite institutions.

Come and revisit any opposite and see how any settlement resolution is executed. Design though compromising a environment.

Venue Address: 4th building Fresco Area, Century City, Kalayaan Ave. cor. Salamanca St., Brgy. Poblacion, Makati, 1210

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