St. Michael Catholic Church praises 125 years on Tybee Island

July 2, 2016 - accent chair

St. Michael Catholic Church hold a nationalistic use to applaud a 125th Anniversary on Jun 26.

On Tybee Island, median down Butler Avenue, is a high slight Catholic church upheld by 165 families, including my host, Ray Piechocki, and his fiancé for life, Pam Rurka, who is streamer down a church stairs with a pleasing brood of women: Julia Pearce, Anne Blanco and Diane Hosti Ring.

Dressed in colourful colors and nationalistic attire, a sharp-witted ladies start indicating out people we should meet. First adult is jovial Father Tom Peyton who pulls a smiling Jane Bock over for a pic with use introduction and Declaration of Independence reader Walter Corish.

I afterwards remonstrate a many naturally pleasing redhead on Tybee Island, Carolyn Williams, to poise with one of my 3 many engaging group of a day: Dan Ailes, a Scot-Irishman resplendently attired in his family tartan, Clan Anderson, frock jacket, bagpipes and sgian-dubh, a jeweled dagger cloaked in his nap stockings.

I happily follow a bagpiper into a accepting gymnasium where a prolonged line is watchful to pointer a assemblage book and where songstress Kim Polote is bustling signing her newest CD, “Changes.”

Next,  a really tanned Mike Beytagh, conduct of a buildings and belligerent cabinet and co chair of a Parish Council, insists a jubilee wasn’t his doing and introduces to my second many engaging male of a night, co-chair Andy Watson.

The late Army flier executive is reticent about his Cobra and Kiowa Warrior piloting days though simply admits that directions and organizing are talents. Finally, a associate map fan and somewhat belligerent organizer!

After posing with his talkative mother Dina, we pierce over to a opening and snap a print of Mola C. Jung, Francisco Valdez and Nancy Owen Anderson before assembly plain and curly haired Joe Pasquale and Anni Arcangeli.

While everybody grabs prohibited dogs, baked beans and coleslaw, we try to palliate over to a beast cake for a sampling, though get detoured gnawing pics of sisters Diane Hosti Ring, Karin Hosti Hogan and Theresa Hosti Cannady followed by Father Tom Peyton with characters Patty Adamcak, Mercedes Sullivan and Cathy Anderson.

Next adult is my third many engaging male of a night. Sorry ladies though Tom Carmody really has a story behind his furious blond hair and 10-inch prolonged beard. Totally rocking his steel chemist credentials of formulating “shiny tools of motorcycles and gnawing insurgency tools on airplanes,” a Rhode Island local sailed to Hilton Head, was shipwrecked and transplanted himself to south Tybee.

After a pic of a “old male of a sea” with large celebrity Billy Manucy, we take a chair subsequent to church members Kelly, Kevin and Kathy Cook, a third-generation owners of a iconic Royal Palm Motel, built in a late 1950s.

Sitting with her are friends Jessica, Cathy and Daniel Turberville with his sister Cynthia Hodges. Sitting beside her is 20-year church member Brenda Manucy, who leans over to cuddle hubby, Billy, and over down a list are Amorette Zittrauer and bureau manager Mary Chapin.

With time shrinking down and food using out, we make a path by a boisterous throng and make a mental note to appreciate Ray for a entice and chuck adult a outrageous appreciate to a large man upstairs for buildings that continue and for a generations of families that say them. God magnify America, this church, their assemblage and a leisure that allows us to applaud it all!

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