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Greetings from balmy Austin, Texas, where I’m removing prepared to hang adult a week-long book debate that began in New York City, thereafter blazed through Chicago, San Francisco, and Seattle. I’ve been perplexing to twitter links to several media interviews about Spam Nation over a past week, though wanted to offer a some-more extensive criticism and to share some highlights of a tour.

For 3 days starting final Sunday, we was in New York City — doing a array of back-to-back radio and radio interviews. Prior to withdrawal for New York, we taped radio interviews with Jeffrey Brown during a PBS NewsHour; a first segment delves into some of a points overwhelmed on in a book, and a second piece is patrician “Why it’s harder than we cruise to go ‘off a grid’.”


On Monday, we was advantageous to once again be a guest on Terri Gross‘s uncover Fresh Air, that we can hear during this link. Tuesday morning began with a five-minute coming on CBS This Morning, that enclosed a sit-down with Charlie Rose, Gayle King and Norah O’Donnell. Later in a day, we was interviewed by a MarketPlace Tech ReportMSNBC’s The Cycle, as good as a Tavis Smiley show. Wednesday was a mercifully light day, with only dual interviews: KGO-AM and a Jim Bohannon Radio Show.

Thursday’s turn of media appearances began at around morning in a single-digit heat Chicago suburbs. My driver from a hotel to all of these events took me aback during first. Roxanna was a petite blonde from Romania who could have only as simply been a supermodel. we suspicion for a impulse someone was personification a unsentimental fun when we initial listened her “Gud mornink Meester Krebs” in a Eastern European accent on stepping into her Town Car, though Roxanna was a knowledgeable driver who got us everywhere on time and didn’t take any crap from anyone on a road.

wcl-ji The initial of those interviews was a radio shred for WGN News and a taped talk with TouchVision, followed by my initial talk in front of a studio assembly during Windy City Live.  The guest who went on right before me was nothing other than a motivational speaker/life manager Tony Robbins, who is a tough act to follow and was also on a uncover to foster his new book. At 6 feet 7 inches, Robbins is a larger-than-life male whose small participation roughly took adult half a immature room. Anyway Mr. Robbins had utterly a confidence detail, so we took this stealthie of Tony as he was cramped to the makeup chair before to his appearance.

On Thursday afternoon, after an obligatory lunch during a barbarous Billy Goat burger corner (the impulse for a “Cheezborger, cheezborger, cheezborger” Saturday Night Live skit) we visited a Sourcebooks bureau in Naperville, met many of a folks who worked on Spam Nation, sealed a metric ton of books and the company’s author wall.

The Spam Nation signing in Naperville, IL.

The Spam Nation signing in Naperville, IL.

After an extraordinary cooking with my sister and a CEO of Sourcebooks, we headed to my initial book signing eventuality only down a street. It was a well-attended eventuality with some passionate readers and fans, including utterly a few folks from @BurbsecWest with whom we had beers afterwards.

On Friday, we hopped a craft to San Francisco and sat down for taped interviews with USA Today and Bloomberg News. The book signing that night during Books Inc. drew a good throng and also was followed by some after-event celebration.

Departed for Seattle a subsequent morning, and sat down for a studio talk with longtime newsman (and ubiquitous mensch) Herb Weisbaum during KOMO-AM. The signing in Seattle, during Third Place Books, was a largest audience of all, and enclosed a really scientific throng that bought adult all of a copies of Spam Nation that a store had on hand.

Yours Truly during a book signing in Seattle's Third Place Books.

Book signing during Seattle’s Third Place Books.

If you’re formulation to be in Austin tonight — Nov. 24 — cruise interlude by BN Arboretum during 7:00 p.m. and get your duplicate of Spam Nation signed. I’ll be holding one some-more signing — 7:00 p.m. in Washington, D.C.’s Politics Prose on Dec. 4.

For those on a blockade about shopping Spam Nation, Slate and LinkedIn both ran excerpts of a book. Other reviews and interviews are accessible during, Yahoo Also, we was interviewed during length several times over a past month by CBS’s 60 Minutes, that is doing a shred on sell information breaches. That talk could atmosphere as early as Nov. 30. On that note, a Minneapolis Star Tribune ran a extensive story on Sunday that followed adult on some information we initial reported a year ago about a Ukrainian male suspicion to be tied to a Target breach, among others.

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