Shari Redstone has a station invitation to join New England Patriots owners Robert Kraft in his oppulance box, where a guest list mostly includes a likes of Donald Trump, Jon Bon Jovi and Mark Wahlberg.

Instead, a daughter of 92-year-old Sumner Redstone and successor to his media sovereignty prefers her possess 4 seats outside, nearby a 50-yard line, entertaining with less-famous fans even in frozen temperatures.

Redstone, 61, doesn’t associate in Hollywood either. She’s never been to a Oscars or a Vanity Fair after-party. Yet she is staid to turn a many absolute lady in entertainment, with a large contend in what happens during CBS Corp., a most-watched TV network, and Viacom Inc., owners of Paramount Pictures.

Her father, who is in bad health, done Shari and her 29-year-old son, Tyler Korff, a solitary family member among 7 curators who will control $5.4 billion of batch in CBS and Viacom after he dies. As a eldest family member voting on a trust and mom of 3 beneficiaries, Redstone will play a vital purpose during both companies — even though, underneath a estate’s structure, she has to share energy with other trustees, including Viacom Chief Executive Officer Philippe Dauman.

“Her position is positive to some extent,” pronounced her crony James Packer, a Australian casino billionaire. “Anyone who underestimates her is creation a mistake.”

Big questions hang over Sumner Redstone’s empire: Who will attain him as authority of Viacom and CBS? Will Viacom redeem from timorous TV ratings? And will possibly association stoop to partnership insanity unconditional a media industry?

Friends Speak

Redstone, who divides her time between Boston and New York, declined to criticism for this story. She speedy friends to speak, however. A design emerges of a personality who prefers to concentration on a companies’ success rather than carrying an operational role; who values being in a family business her father built, and who is keenly meddlesome in a rising technologies roiling a media industry.

“She’s many some-more endangered with outcomes than being in a driver’s seat,” pronounced Jon Miller, former CEO of AOL and a partner in Advancit Capital, her Norwood, Massachusetts-based try collateral firm. “She’s been really unchanging with me: ‘What we wish to see is a companies do well. we don’t have to be an executive in either.’”

Redstone is already a billionaire, carrying hereditary 20 percent of National Amusements Inc., a family museum business where she is president. The association binds a CBS and Viacom stakes.

Low Key

While Sumner Redstone is a larger-than-life noble who famously clung to a edge during a hotel glow and fought multibillion-dollar takeover battles, his daughter is described as some-more down to earth. She does her homework, listens, shows good visualisation and looks for new ideas to accommodate challenges, according to Harvard Law School Dean Martha Minow.

Two decisions to be done in a post-Sumner universe regard a high-profile CEOs, Viacom’s Dauman and CBS’s Les Moonves. Their contracts let them leave if they aren’t done chairmen of their companies after Sumner is gone. Shari Redstone is clamp chair of both Viacom and CBS.

While CBS is thriving, Viacom, a owners of Nickelodeon and MTV, is losing younger viewers to online services, essay off investments in TV shows and slicing jobs.

“I know how deferential she is to Les in particular,” Packer said. “Philippe with Viacom is going by some issues.”

Viacom Reorganizes

CBS and Viacom officials declined to comment. Viacom has reorganized government of a wire networks and is holding stairs to boost digital revenue, Dauman pronounced on an Apr 30 discussion call.

The elder Redstone distinguished his 92nd birthday final week in Los Angeles during a whack put on by his 43-year-old girlfriend. The guests, including Dauman and Moonves, were entertained by crooner Tony Bennett. Shari Redstone wasn’t invited; her son Korff, a warn and a rabbi, got clearway to attend usually hours before a event, after alighting in Los Angeles, according to a authority with believe of a eventuality who wasn’t certified to plead it and asked not to be named.

Shari Redstone, a warn lerned during Boston University, has been many concerned with a Norwood-based museum sequence started by her grandfather in 1936.

She cuts a many reduce form than a women who stock lists like a Hollywood Reporter’s Power 100, that ranks successful womanlike party executives such as Bonnie Hammer, authority of Comcast Corp.’s cable-TV channels, Stacey Snider, co-chairman of a 20th Century Fox film studio, and Oprah Winfrey.

Power List

Assuming her hold holds, Redstone will leapfrog those executives, personification a vital purpose in MA decisions, house membership and CEO-level employing during a dual New York-based companies with a total marketplace value of $57 billion.

Who Will Control a Redstone Media Empire?

It would take a mutiny by a curators to derail Redstone. In further to her, her son and Dauman, those overseeing a trust embody 4 lawyers with longstanding ties to a family, with a shortcoming to act in a best interests of a beneficiaries — Sumner’s 5 grandchildren.

As CEOs, Moonves and Dauman will answer to corporate directors that could be private by a trust.

Redstone is unwavering of her family’s history. At National Amusements, she supervised a opening of Legacy Place, a $200 million selling core in Dedham, Massachusetts, built where her grandfather Michael “Mickey” Redstone non-stop one of his initial drive-in theaters. Her son-in-law, Jason Ostheimer, is a partner with her in Advancit.

Family History

“She was always immensely unapproachable of CBS and Viacom and unapproachable of her father and grandfather, and really many into a family reputation,” pronounced Paul Heth, who was a partner of Shari Redstone’s in museum ventures. “She sees Viacom and CBS as a bequest of her family, and it needs to be looked after in a best of ways.”

Redstone and Heth are credited with pioneering higher-end food and seating in cinemas, with a opening of a Bridge cinema in Los Angeles in 2001.

The span also became partners in a Russian movie-theater venture, sole in 2011 for about $170 million, according to a internal newspaper. Redstone was a usually U.S. museum executive peaceful to cruise fasten him in Russia, Heth said, adding they done a estimable profit.

He removed her station adult to a Russian executive who wanted her to compensate a high lease in his mall.

Investment Record

“She looked during him and said, ‘You wish to be clever what you’re seeking for. You will not be means to means this, so eventually we will not be a success. Let’s speak about how we can both be successful,’” Heth said. “The man was a small taken aback, though when they suspicion about her indicate it incited out to be correct. She immediately had their respect.”

Advancit, her try collateral company, was an early financier in Maker Studios, an online video association sole to Walt Disney Co. for as many as $950 million final year. She satisfied a 10-fold benefit on a $100,000 or so investment, according to another authority informed with a matter.

Redstone’s change could potentially bearing her into Hollywood controversies, such as a gender opening in pay, ageism and masculine actors carrying halt energy over their women co-stars. In April, she took partial in a White House row about entrance to a probity complement for a poor, vocalization in an observable Boston accent.

Family Fights

The family story has been controversial. In a late 1960s, Mickey Redstone and Sumner fought with Sumner’s younger brother, Edward, over his role. Edward was bought out in 1972. In 2006, Sumner’s usually son, Brent, sued National Amusements to benefit control of his stake. He was bought out too.

Shari Redstone also tussled publicly with her father before reconciling. Standard Poor’s pronounced in Oct it might reduce National Amusements’ debt ratings, since of low profitability during a theaters. The association depends on dividends from CBS and Viacom as a essential source of income.

Tad Jankowski, National Amusements’ ubiquitous counsel, declined to criticism on a theaters’ profitability or a SP report.

Like her father, Shari has an argumentative streak. Miller pronounced a dual disagreed over an Advancit investment. After he presented his box for a company, that he declined to name, she altered her mind and doubled a firm’s commitment.

“She really many believes a media landscape is elaborating fast and she wants to be on tip of a changes,” Miller said.