Sentimental equipment supplement regard to airy, 125-year-old home

January 25, 2015 - accent chair

The yellow exterior, hulk willow tree, vast windows and updates bewitched a couple.

“We didn’t like any of a houses remotely as most as we like this one. we feel like it was meant to be,” says Samantha, 29.

The 125-year-old 1,700-square-foot Victorian residence with strange hardwood floors and high ceilings fits Samantha’s interior décor impression perfectly, too.

“My impression is selected meets bohemian. we like bohemian, though it’s tough to be independent in a selected Victorian, so we accommodate in a middle,” she says.

Over a past few years, she’s worked to emanate an airy, vintage-modern headquarters for her family, that includes 2-year-old daughter, Kora, and 9-week-old son, Everett.

“You can do so most with it, and it has so most character,” Samantha says. “I wouldn’t be means to do half of what we wish in a new house. we adore all a small nooks and crannies.”

Color scheme

Gray is Samantha’s favorite color, and it pairs good with her selected and upcycled décor.

Gray accents via a home element a cream and white walls and soft-hued furniture.

When she initial changed into a Moorhead house, Samantha flashy with dim colors, though it didn’t feel right.

“The best brew of colors is what we have now,” Samantha says. “It works for this home.”


Influenced by her mom’s vintage-country impression and her sister’s musty selected style, Samantha mixes selected décor and seat with complicated lines and colors.

The tufted couch, coffee list and chair have a Victorian feel, Samantha says, while her all-white print frames, accent pillows and geometric-print carpet supplement a complicated vibe to a space.

Most of a seat and décor is from preservation stores or garage sales, and Samantha has a knack for picking out equipment that she can repurpose given she’s part-owner of The White House Boutique with her mom and sister. The occasional sales business rehabilitates aged furnishings into attractive, organic décor.


To keep a home feeling open and airy, Samantha minimizes clutter. Although she loves to showcase her favorite things, she keeps knickknacks and non-functional décor to a minimum. 

She embellished one wall of a TV room with chalkboard paint so her daughter could have a place to play and draw, and a embellished wall adds seductiveness but adding clutter.

The many vast windows assistance a atmospheric home feel comfortable and open, too.


Samantha’s found all from seat to bedspreads during preservation stores, and infrequently they’re brand-new.

The Dakota Boys and Girls Ranch, for instance, carries new Target goods, Samantha says.

Samantha typically shops during garage sales, estate sales, Weivoda Carpet Sales in Dilworth and many some-more stores twice a week to find a best aged and new décor and furniture.

She also finds products on curbs or in dumpsters, like a aged suitcases uses as a coffee list in a vital room. She recommends checking online sales, too, since sometimes, people have giveaway items, like a newly tuned piano that sits in her vital room. The pleasing aged piano cost her zero – Samantha only had to ride it to her home.

Personal touches

Many equipment in a Klinkhammer headquarters have nauseating value.

It adds warmth, Samantha says.

She displays her great-great aunt’s pie-saver cupboard in a vital room, along with her husband’s great-grandma’s chandelier.

“Every square of seat we have is kind of special to me; any square has a story,” she says.

A crony gave Samantha tin tile in a TV room that she salvaged when Fargo’s Hotel Donaldson was remodeled years ago, and maps and globes dot each room.

They’re a curtsy to Samantha and Justin’s adore of transport and their honeymoon in Europe.

The nauseating pieces are Samantha’s favorite since they can be handed down era to generation.

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