Sedgwick County Chairman Ranzau turns aside bilingual Spanish TV reporter

October 21, 2015 - accent chair

Sedgwick County Commission Chairman Richard Ranzau pronounced he refused to answer questions from a internal bilingual radio contributor – though concluded to pronounce with a contributor from a English-language side of a same news operation – since he thinks a Spanish-born contributor is an disciple for bootleg immigrants.

In reply, hire government pronounced they felt Ranzau had defamed their reporter, Beatriz Parres, who covers news for both Spanish-language KDCU and English-language KWCH.

KWCH, Channel 12, is a CBS network affiliate; KDCU, Channel 31, is dependent with a Spanish-language Univision network. The KWCH news operation produces newscasts for both stations by a shared-service agreement.

In a video promote Monday, Ranzau walked divided from Parres, who had asked to talk him about a remember bid started by a pro-immigrant organisation and others. They wish to mislay Ranzau over his efforts to forestall sovereign food assist to families in that relatives can't infer authorised residency.

“I’m not going to do your talk for Univision,” Ranzau told Parres. When she asked “Why not?” he replied, “Because we don’t wish to.”

After Parres, who was innate in Madrid and speaks English with a Spanish accent, told Ranzau that she was representing KWCH as well, Ranzau told her: “When we have someone who works for Channel 12 only, have them come here.”

On Tuesday, Ranzau did pronounce with KWCH contributor Rachel Skytta about a remember effort.

Ranzau told The Eagle he thinks Parres is “not meddlesome in being a reporter; she’s meddlesome in being an romantic for bootleg immigration. She’s operative with that advocacy group.”

Ranzau pronounced he was peaceful to pronounce with “legitimate news organizations.” But “if we wish to be an disciple and poise as a journalist, afterwards I’m not certain I’m meddlesome in being partial of your propaganda,” he said.

Asked what justification he had of that, Ranzau said, “That’s my belief. She evidently knows them really good and some of her comments and this, that and a other.”

KWCH news executive Brian Gregory shielded Parres.

“Bea Parres is not an activist, she is a publisher and an worker of Sunflower Broadcasting, Inc., essentially stating for KDCU, though also stating for KWCH and KSCW,” he pronounced in an e-mail. “As a journalist, she has lonesome events put on by advocacy groups; however she is not an disciple for them.

“It’s hapless that an inaugurated open central would make such groundless comments about a journalist. we am unhappy that Commissioner Ranzau has selected to denounce one of a employees.”

Russell Fox, a highbrow of domestic scholarship during Friends University, pronounced he doesn’t consider Ranzau runs any risk from branch Parres divided since antithesis to bootleg immigrants is clever in his district.

“In tiny small corners of a worried relate chamber, (Univision) is a hire that bootleg immigrants watch where they tract to take advantage of a American system,” Fox said. “Politically speaking, we don’t see any kind of downside in him (Ranzau) behaving this way.

“Now, as a county commissioner who is obliged for creation decisions for all of Sedgwick County, it is … rather joyless to see someone who is reluctant to promulgate his views to a organisation of people who live in Sedgwick County (and) compensate Sedgwick County fees and taxes and maybe need to hear those views voiced on a Spanish-language hire so that they can know it.”

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