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January 9, 2016 - accent chair

Rubn Rosario

When it rains, it pours. Bad news comes in bunches. Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

I’m using out of cliches to sufficient report how 2015 finished and a new year began during a Rosario homestead.

We start with a groundwork sump siphon crisis. we commissioned a new one dual years ago though a join after a aged one died during a noted May rainstorm. Now, dual days before Christmas, a dish was full of water. The siphon was working, though when it went on, it was somehow leaking inside a dish during a siren couplings. we tightened a connectors twice, though success. we sawed a finish of one siren to make it some-more turn and connected it again. Sprays of H2O from a annoying trickle smacked me in a face.

I gave up. A man’s got to know his limitations. we called Tony a plumber. He was also during a detriment until he suggested that maybe a outward siren complement had frozen. we had suspicion fast about that though deserted it, since a complement had never solidified in over dual decades of winters, and we were experiencing one of a warmest falls in years.

But that’s what it incited out to be. We cut a outward pipe, melted a retard of ice clogging a entrance indicate into a house, and voila! Problem solved until spring, when we might have to puncture adult a behind yard and lay out a wider empty pipe.

Then came a outward holiday lights. For some reason, only 3 strands from a icicle lights arrangement mysteriously went out. we climbed up, legalised all a lights, altered dual and voila! — a strands came behind on — until they went out again a day later. we gave up. A man’s got to … we can live with a outage until a lights come down after Three Kings Day.

The kitchen x-ray stopped operative a subsequent day. we non-stop it up, legalised probable causes, put in a new compound and plugged it again. Voila! It incited on. we reset a clock. Then we put in a crater of H2O to heat. Nada. It close down for good. we systematic a new one and gathering a aged one to a recycling center.


Then came Dec. 27 and another cliche: “Bad news comes in threes.”

On this same day, my 89-year-old mom fell inside her New York City apartment; my 92-year-old biological father, who resides in Puerto Rico, suffered a stroke, and my half-sister’s mom died from a prolonged illness in Dallas.

Now, during this point, we scratched my conduct and wondered what else would be entrance a approach before a finish of a year. we searched for an inspirational, deeply surpassing or comforting quote to assistance understanding a bit with this latest fibre of incidents.

I read, “God doesn’t give we what we can’t handle.” Don’t caring for a observant and don’t buy it. It sounds insincere and know-it-all-condescending to me.

“If we wish to conquer a stress of life, live in a moment, live in a breath,” announced Amit Ray, a devout master behind Om meditation. we sealed my eyes, took a few low breaths and lived in a moment. But a impulse came and went quickly, since we had to make phone calls and other arrangements.

I paused during “Learning to omit things is one of a good paths to middle peace.”

That sounded good in an impractical way. we wish my debt hilt and application companies know that billing me unequivocally messes adult my middle peace, so we will omit their statements from now on.

No. The one that finally clicked was a aged arguable “God extend me a peace to accept a things we can't change, a bravery to change a things we can, and a knowledge to know a difference.”


I counted a blessings amid a setbacks. My mom was found by my stepbrother, who thankfully lives a few blocks divided and checks adult on her. She might have been on a building overnight. we schooled a while behind never to grin again during those “I fell down and we can’t get up” commercials.

Ambulance paramedics checked her vitals and her state of mind. Everything checked out fine. No fractures. Not even a bruise. She told me she only keeled over from a chair while restraining her sneakers to go out. 

I shipped an in-house medical warning complement to my brother. He also consulted with a internal comparison core that skeleton to check adult on her. She’s austere that she wants to continue vital on her own.

“I’ll let we know when I’m negligence down,” she tells me. We’ll see about that.

My father, who served during World War II, Korea and a early years of Vietnam, was examined and hospitalized during a VA trickery where my half-brother works as a sovereign military officer. Another blessing. He suffered proxy insensibility on his left side and will need a few months of earthy therapy. But he was liberated after several days and sent home. The aged man, like my mother, insists on stability to live alone. we know we will stubbornly be a same if we final that long.


Then came a initial day of work Monday. My initial call was to a source. My second was to endorse that my family was actively lonesome by a health word provider. At around a same time, my mother was told by her pharmacist that it seemed on a mechanism that we no longer had coverage. The remedy she needs, she was told, would now cost $600 a month though coverage.

The pharmacist was right. The plan’s drug businessman had us consummated as of a final day of 2015. What followed were a few hours of back-and-forth phone calls and emails before a glitch was cleared.

That was before one of a hardly year-old automobile headlight bulbs unexpected went out as we gathering home that night. Maybe it’s connected to a poor icicle light strands behind during home.

But, hey. It’s all good. At slightest a other one didn’t go out also. As we drove, we laughed aloud remembering a new SNL skit in that comedian Kenan Thompson impersonates former Twins and Boston Red Sox slugger David “Papi” Ortiz and mimics his Dominican accent and mannerisms while articulate about formulating an online dating use following his retirement from baseball.

“It’s called ‘go outside,’ ” he explains. “You wish to accommodate some people — go outward and demeanour around, man, everywhere is people.”

The site’s web address? “www.Gooutside.Why not.Havesome fun.Thisgoingtobegreat.Mofongo”

Many times, it’s how a chairman chooses to consider and feel that will mostly conclude how they hoop or understand a highs and lows of bland life. Now, all we ask is that 2016 move me and my desired ones a small some-more yang and reduction yin for awhile.

Ruben Rosario can be reached during 651-228-5454 or email during Follow him during

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