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August 18, 2015 - accent chair

It was a rare, changed afternoon for me.

Dixie Dew and we were staid deeply into an easy chair with legs flopped opposite a ottoman. She snored and we read, enjoying any tasty impulse of a smashing autobiography on Jackie Kennedy.

Nearby, Tink was researching a plan when his phone beeped a message. It was from a crony of his in Los Angeles. He was essay an part of a radio array set in Marietta, Ga., a city only west of Atlanta.

Since a array will be filmed in Canada, we wish they find some Georgia pines and vast magnolias there.

Tink review a summary to me. His crony had only created in a script, “In a tavern, only off Interstate 20, nearby a Savannah River.”

Now, we cruise myself to be sincerely smart. we quite cruise myself to be intelligent about my local state of Georgia, that 10 prior generations of my family have called home. We didn’t assistance found a state, though we helped build it. And we certain as sharpened helped urge it during any fight commencement with a one for autonomy from England.

I know a pig trails, mud roads, interstates, rivers and tributaries as good as any male who has ever staid down for a spell in a governor’s palace in Atlanta. we have been in any of a 159 counties and had vocalization engagements in roughly any city of some-more than 3,500 people.

So meaningful all that and gripping in mind we am sincerely smart, we would consider we would not have looked during my father with a frozen, foolish expression. You would consider we would have oral with certainty and clarity.

You would consider we wouldn’t have stammered, “Savannah River? Marietta?”

You also would consider I, a lady who knows and loves a Peach state, would never have picked adult her iPad to Google “Savannah River.”

You would think. But you’d be wrong.

When my mind is right, we know a Savannah River runs down a Georgia-South Carolina limit into Savannah. When my mind finally, a integrate of mins later, gave approach to a good common clarity we routinely possess, we remembered I-75 not I-20 runs by Marietta.

This is scary. Someone in Hollywood who has never set feet in a South, let alone a state of Georgia, caused me to doubt what we know so well. Of course, these are a same people who managed to disgrace a people of a plateau with a film called “Deliverance” and burlesque a mud poor, Depression-era South in “Tobacco Road.” Both movies, of course, were set in Georgia.

The problem, that we satisfied as shortly as we was means to infer to myself we was right about a Savannah River, is we radio viewers and moviegoers tend to consider Hollywood, with all a income and means, gets a contribution straight. It is a credibility, righteously or wrongly, we give to Hollywood.

When David O. Selznick constructed “Gone With The Wind” (another film about Georgia), he was immoderate about a sum down to a authentic petticoats a women wore. He was such a stickler for correctness he brought a chapter manager from Atlanta to learn a actors, quite Vivien Leigh, a accurate informal accent. It is substantially one of a few Southern-centered cinema we can truly bank on. We can get mislaid in a anticipation and trust it is reality.

You would consider with a vast prolongation budgets many cinema and radio shows have, that, like David O. Selznick, they could means to sinecure genuine experts who indeed live in a state and know it.

Someone who could contend with full confidence, “Actually, it is a Chattahoochee River that runs by Marietta. The Savannah River is a ways away.”

You would think. But, apparently, you’d be wrong.

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