Review: Jean & Terry: Your Guides Through Dark, Light, and Nebulous during FringeArts

November 22, 2016 - accent chair


by Jane Fries for The Dance Journal

There is a poser during a heart of Jean Terry: Your Guides Through Dark, Light, and Nebulous: what accurately is a attribute between Jean and Terry?

Jean (Melissa Krodman), a farcical 50’s housewife with an top membrane accent, sits in a chair and tells repeated stories about Terry…”That reminds me of a story. The other day Terry came home…”

In swapping sequences, Terry (Kelly Bond) takes core theatre underneath blinding white light and instructs a assembly members to open their third eyes and enter into her consciousness.

Jean calls Terry “darling.”

Terry never mentions Jean.

Jean talks about housework, childcare, throwing a party, etc., though slips simply into musings about a opening between her element life and a gigantic appetite of a universe.

Is Terry an tangible person, a tighten crony of Jean’s? Or maybe she is an hypothetical friend? Or a third possibility, could she be a suggestion guide, a projection of Jean’s comatose wisdom?

And afterwards there are a dual blissed-out guys (Jaime Maseda and Mark McCloughan, a passed ringer for stoner dude Jeff Spicoli from Fast Times during Ridgemont High) who, distinct Jean and Terry, do a dancing though not a talking. The dual are so nonsensical with their pasted on grins and far-reaching eyes that they beget complacency by their relentless certain energy.

The many critical impression in Jean Terry, however, is a hulk video backdrop that oversees and connects a action. Designed by Ilan Bachrach, a images are a colorful and trippy kaleidoscope of rolling clouds, all-seeing eyes, and live, twisted projections of a performers.

All of a elements eventually come together; as a dancing proselytizers make it apparent by their hand, arm and face signals where a appetite needs to go, a strange measure by Greg Svitil cranks adult a vibrational rumbling noise, and a video shade swirls with vast vibrancy. Jean stops talking, gets adult out of her chair, takes a few indeterminate steps, and afterwards appears to leave her physique behind.

Terry (whoever she might be) dares a assembly to join in, giving penetrating instruction in how to stand out by a third eye portal and float in almighty consciousness. The tinge of Jean Terry is tough to read: are these unusual antics a fun or for real? Perhaps this pleasing state of difficulty is required to take a possibility – lax adequate to giggle during a absurdity, though extraordinary adequate to give it a try.

Jean Terry: Your Guides Through Dark, Light, and Nebulous made a premiere final weekend during FringeArts in Philadelphia. The initial theater/dance square was recognised and choreographed by Kelly Bond and Melissa Krodman. Also credited as creators were Jaime Maseda and Mark McCloughan.

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