Review: Arctic Monkeys showcase ‘AM’ in Phoenix sellout

October 27, 2014 - accent chair

It takes a certain form of participation to lift off a pierce as potentially cheesy as using a brush by your hair like a man who’s been holding his cues from possibly Arthur Fonzarelli or a greasers in a West End low-pitched and make it demeanour as facilely cold as Alex Turner done it demeanour during Comerica Theatre on Saturday, Oct. 25, as a Arctic Monkeys rocked a sold-out crowd.

But Turner’s always come opposite as something of a natural, as anyone who’s seen a Monkeys rip it adult during Tempe’s Marquee Theatre these past few tours can tell you.

And that’s before they’d graduated to Comerica — and sole it out — on a strength of final year’s critically acclaimed “AM,” their fifth uninterrupted recover to tip a U.K. charts and initial to be approved bullion here in a States.

The uncover leaned heavily on “AM,” environment a tinge with “Do we Wanna Know?,” “Arabella” and “Snap Out of It” in a routine of creation a approach by no fewer than 10 of a album’s 12 tracks, including a three-song encore of “One For a Road,” “I Wanna Be Yours” and “RU Mine?”

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Considering they’d been on theatre a small reduction than 90 mins by a time that encore ended, that didn’t leave a lot of time for powdering off a catalog. There were usually dual songs — “Dancing Shoes” and a breathless “I Bet You Look Good on a Dancefloor” — from “Whatever People Say we Am, That’s What I’m Not,” that during a time of a 2006 recover became a fastest-selling entrance manuscript by a rope in U.K. song history.

And nonetheless their sound has altered a satisfactory volume given that initial album, operative in some-more stoner-rock and murky Spaghetti Western sensibilities, a unison really hold together as a set as they interspersed those “AM” songs with such apparent highlights from prior efforts as “Brianstorm,” “Crying Lighting,” “My Propeller” and “Fluorescent Adolescent,” a ska-tinged Brit-pop gem that might have been a evening’s many conceptual moment.

Casually strolling onstage to a strains of a swanky instrumental take on Elvis Presley’s “Are You Lonesome Tonight?,” a musicians, including application players, spent most of a unison dramatically backlit and spasmodic bathed in red as they achieved underneath a light-up chronicle of a manuscript art to “AM.”

Turner’s vocals sounded good throughout, generally when his fluent baritone — consider Elvis with a British accent — was corroborated by a falsetto harmonies that have combined so most to their new material.

Matt Helders stays a force of inlet on a drums, during times coming Keith Moon-worthy levels of forward abandon, generally on “Brianstorm” and “I Bet You Look Good on a Dancefloor.” Fleshing things out with application players was a intelligent move, permitting for some-more textures and energetic range. And a guitar sound was flawless, from a capricious nonetheless robust gusto of a opening riff to “Do we Wanna Know?” to a sum cacophony unleashed on “Brianstorm” and a muddy blues-punk vibe of “Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair,” with copiousness of Spaghetti Western ambience to go around.

It might have been a confidant move, putting that most concentration on a new recover during a responsibility of such neglected gems as “When a Sun Goes Down” and “Leave Before a Lights Come On.” But we can’t debate 2006 forever. And a “AM” concentration worked in partial since it is their biggest-selling U.S. manuscript and in incomparable partial since a attracts go deeper than a hits that gathering those sales to such apparent gems as a soulfully Albarn-esque cocktail ballad, “No. 1 Party Anthem,” a unreal prominence of a set that had people fluttering their phone lights in a air.


Do we Wanna Know?


Snap Out Of It

Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair


Crying Lightning

Dancing Shoes

Knee Socks

My Propeller

I Bet You Look Good on a Dancefloor

Library Pictures

All My Own Stunts


No. 1 Party Anthem

Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?

Fluorescent Adolescent



One for a Road

I Wanna Be Yours

R U Mine?

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