Renovating sleepy taste gives new life to Lake Mills home

January 25, 2015 - accent chair


Rachel and Jeremy Rognes remade a 37-year-old chateau with antiquated décor into a difficult lakefront chateau with artistic pattern choices and a lot of tough work.

The Lake Mills High School graduates bought a three-bedroom, three-bathroom home at 24694 Lakeside Drive about 5 years ago. 

Built on a seaside of Rice Lake, it had a multiple of lifelike plcae and area feel they wanted for their family.

“We were both from a plantation and we were looking to pierce and this was kind of that brew of city living, though nonetheless we’re not unequivocally in town,” Rachel Rognes said. “We’ve got lots of neighbors.”

They and their children, Brynn, 9, and Calvin, 6, suffer kayaking and fishing on a lake.

Deer, turtles, squirrels and other animals visit a backyard. Bald eagles are unchanging visitors to a lake.

“When we were younger, their age, all we listened about was eagles,” Jeremy Rognes said, after a children speckled an eagle mountainous over a lake. “They were an involved species. You’d never see them. They’ve unequivocally come back.”

Though a Rognes’ loved a location, Jeremy and Rachel weren’t so crazy about the home’s antiquated décor. A natural section fireplace, suspended cabinets fighting off a kitchen and dark-colored mistake beams were among a home’s comparison features.

A leaky skylight gave them a forgive to change all that.

“The final dual years we’ve had to do some roof repair, and that kind of only snowballed into remodeling a categorical floor,” pronounced Rachel Rognes.

The grate bricks were embellished white for a uninformed new look. Pot lights in a soaring, two-story sloped roof were rearranged above a vital room. 

An accent wall between a kitchen and vital room was livened adult with pieces of a steel windmill fanned in an arch several feet wide.

Removing a row of kitchen cabinets underneath a accent wall adds light in a space and allows those in a kitchen to see over a opposite into a vital room.

“This has unequivocally non-stop this up,” Jeremy Rognes said.

Rachel Rognes embellished a remaining cabinets white. It gives a kitchen a splendid and uninformed look, but she couldn’t assistance though consternation what visitors during a new debate of homes suspicion about her preference to paint over a wood.

“I embellished over oak,” she confided.

The cupboard surrounding a fridge is embellished light turquoise. Jeremy Rognes done a cupboard out of repurposed cabinets. He also built a shadowbox arrangement area above a refrigerator.

The cupboard cabinets are embellished with bluish marker paint and waxed for a glossy finish.

Turquoise pairs good with Rachel Rognes’ favorite color, purple. It also ties in with bluish accents in pillows and a chair in a vital room.

The kitchen backsplash is tin from an aged duck coop. The strips are of varying shades due to a healthy patina of a metal.

It was a singular approach to give a room impression — and save money.

“Knowing that some day a countertops would be replaced, we didn’t wish to spend income on tile,” Rachel Rognes said.

The Rognes’ also got artistic when redesigning a categorical building lavatory and washing area.

The home had a full lavatory on a categorical building and a washer and dryer were stashed in a saved closet off a hallway. That meant thumping, rumbling and other washing sounds echoed by a home interjection to a house’s open-concept design.

A lavatory with a showering was nice, though one a family was peaceful to scapegoat it for a small assent and quiet.

“When you’re perplexing to watch football and she was doing washing … ,” Jeremy Rognes said, trailing off.

The problem was bound by removing the showering and appropriating the cloak closet to make a washing room.

“What we did was reconfigured it,” Jeremy Rognes explained. “Stole a showering space to make a lavatory bigger, redid a plumbing underneath and afterwards we used slot doors.”

Pocket doors slide out from a walls to tighten a space. This uses reduction space than a hinged doorway that would have to pitch out into a corridor or into one of a rooms.

Upstairs, an aging and vulnerable rug off a master bedroom was private and transposed by brook windows. The children’s bedrooms also were repainted.

The master lavatory hasn’t been updated yet, though it will be. It now facilities a same blue toilet and blue showering commissioned when a chateau was built.

“It will substantially be a final thing we do,” Rachel Rognes said.

Doing most of a work saved money. Price is Right Construction of Lake Mills rubbed a some-more difficult tasks.

“We attempted to keep all local,” Rachel Rognes said. “We attempted to buy all by Lake Mills, only to try to support Lake Mills.”

Though a Rognes’ renovating days substantially aren’t over, a changes to their home concede them to improved suffer their life on a lake.

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