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Peter Yeates strolled into a behind room of a IrishTown Public House delicately balancing 3 foaming pints of drink in his hands.

He cautiously sat down during a small, round list and slid a dual additional pints to his aged mates, Eric Beck, 65 and Ron Brady, 69. Then, firmly clutching his possess brew, he let out a sepulchral giggle as he shook his conduct in disbelief.

“Forty years,” pronounced Yeates, 68, in a particular Irish accent. “Jesus. Can we trust it’s been forty years?”

Over a march of a final forty years, a 3 friends have all left their apart ways, and it’s not unequivocally mostly that they get to accommodate adult during IrishTown, a bar that Yeates owns with his wife, and reminisce about a past over a few, or some-more than a few, pints.

When they join together, it’s easy for a review to spin to a Portland Timbers and a story of how 3 celebration buddies from England and Ireland migrated to Portland, fell in adore with a strange 1975 Timbers and wrote a descant that once illuminated adult a radio stations and currently still resounds by a track during halftime of each Timbers game:

Green is a color,

Soccer is a game,

We’re a Portland Timbers,

And winning is a aim,

So, let’s give all of a boys a cheer,

For a Portland Timbers will be here.

• • •

It was Beck who penned a song, titling it “Green is a Color.”

The difference popped into his conduct one day while he was sitting during his table during Farmers Insurance Group. He got adult from his chair and bunkered down in a bathroom, where he feverishly scribbled down a lyrics for a subsequent half an hour. The difference seemed to come to him roughly spontaneously. He set a lyrics to a identical balance as Chelsea FC’s anthem “Blue is a Colour.” 

“The strain kind of came to me as a story,” Beck said.

It was during a finish of the Portland Timbers historic 1975 season. Over a summer, a new organisation had prisoner a heart of a Rose City, winning all though one diversion during home, earning a 1975 Western Division Championship title, sketch some-more than 33,000 fans to Civic Stadium for a North American Soccer League (NASL) semifinal diversion and creation it all a approach to a Soccer Bowl before finally succumbing to a Tampa Bay Rowdies.

Beck, Yeates and Brady had depressed tough for a Timbers that summer.

When Beck had initial arrived in Portland from Nottingham, England in 1974, he couldn’t know because frequency anyone in America seemed to know a thing about soccer. In fact, he despised Portland for his initial 6 weeks until, one day, he motionless to go down to Delta Park and join a organisation of other English, Irish and Scottish organisation personification soccer for a bar called St. Patrick’s.

Brady was one of Beck’s teammates and Yeates only happened to hang out with a lot of a players from St. Pat’s. The 3 organisation fast became tighten friends and shortly found themselves venturing out on camping trips down to a seashore with a organisation and sitting around a campfire singing as Yeates played guitar.

Yeates, a distinguished Irish thespian and guitarist, would have gigs all around Portland and Beck and Brady would mostly attend. After steadying their nerves with a few pints of beer, a dual organisation would infrequently conduct adult to join Yeates on theatre for a few songs.

When a Timbers assimilated a NASL in 1975, a 3 men, all in their 20s, naturally gravitated to a matches, fascinated by a organisation of Englishmen that had done a fatal preference to move soccer to Portland that summer.

On a night before a Soccer Bowl, Beck, Yeates and Brady attended a celebration that ran late into a night. At 4 a.m., they came to a fulfilment that San Jose, where a Soccer Bowl was to be played a subsequent night, indeed wasn’t all that apart away. Yeates’ hermit pulled his camper around to a front of a residence and, an hour later, a organisation was speeding down a I-5 to watch a Timbers remove a final 2-0 to Tampa Bay.

“The existence of a Timbers currently started with a Timbers in 1975,” Beck said. “They put Portland on a map. They unequivocally did.”

• • •

Only a few hours after he finished penning “Green is a Color,” Beck went down to an Irish bar called a Blarney Castle where Yeates was scheduled to play a gig that night.

Beck showed Yeates and Brady a paper and suggested that a 3 friends entrance it that night. The 3 friends walked into a kitchen during a behind of a bar to use singing a unknown lyrics a few times through. Yeates and Brady wrote a difference down on their arms, so they’d remember a stanzas during a performance.

The 3 organisation jumped onto a theatre to a packaged assembly during a Blarney Castle.

“This was a tiny place, though a place was packed,” Brady said. “When we sang a song, it only came together. The throng went nuts over it.”

After a performance, a crony mentioned to a 3 organisation that they ought to record a song. They figured, ‘Why not?’ and, a few months later, found themselves during NWI Studios fueled by a few cases of drink belting out a strain that Beck had created on a humour in a lavatory during his work.

With a Portland Timbers set to start their 40th anniversary deteriorate in 2015, The Oregonian wants to tell a story of a people behind a organisation with a ‘Timbers during 40‘ series. Fans, players, coaches or anyone concerned with a Portland Timbers are invited to strike us with their tales of a Timbers and how soccer in a Rose City has impacted their life. If we would like to share your story with Timbers kick contributor Jamie Goldberg, greatfully send us a note. 

They self-recorded a strain in a aged 45 format and spent a subsequent few months perplexing to get it to a radio stations and distributed in internal record shops. They finally assured a few internal stores to take a record and, with connections, managed to get a strain some airtime on a radio.

It was an immediate hit.

They sole over 8,000 copies of a record and a ballad became a tack of a NASL Timbers. Fans would host a airfield to hail a Timbers when they returned from highway trips and evidence adult a strain as a organisation entered a terminal. The 3 organisation were eventually invited to perform a strain on a margin before a diversion in 1976. And a strain continued to offer as Portland’s quarrel strain until a NASL bar folded in 1982.

Today, a Timbers Army has turn eminent for their possess strange songbook that thousands of wild fans intone in unanimity via each match.

But “Green is a Color” still binds a place in Timbers history. During each halftime, when a Timbers Army catches a breath, a Timbers classification creates a indicate to uncover their esteem to a seminal tune. Beck’s transparent voice reverberates by a track sound complement as “Green is a Color” fills a park.

“It blows a minds,” Yeates said. “We still can’t trust it. It’s crazy.”

• • •

On a new Tuesday afternoon, Yeates switched on a coloured immature lights above a theatre during IrishTown and took his place during a dilemma of a platform, before move to strum a few chords of a Timbers balance sensitively on his guitar.

Beck and Brady took dual final sips of their beers and headed adult to join their aged friend, Beck holding his mark during core theatre and delicately adjusting his microphone.

The dozen or so people sitting in a dimly illuminated bar swiveled around in their bar stools, warning with curiosity.

Yeates nudged a balance behind to life, a apart chords now imprinted into Timbers folklore. Beck brought a microphone to his lips and kindly lifted his voice.

The strains of “Green is a Color” lingered in a atmosphere of a cavernous pub, along with a cloudy memories of a ended era.

— Jamie Goldberg | jgoldberg@oregonian.com

503-853-3761 | @jamiebgoldberg

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