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October 2, 2014 - accent chair

At Nell Hill’s, we adore to assistance business emanate a Pinterest-perfect bedrooms of their dreams, branch a house full of ideas into bearable spaces that simulate their singular style. Usually, a sorcery starts in a fabric room, where we learn their crush: a colors and patterns that make their hearts thump.

Armed with a few pivotal impulse fabrics, covering on layer, we move a room to life. One of my favorite palettes to start with when building a pleasing room is black and cream. There are a million ways we can take this undying twosome. Here are 4 of my favorites.


The multiple of black and cream is so distinguished we don’t need to supplement a thing to it to grasp perfection. we pulled together a organisation of my favorite fabrics to illustrate how most appetite and passion we can beget with only these dual colors. If we was regulating these fabrics to settlement a vital room, I’d cover a lounge in a buffalo plaid or ticking (depending on how most settlement we want).

I’d do an ottoman in a Greek key. I’d upholster some side chairs in one of a stripes. Then I’d toss them all together in a brew of pillows.

In a stylish black and cream desirous organisation during Nell Hill’s Briarcliff, we started a review collection with seat lonesome in a threesome of tawny white fabrics. Instead of going matchy-matchy and regulating a same fabric for a lounge and chairs, we churned a plain cream, a textured linen and a black and cream ticking.

The piquancy in a room comes by a zippy black and cream geometric ottoman and resourceful brew of pillows.


Want a small hiss and cocktail in your space? Add a lurch or dual of red to your black and cream base. You could stay with a neutral brew of black and white upholstered fabrics, afterwards supplement in pillows in a overwhelming Asian-inspired red toile and elementary red stripe.

Or, we could inform your room by covering a chair or dual in a red toile. The toile would also demeanour extraordinary on an ottoman, impediment courtesy and adding energy.

We used this tone contingent on one of a bedding ensembles this tumble during Nell Hill’s. The bedding is cleared in a dreamiest brew of black and cream fabrics, dotted with a minute thread of red.

The medium red striped sham feels like an exclamation point, applauding a masterpiece of fabrics that make adult a ensemble.


Black and white does not have to be undisturbed and serious. We were going for a some-more transitory proceed when we comparison a fabric samples in this grouping. These really normal patterns — toile, floral, stripes — have been given a new voice by cleaner graphics and vibrant, jam-packed colors like chartreus and magenta. Proof certain that splendid colors can also be sophisticated.

This organisation would make a beautiful bedding ensemble, with a colorful fabrics spotlighted in a duvet and accent pillows, damaged adult by euros finished adult in a black and cream fabrics.


If there is one thing we adore some-more than black and cream, it’s black and cream with lots of blues poured over it. Navy is super prohibited right now, so we used it easily in a representation fabric palette. If we was regulating this fabric palette in a vital room, I’d cover a lounge in a black herringbone. we would do a accent chairs in possibly a black and cream ticking or, for a bolder look, a navy paisley.

The blue gazebo settlement would make a smashing ottoman. The rest of a fabrics could find a home in a room by window coverings and accent pillows.

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