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September 19, 2017 - accent chair

Chalk paint has turn a common part in many DIY projects lately, generally when it comes to upcycling furniture. we got my initial event to examination with marker paint recently when we embellished and unsettled some darling Mason jars. Painting a extraneous of a jar, adding some pointed pathetic and sealing all with wax, we now have 3 darling fall-themed vases and 3 tender planters.

As we was training some-more about marker paint, we satisfied there are eternal ways to use a really forgiving paint. Chalk paint isn’t only for furniture. Obviously, we can use it on potion as good as steel and even upholstery, too. Here are some good plan ideas we found. For even more, revisit a Design on a Dime house on Pinterest.


Clicking by Pinterest for marker paint crafting ideas, we beheld utterly a few projects that featured opposite forms of metals — iron, bronze, china and even tedious aged steel. All of these metals can be severely extended with a few coats of marker paint and a cloak of finishing wax. An aged wrought-iron bed can find new life with a pleasing cloak of bluish marker paint, accented with white or black wax.

Dollar store finds like steel portion trays can be simply repurposed into pieces of organic art. An exuberant tray can be remade into a menu chalkboard, framed in paint to accent we kitchen. Old steel lanterns that have mislaid their luster, can be regenerated with a uninformed cloak of cream marker paint and some antiqued waxing techniques.


Chalk paint has gained so most recognition since of how good a paint covers imperfections in wood. No longer do we need to spend hours and hours sanding a square of furniture. Now we can simply paint an finish table, rocking chair or dining room list with a integrate of coats of paint, trouble a piece, supplement some of that accent-enhancing polish and we have a beautiful, regenerated square of furniture.

If we aren’t utterly assured adequate to paint a vast square of furniture, exuberant pattern frames are a good place to start perfecting your technique. Old frames found during DI, a Dollar Store or even IKEA can find new life as pleasing centerpieces on a gallery wall in your home. Pick your shade or paint and supplement touches of antiquing in gold, white and even brownish-red for combined depth, bringing out a designs beauty.


Did we know we can paint upholstery? Those good armchairs we found during final week’s yard sale that are a ideal shape, though have a horribly ostentatious fabric design, can now be customized for your home but meddling off all a cushions and fabric. Simply squeeze a can of your favorite marker paint and let a sorcery begin.

The pretence to formulating a ideally embellished square of upholstered seat is to moderate a upholstery and request really thinned out layers of a paint. The thinned paint layers will revoke a possibility of thick globs that, when dried, can simply moment once someone sits on a square of furniture. After a paint, we can also request polish to emanate a ideal unsettled look.

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