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February 25, 2017 - accent chair

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With Feb widely regarded as a month of adore interjection to a 14th generating a unavoidable final notation selling rush for flowers, chocolates, champagne and a like, we have been bombarded in new weeks by television, radio and inhabitant press with adverts charity us to assistance us find a ideal partner.

In business, of course, that ideal partner is mostly even some-more elusive, though equally can be elemental to a success of a product or project. This is something accepted all too good by a group during Westbridge Furniture Designs, a association that can exaggerate one of a largest upholstery pattern and growth resources in a UK, which, in turn, helps to maximize a tradesman partnerships. 

We held adult with sales executive Nichola Bell and a rest of a group during a Jan Furniture Show, where a emanate of UK production and a skills opening was something of a prohibited topic, depending on with whom we spoke. Stepping onto a Westbridge stand, however, one could roughly be forgiven for forgetful that such a problem exists. 


The large launch for a association during a uncover was formed crucially on a kinds of skills that make British make so beautifully unique, and a association was transparent that a new ranges – that come together underneath a Artisan code powerful – were really most a collective. 

This works opposite dual levels: Artisan offers an sparkling brew of both leather and fabric; and operative closely with a association behind a scenes was a opposite and learned operation of artisans, with whom Westbridge is unapproachable to have done some ideal partnerships.

So, let’s accommodate a artisans! Diego Diaz Kowalski is famous globally as a leather master, and worshiped for his origination and creativity, finishing any of his leather hides by hand, so there will never be dual accurately a same.


When it comes to prints, Westbridge collaborated with a pattern group behind prestigious British Artisan printers, Standfast Barracks, carrying been desirous by a team’s 100-year aged intricate, hand-drawn repository prints. 

And for a finishing touches, South Wales formed second-generation timber turner, Andrew Sebburn’s dilettante skills were utilized in a creation, development, honing and colour of a feet for a collection.

The 6 creatively unique, nonetheless affordable upholstery ranges in a Artisan collective’s Spring collection are crafted regulating peculiarity palm done materials. The names simulate a styles so well, that before even saying a products, we could suppose a several styles of home that they competence suit. And on saying them, we would know we were correct.

Team work

As we competence imagine, a Beach House operation combines fabric and leather to emanate a kind of weathered, unprotected nonetheless complicated feel that we would immediately associate with a sea view. There are 3 sizes accessible for a sofa, as good as a dilemma chaise and loveseat option, all of that are combined regulating distinguished (and absolutely soft) unsettled leathers and minute workman weaves.

Coach House, meanwhile, provides a complicated turn on normal workman upholstery, with a undying prints, healthy leathers and fabrics, we can simply pattern a operation – that is accessible in 3 lounge distance options, a loveseat, accent chair and footstool – in a complicated nation cottage.

Distressed leather is used equally well, though in a opposite approach in a Discovery range. Combining oppulance and comfort with a alloy of buffed movable leathers and soothing textured weaves, a operation is suggestive of a refuge for tellurian travellers who suffer an heterogeneous brew of internationally shabby styles roughly as most as they do entrance home. Discovery is accessible in 4 lounge sizes, a loveseat and a footstool. 

Urban Chic

When we consider of Hoxton, some of a difference that come to mind embody hip, cool, urban, smart and vintage. This impression is reflected in a Hoxton range, with a palm tufted selected leathers and compress scale – ideal for smaller though stylish civic living. Hoxton can be found in dual lounge sizes and a dilemma unit, with loveseat, accent chair and dilemma section options.

Encapsulating a ‘perfect imperfect’ feel of a independent coffee shop, Monmouth Street uses an heterogeneous brew of palm finished leathers – including Diego Diaz Kowalski’s work – and selected fabrics to emanate a laid behind and loose though stylish feel. Three lounge sizes are available, as are a loveseat, accent chair and footstool option.

Last though not least, Vintage Ranch is a multiple of movable palm done impression leather and complicated woven impression sweeping weaves to emanate a abounding though understated demeanour for a modern, heterogeneous home. Again, there are 3 lounge sizes available, with an armchair and footstool option.

The Artisan code stands on a own, and was marketed as such before to a show, formulating an sparkling component of intrigue. So how did it transport among visitors? “We’ve had a shining show,” pronounced Nichola, “the greeting to Artisan from a business has been superb, a mount was so bustling during one indicate we couldn’t get to some of a sofas! I’m really unapproachable to be partial of a brazen meditative business who is during a pointy finish of pattern and trend.”  With compare creation skills like those displayed by a company, we’re not altogether astounded that retailers trust Westbridge to find them a ideal partners when it comes to upholstery.


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