Pattern on large pieces: Bold or brash?

February 22, 2017 - accent chair

Artist and engineer Susan Hable recently assimilated Post staff author Jura Koncius on a Home Front online chat. Here is an edited excerpt.

Do we advise regulating settlement usually on musical pieces, or can it be used on bigger pieces of furniture, too? I’m frightened of overdoing it.

I demeanour during this depending on a pattern, room and chairman who will be vital there. we adore it when someone takes a risk and puts a good settlement on a sofa. It creates a matter and can be an extraordinary education piece. If we are some-more of a minimalist, afterwards side chairs are a good choice for a pattern. If your chairs don’t match, afterwards upholstering one is fine, too! Another fun approach to move settlement into a room is to have a lampshade lonesome in a furious fabric. My idea would be to get all of your components together, ask a few friends, or be studious and consider on it a tiny longer. Make certain those friends are like-minded, though!

I am formulation to adorn my vital room. The walls are still builder white, and we have an Oriental carpet and chair I’d like to replace. Where should we start: a chair and a fabric, a rug, or a screen fabric?

I would advise carpet and screen fabric first, as those are a core of a vital room and we could simply live with those equipment for a while. we did only this in some bedrooms when we initial altered in and filled in as we could. we would also select a paint tone during this indicate and work that into a altogether tone palette.

My father and we wish to display section in a turn-of-the-century rowhouse. Who can best assistance us with this kind of thing – a contractor, a handyman or someone who specializes in masonry? Also, is there anything we should know about a routine or aesthetic?

This is a disorderly endeavor, though it can be finished by a executive or section mason. we have seen it done, and it’s fundamentally pressure-washed off. Make certain that we do this before relocating in, as it will flog adult waste and dirt via a house, and that a bricks are in good condition.

I notice we make duvet covers. How mostly should those be altered and washed?

I consider it depends on how tighten a duvet cover is to your skin. If it’s quite decorative, we consider once a month is fine, though if we use it like a sheet, afterwards once each dual weeks is substantially good. Printed bedding takes a violence in a dryer, so atmosphere dry to save it from aging faster.

I’d like to do partial tile, partial wallpaper in my powder room, that I’ll be gutting. Do we have any favorite sources? I’m looking for something that works in a duration home though still feels fresh.

There is a good website called Walnut Wallpaper that has many kinds of papers.

I have a cute, vintage-style black iron bed in my guest room, and I’m looking to supplement some upholstery in a room, possibly in a form of a padded dais during a feet of a bed or a tiny accent chair. Any suggested styles or sources?

I like both of these ideas for your room. A dais and chair make a bedroom seem so most some-more inviting! we would demeanour during pattern centers, as selling online will move adult many options. If we don’t like a hunt, afterwards we would advise employing a engineer to do it for you.

I am selling for art to hang over my king-size bed. How large should it be?

You can use a altogether measure of a headboard to establish an outward dimension for your art. Because it is a king, we would advise one square hung horizontally or dual pieces that are partner paintings. Look on Pinterest to get ideas of scale.

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