Panida celebrates 90 years in Sandpoint

November 12, 2017 - accent chair

How do we contend Panida, anyway?

SANDPOINT As Saturdays 90th birthday jubilee approaches, a a good time to revisit something strange owners F.C Weskil suspicion critical adequate to tell his assembly of dignitaries during a loyalty rite a night before a museum non-stop to a ubiquitous public.

Following opening remarks from a mayor and several member of munificent and fraternal organizations, Weskil himself took a theatre and dedicated a Panida Theater to a people of a Panhandle of Idaho.

Ah! So theres a answer to a long-lived Panida diction puzzle, right? Not so fast, a owners said. His residence enclosed really accurate instructions on how to pronounce a theaters name and it was really not a Pan-Ida, he insisted.

The scold diction is with a brief i and a accent on a initial syllable, Weskil said.

While, of course, this will lead to a job of a museum a Pan, it is fascinating that a scold diction of a name be known.


Feature correspondent

SANDPOINT She has always been a babe, yet youve got to admit, a Panida Theater creates branch 90 demeanour really good.

On Saturday, a museum will applaud that miracle with a special birthday jubilee that re-creates some of a venues colorful past while looking brazen to a shining future. In both cases, it has been a people of Sandpoint, some-more than a edifice itself, that breathe life into a aged gal.

Nine decades notwithstanding, a repairs and renovations to a Panida have resulted in an chronological landmark that is being reintroduced to some factions of a community, while being introduced for a initial time to others.

We still have people come here for a initial time who have lived here all their lives, pronounced Patricia Walker, executive executive for theater. Im repelled by that, yet a also a cold thing.

If ever there was a time to accommodate a downtown icon, Saturdays jubilee competence be it. Along with party compared with a several decades that have rolled by given a museum non-stop on Nov. 22, 1927, there are a few surprises in store for those who attend including a possibility to watch a film brief that gay people when a Panida was initial denounced to a public.

Just as a gobsmacked assembly did 90 years ago, present-day congregation will watch wordless film star Wallace Beery in a comedy titled, Now Were in a Air.

One fun tidbit is that we were means to find a shave of a initial film shown here, Walker said. It had been totally mislaid until recently.

Standing in a auditorium currently that is, after all, still a heart of this poetic nonagenarian a tough to remember that she had a large midlife predicament behind in late 70s and early 80s. To be honest, she was descending apart. With her roof smear dropping in Greyhound bus-sized chunks and rows of her seats yanked out to offer a newer museum a few blocks away, she was a print lady for dishevelment and disrepair.

Not for a final time, a adults rallied to her means and saved her from a wrecking round by purchasing bricks and tiles and pulling together adequate mix to start a routine of shopping a building. The timing couldnt have been better, as a usually other meddlesome bidder during a time designed to scratch a site and build a preference store.

Fortunately for Sandpoint, there were adequate immature people and newcomers who could still see her intensity and adequate elders and old-timers who remembered her in her prime. Some of them could still remember walking by her doors for a initial time behind in a late-20s.

It was F.C. Weskil who owned other theaters around a Pacific Northwest before branch his sights to Sandpoint who remarkably spooled out a building routine and let internal seductiveness build to a heat representation as opening day drew closer. And once a mission-style extraneous was mostly finish a character really most in practice behind afterwards and also used on a likewise vintaged post bureau building down a travel (now a First American Title building on Second Avenue Weskil began a routine of teasing a publics oddity with a array of ideally timed news stories.

A journal content from that time pronounced that a people whod usually seen a extraneous were in for a genuine treat, pronounced Nancy Foster Renk, house chair for a Panida and a theaters proprietor historian. They betrothed that it was pleasing over description.

So it was that, one day before a central opening, Weskil invited a handpicked assembly of county leaders, internal notables and a press for a special loyalty and preview debate on Nov. 21.

On that Monday evening, a contributor for a Pend dOreille Review wrote adult a reactions of a collected minions for that weeks newspaper.

The guest entered a run and perceived their initial impressions of a beauty of a theater, a essay read. Soft-shaded lights, thick carpets, a fountain and artistically flashy walls and ceilings caused them to stop and gasp.

Even today, this grand lady still has a ability to attract those who come into her presence, generally when they see her for a initial time.

New people opening to city are always intrigued by a Panida, since a not a common thing to have an aged museum thats been kept adult and restored, Walker said.

Two factors continue to make that possible, according to a executive executive and a house chair village support and untiring volunteers.

We have a smashing organisation of volunteers and we cant exaggerate their contribution, pronounced Foster Renk. Theyre peaceful to work for a bag of popcorn.

The 90th birthday jubilee will double as a theaters tumble fundraising event, with supports going toward ongoing maintain and maintenance, as good as a unsexy things such as profitable for a high heating costs that come with gripping an immense, aged museum comfortable during a winter. And yet appropriation those things competence miss a hiss of a vital collateral alleviation projects that have kept a Panida in excellent fettle as she ages, Walker sees it as an investment in a whole internal economy.

If a Panidas doors didnt open, a whole downtown economy would change, she said. we consider people infrequently consider that, since were so busy, we dont need a communitys support like we used to. But a need for that support never goes divided we need it in sequence to stay bustling and keep bringing all those films and concerts to a community.

Besides, when anyone turns 90, there are always things that need a small love, Foster Renk added. And a Panida needs a small additional adore right now.

Saturdays eventuality will embody birthday cake, live performers and film shows, as good as a pre-show Panida Art accepting subsequent doorway in a Panida Little Theater. The art uncover starts during 6 p.m. and a birthday jubilee gets underway during 7 p.m.

Cost for a night is $25, that includes opening to both events.

The museum invites anyone with ancestral photos, posters, news clippings or other Panida memorabilia to hit a museum so that such equipment can be borrowed for arrangement during a celebration.

For information call 208-263-9191 or revisit online during

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